Epic Raft v1.0.16 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
The demo currently contains a small number of game mechanics, such as:
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Jan 11, 2024
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Epic Raft MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Epic Raft MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, immerse yourself in an odyssey where you assume the mantle of a team leader amidst survivors. At day’s end, they chance upon a vessel, opting to navigate towards uncharted territories.

Regrettably, their maritime sojourn is disrupted by a legion of zombies. Their only recourse is a resolute stand on the vessel, engaging in combat against the undead. The game unfolds with a visual tapestry of captivating graphics and animation, beckoning players into a captivating narrative.

Epic Raft: Confronting the Zombie Horde introduces an array of artifacts at the player’s disposal, augmenting their combat efficacy. A myriad of weapons stands ready for the player’s selection to confront the zombie onslaught.

Each weapon boasts distinctive idiosyncrasies. Opting to discharge the cannon, for instance, begets a cascade of exclusive effects, setting it apart from its counterparts.

This unique feature sets it apart from the pantheon of armaments. Gameplay adheres to a straightforward modus operandi – so long as the player wields the fortitude to combat, success is within reach. Adversaries progressively escalate in difficulty, demanding heightened acumen from the player.

Embark on a transcendent 3D odyssey, steering the raft through riverine waters against the relentless zombie horde. The narrative unfolds in a dystopian future, where a pervasive virus decimates the populace. The fortunate few escape this nefarious contagion, leaving the majority to perish in its wake.

The player navigates the river, seeking refuge on the raft. Absent a temporal constraint, players enjoy unhindered exploration of their environs. The raft, albeit modest in proportions, accommodates only a finite number of occupants.

As passengers fill the vessel, safety diminishes proportionally. Strategic considerations become paramount. Players must contend with the undead, striving for survival in an overcrowded vessel.

Upon reaching the raft, players encounter a throng of hopeful passengers awaiting their turn. The overcrowded vessel necessitates skirmishes for limited spaces. Task completion yields rewards, empowering the player to assist fellow passengers and combat the zombie menace aboard the raft.

Features of Epic Raft MOD APK

Explore the ocean on the boat

Embarking upon this application, users find themselves navigating the vast expanse of the ocean aboard a vessel, engaging with the surrounding environment. The opportunity unfolds for players to traverse the world, utilizing the boat as their conduit, and alternatively, plunge into the depths to procure essential supplies. Survival hinges on combatting the undead adversaries that emerge.

Within this gaming realm, you are bestowed with the ability to survey the oceanic panorama while perched upon a vessel. Seamless transitions from one locale to another are within your grasp, as is the option to ascend the vessel itself.

Assume command of the watercraft, employing it not merely as a mode of transport but as a means to repel the advancing zombie threat. Harvest resources from the expansive sea, facilitating the creation of formidable weapons and resilient armor. For novices, the game extends a meticulously crafted tutorial, facilitating an immersive initiation into this captivating virtual domain.

More than 20 levels

Epic Raft: Battling the Undead boasts a staggering repertoire of over 20 intricate levels. The objective for players unfolds as a dual mission—traversing to the opposing end of each level while simultaneously dispatching menacing zombies. A navigational aid in the form of an in-game map guides players seamlessly to the subsequent challenges.

Upon triumphant completion of a level, the player seamlessly progresses to the next tier. The game’s allure extends beyond conventional gameplay with the incorporation of a time attack mode, pitting the player against the relentless ticking of the clock.

Within the immersive Epic Raft: Fighting Zombie experience, the player grapples with a diverse array of challenges across more than 20 levels. An assortment of zombie archetypes heightens the intensity, requiring players to wield an array of distinct weapons strategically. The narrative crescendos to a solitary survivor standing tall amidst the vanquished undead hordes, a testament to the player’s resilience and skill.

Collect weapons, items, and ammunition to kill the zombies

Immersing players in a real-time strategy odyssey, this game presents a golden opportunity for users to amass an arsenal of weapons, items, and ammunition, essential for the annihilation of encroaching zombies.

Distinguishing itself, the game seamlessly integrates a multiplayer facet, fostering camaraderie as players engage with friends in a shared gaming experience. The visual aesthetics are a standout feature, delivering impressive graphics, complemented by an intuitively navigable user interface.

Within this virtual realm, players assume the mantle of collecting weaponry, items, and ammunition, a pivotal arsenal to combat the zombie menace. Additionally, the game unveils a strategic layer, permitting players to elevate their performance by upgrading weapons and equipment. This enhancement is facilitated through the acquisition of gold or other in-game collectibles, further enriching the gameplay experience.

The game has very interesting graphics and animation

Boasting captivating visual elements and dynamic animation, this game immerses players in an enthralling virtual experience. Navigating your character is seamlessly executed through a virtual stick, offering control precision, and the mouse serves as a versatile tool for gameplay interaction. Diverse mission types add layers of intrigue to the gaming landscape, enhancing its offline playability.

The game’s aesthetic allure is punctuated by captivating graphics and animation, ensuring a visually appealing and engaging gaming environment. A multifaceted experience unfolds, enriched by a compelling storyline and a melodic backdrop of music, elevating the overall enjoyment and depth of the gameplay.


Within this application, the onus rests upon you to shield yourself from the relentless zombie onslaught and simultaneously safeguard your vessel from the perils of the sea. The added responsibility of ensuring the safety of your teammates amplifies the challenge.

Defending against zombie attacks and mitigating maritime hazards for your team are paramount. Iterative gameplay cultivates leadership prowess and combat proficiency, shaping you into an adept leader and formidable fighter.

In the game’s nascent stages, leveraging your unique skills becomes imperative for repelling zombie assaults. Success hinges on eliminating hordes of zombies and affecting the rescue of your beleaguered teammates.

The constraint of utilizing only one hand for attacks precludes knife usage, relegating the sword to your primary weapon. Employing a special skill becomes pivotal for self-preservation and safeguarding teammates.

Victory yields rewards commensurate with the defeated zombie count, influencing the acquisition of points. These points, in turn, serve as currency for procuring weapons and health enhancements, while also facilitating the evolution of special skills.

Epic Raft manifests as an enjoyable collaborative experience with friends. Offering three distinct modes Classic, Time Attack, and Survival you choose your preferred challenge upon commencing the game.

Adventure enthusiasts will find ample enjoyment in this game. Maneuver your character with the arrow keys, and a simple press of the space bar propels you into the immersive world of Epic Raft.

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What's new

- You can swim and collect loot without stopping
- bugfixes

On next week:
- Performance optimization
- Fishing
- Influence of cold and heat when changing weather conditions

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