Graph Messenger vT10.3.2 – P11.4.0M MOD APK (Optimized Lite)

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2024
Graph Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API and add new features like real multi account system, download manager and time line.
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Jan 10, 2024
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vT10.3.2 - P11.4.0M
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Graph Messenger MOD APK (Optimized Lite)

Download The Latest Version of Graph Messenger MOD APK. An Android Communication  App comes with Optimized Lite MOD Available to download.

In the realm of communicative applications, there exists a sophisticated platform facilitating global interaction. This application, replete with an array of functionalities such as chat and voice communication, serves as a conduit for seamless exchanges between individuals across the globe. Its utility extends beyond personal connections, making it equally adept for professional engagements.

Navigating through a plethora of user-friendly features, this application presents an uncomplicated and expedient avenue for interpersonal communication. The interface, designed with a high degree of intuitiveness, ensures facile comprehension for users. Remarkably, this application stands as a cost-free endeavor, unencumbered by limitations. Its voice communication capabilities are of the utmost quality, rendering it universally fitting for diverse users.

Embark on a global discourse with acquaintances, transcending geographical boundaries effortlessly. Whether ensconced in a foreign land or merely within the confines of the same metropolis, the risk of missing a missive dissipates into oblivion.

Receive information expeditiously, surpassing previous benchmarks of immediacy and convenience. Initiate a conversation with friends devoid of trepidation concerning subpar connectivity. The Graph Messenger, versed in numerous languages, facilitates communication in a preferred linguistic milieu with loved ones.

 Feature of Graph Messenger MOD APK

Voice changer, change your voice when sending voice messages.

In the realm of altering vocal tones in your audio messages, have you ever harbored the desire to metamorphose your voice? This remarkable attribute now affords you the capability. Effecting this transformation is a breeze; merely make your selection from a curated assortment of voices available on Graph Messenger. Your chosen voice seamlessly supplants the existing one when dispatching a voice message.

Exercise your liberty to infuse a vocal essence into your messages by perusing an extensive lexicon comprising over 40,000 words, phrases, and voices. Simply tap the “Augment Voice” icon positioned atop your screen, peruse the array of options, and designate your preference. Subsequently, craft a fresh audio clip or opt for an extant recording.

Following this, you possess the latitude to tweak the clip’s amplitude, intonation, velocity, and duration before sharing the auditory creation with your comrades.

The additional functionality of stowing away your vocal compositions in your device’s memory extends the prospect of revisiting and utilizing them at a later juncture.

Multi-Account Support

In the realm of application intricacies, relish authentic multi-account facilitation, allowing simultaneous enrollment in numerous accounts.

End-users can engage in concurrent logins employing a singular device or multiple devices upon account linkage. The entire expanse of your conversational chronicles, media compendium, and saved references ubiquitously permeates through all your registered accounts, ensuring a seamless oscillation amid them. Beyond this, revel in the liberty to access any account ad infinitum, circumnavigating the constraints of temporal limitations.

Customize your chat interface, change the font size, color, background, avatar, and much more.

A straightforward and instinctual communication application unfolds, adorned with a myriad of attributes, rendering it not only distinctive but also a source of delight.

The paramount allure lies in the extensive scope of customization, affording users the ability to tailor nearly every facet, encompassing font dimensions, hues, backgrounds, avatars, and beyond. Moreover, the versatility extends to altering font styles, integrating stickers, and myriad other augmentations.

Lock chats, lock your chats, and set a password or pattern lock for them.

Embark on the facile endeavor of securing your conversational exchanges by electing a nomenclature from the curated list. Alternatively, fortify these dialogues by imbuing them with a password or a patterned lock.

Behold a feature where the mere tap on the sinistral lock icon accomplishes the fortification of any discourse. This precludes external entities from perusing the contents within. Simultaneously, the option to erect a password or a pattern presents itself. For password configuration, navigate to the settings and engage the lock icon on the left flank.

Thereafter, input the designated password. Opting for a pattern involves navigating to settings, interacting with the aforementioned lock icon, toggling the padlock icon, activating the addition symbol, and subsequently sketching the desired pattern.

Upon imposition of a lock on a dialogue, any attempts at augmentation, diminution, or manipulation of its constituents become a futile undertaking. In the event of inadvertent imposition of a lock, rectification transpires through the selection of ‘Unlocked’ from the menu.

Should the desire arise to access a sealed discourse, the execution of a click on the message icon effortlessly unravels the conversational confinement.

Share your location, see your friends nearby

Embark on the capability to divulge your geographical coordinates with comrades or individuals nearby. Simultaneously, peruse the map to glean insights into the whereabouts of acquaintances. This functionality proves invaluable when endeavors involve rendezvous with nearby acquaintances or reuniting with a friend who has long been absent.

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What's new

+Upgraded to Telegram version 9.3.3
+Voice Changer for the Telegram Voice Call.
+Added new effects to the voice changer.
+Chat background effect.
+New shapes for Paint.
+Shows user language in the profile page when logged in with bot token.
+Shows the message language in the message details page.
+Bug fixes and performance improvements.
+Check full change log in @app_telegraph channel.

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