Last Pirate v1.13.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Survival and Pirates in free pirate adventure simulator!
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Jan 05, 2024
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Last Pirate MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Immortality/Gold/Stamina Available download Yours Now.

Embarking upon the virtual seas, Last Pirate unfurls as an expeditionary gaming masterpiece. The protagonist voyages to an enigmatic isle, entangling themselves in the tumultuous clash between rival factions of pirates.

Within this digital realm, an array of weaponry and nautical vessels graces the stage. Yet, the player stands as the sole custodian of the island’s arcane enigma. The isle teems with a plethora of diverse entities, some amicable while others don the guise of hostility. The player, navigating this dynamic milieu, faces the exigency of survival, wielding an array of weapons at their disposal. The vessel itself becomes the linchpin of their mobility, transforming the game from a mere combat odyssey to an intricate ballet of personal survival.

The amalgamation of role-playing, survival, and action genres ensues, weaving a narrative where players confront the crucible of choices and decisions. Puzzles interlace with the fabric of the game, where the onus lies on the player to substantiate themselves as the veritable last pirate, undergoing the crucible of self-validation.

In the dimensional expanse of Last Pirate, the confluence of adventure and cerebral conundrums takes a three-dimensional form. The player assumes control of the vessel, navigating the perilous waters with the imperative of securing sustenance—ranging from provisions to potable water.

Myriad challenges befall the player, each a conundrum demanding logical cogitation and strategic finesse. The game unfurls as a mosaic of captivating missions, transcending the conventional tropes of virtual maritime survival.

Breaking free from age constraints, Last Pirate abstains from gratuitous violence, rendering it universally accessible. Echoing the spirit of Adventure Quest, the game boasts an array of puzzles and challenges, woven into an intricate tapestry.

Moreover, the game beckons enthusiasts with a panoply of diverting missions, creating an immersive experience for aficionados of the adventure and puzzle game genre.

Features of Last Pirate MOD APK

More than 20 levels with different scenarios

Embark upon the digital seas with Last Pirate, an immersive free-to-play gaming adventure boasting a myriad of more than 20 challenging levels. At each juncture, your mission unfolds: navigate to the goalpost and endure the perils of the night.

The onus lies on safeguarding not only your crew but also your seafaring vessel from the relentless assaults of zombies, extraterrestrial beings, and an assortment of otherworldly creatures. What elevates the gaming experience is the prospect of enhancing your maritime stronghold — from augmenting the ship’s capabilities to fortifying the crew and weaponry, all in a bid to bolster your chances of surviving the night.

Dive into the gaming arena replete with over 20 meticulously designed levels, each introducing an array of distinct adversaries. Every level presents a set of intricate tasks, demanding perpetual vigilance to navigate the nuances of the surroundings.

The gameplay itself is a high-octane affair, necessitating quick-witted thinking and rapid execution. Your survival hinges on adept strategizing and swift actions, a requisite for traversing through the levels with both sagacity and dexterity. To emerge triumphant, one must be the architect of their survival, swiftly responding to the challenges that unfold in their quest to reach the level’s denouement. If the weariness of evading malevolence has left you craving a more exhilarating gaming pursuit, Last Pirate beckons as the antidote, offering a riveting escape where resilience and quick thinking are your paramount allies.

Fight with zombies, Godzilla, and Kraken

Within the realms of Last Pirate, a trinity of game modes unfolds: Survival, Endless, and Deathmatch. In the Survival realm, engage in fierce combat against an onslaught of adversaries, including zombies, the formidable Godzilla, and the mythical Kraken.

The allure of amassing additional points graces those adept at dispatching foes. As you traverse the game’s narrative, a diverse arsenal unveils itself, featuring an array of weapons ranging from swords, axes, and machetes to pistols, sniper rifles, and machine guns.

Venture into the Endless expanse where extra points await those skilled in vanquishing the undead, Godzilla, and the enigmatic Kraken. Meanwhile, Deathmatch beckons, inviting clashes with fellow players in a bid to accrue even more points. The multifaceted nature of the game extends to character evolution, enabling you to enhance and refine your in-game persona.

Collect loot to build a better ark

Journeying through the digital seas of Last Pirate unfolds the enticing prospect of amassing abundant loot to construct an even grander vessel. These treasures are scattered across diverse locations, woven seamlessly into the fabric of intriguing quests that saturate the game’s narrative.

The paramount quest at hand demands not only the eradication of zombies but also the meticulous collection of every last piece of loot, a prerequisite for crafting a superior ship. This maritime odyssey is rife with captivating quests, each contributing to the overarching goal of achieving supremacy over the perilous waters.

The acquisition of loot extends beyond mere embellishment, offering a lifeline that could spell the difference between survival and demise. Accumulate these treasures to fashion an ark of unparalleled might, with the added capacity to procure novel weapons and vessels. Propel your nautical stronghold to new heights by infusing it with upgrades, arming it with an arsenal ranging from cannons to cutlasses, and ensuring your preparedness for skirmishes against formidable adversaries.

Amidst this seafaring escapade, the primary objective remains tethered to survival within the confines of the island. Yet, amidst the chaos, one must not lose sight of their amassed loot, for in its abundance lies the potential to safeguard one’s existence against the lurking perils that punctuate this captivating adventure.

Create your left to explore the island

Navigating the challenges of Last Pirate’s insular landscape requires resilience, for survival may seem elusive, but it is undeniably attainable!

Initiate your journey by crafting a makeshift raft, a pivotal vessel that propels you toward neighboring islands, harboring essential provisions like food, water, and resources to ease your existence. This not only marks the inaugural stride toward survival but also serves as an avenue to unravel the mysteries inherent in the island’s fabric.

The crux of enduring lies not just in sustenance but in delving into the island’s essence—its inhabitants, secrets, and nuances. To truly stake your survival claim, assimilate knowledge about the island, forging connections with its denizens and uncovering its enigmatic truths.

Master the art of constructing, repairing, and enhancing your raft, for it metamorphoses into more than a vessel—it becomes a lifeline. Seek camaraderie with fellow survivors, drawing strength from shared endeavors, and perhaps, even encountering new allies in the unexplored terrains.

In this quest for survival, the trajectory is clear: immerse yourself in the intricacies of the island, learn its intricacies, and fortify your raft not just as a mode of transport but as a manifestation of your will to thrive amidst the challenges that ensnare this mysterious haven.


Embark upon the tumultuous seas of Last Pirate, a survival odyssey casting you as the captain of a beleaguered pirate vessel, sunken by the colossal wrath of a sea monster.

The onus is yours to salvage not only the ship but the lives of your crew and yourself. Navigate the arduous task of repairing the vessel, allocating resources judiciously to fortify your arsenal of weapons and armor. The struggle intensifies as sustenance becomes a vital necessity, compelling you to toil diligently for food and other indispensable supplies crucial for the ship’s restoration.

Within Last Pirate’s immersive narrative, the island teems with a diverse array of adversaries—from the relentless undead to colossal sea behemoths, airborne marauders, and more. Your principal objective remains unwavering: vanquish these foes and fulfill missions to emerge victorious in the game.

Commencing your journey, you’re endowed with a scant supply of resources and a handful of items for skirmishes. Utilize these resources and items judiciously to mend the ship’s wounds and persevere until the game’s denouement.

The ultimate endeavor is to fashion the most robust and formidable vessel conceivable. Utilize mission-acquired resources to enhance the ship’s capabilities, and allocate mission-earned funds to procure new armaments and protective gear. Your triumph hinges on your adept navigation of this treacherous maritime landscape, battling adversaries, and evolving your ship into a force to be reckoned with.

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What's new

Yo-ho-ho, pirates, are you ready for epic battles? We are releasing a major AI enhancement:

* Skeletons have gained new combat skills, as well as new behavior in battle
* It's now possible to dodge skeletons with pistols
* Animal logic has been improved
* Bed mechanics have been changed
* Global bug fix
* Added ability to track activities on the map
* Rebalanced repair costs
* Empty graves are not displayed on the map and mini-map

Set sails and go on exciting adventures!

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