Drupe v3.16.1.12 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2024
Want to see Caller ID, spam indications and block spammers, directly from your call screen? drupe is your app. Trusted by over 20 Million users worldwide.
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drupe - Contacts & Caller ID
Jan 10, 2024
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Drupe MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Drupe MOD APK. An Android Communication App comes with a Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of mobile applications, Drupe stands as a simplistic tool, facilitating seamless contact integration into your phone. Whether the intention is to initiate a call to a specific number or connect with a contact, the application proves effortlessly navigable. Engineered to streamline the dialing process, users can effortlessly dial numbers and initiate calls with a mere click.

This application serves as a fusion of contact management and a dialing interface. Through the augmentation of dialing functionalities, placing calls to any number in the phone becomes a feasible endeavor. The application permits the storage of up to 50 numbers in a curated list. Beyond the realms of contacts and dialing, the application extends its utility to encompass the archiving of voice memos and notes, thereby aiding in the recall of crucial numbers.

Functioning as a compact and straightforward Android application, it boasts a plethora of features and attributes. Users can input contacts, archive contact numbers, create contact groups, perform contact edits, among other capabilities. Furthermore, the application facilitates file transfers between two mobile devices.

This versatile application accommodates the inclusion of phone numbers, archival of contact details, formation of contact groups, and modification of contact information. Additionally, it facilitates the seamless transfer of files between two mobile devices. The user-friendly interface lends itself to assisting with daily professional tasks.

Within the application’s domain, users can seamlessly integrate contacts into their phone directory. The option to add an extensive list of contacts is available, providing convenience in navigating through them. Efficient contact retrieval is made possible through searching by name or numerical identifier.

Furthermore, the option to bookmark a phone number for future use is presented. Leveraging the name-based contact search option expedites the process of locating the desired number. Additionally, users can append new numbers to their contact list and tailor existing entries to suit their needs.

Feature of Drupe MOD APK

Call recording with audio

You have the ability to document your conversations without any constraints! With drupe, you can effortlessly and expeditiously capture conversations accompanied by audio.

Drupe stands as the most straightforward method for documenting dialogues. At the behest of any application or screen, merely depress the recording button, and drupe will autonomously commence the recording process. A conspicuous crimson ‘record’ emblem will grace your screen. Upon concluding the call, a simple depression of the stop button will suffice. Revisiting your recording can be accomplished by a mere tap on the ‘record’ button.

The default recording device or your microphone may be utilized at your discretion. As the recording transpires, it will solicit permission before embarking on the recording journey. Should you wish to annul the recording, a simple tap on the crimson button is all that’s required.

Contact-based reminders – Set reminders, time or context related.

Drupe emerges as the quintessential application tailored to your needs, particularly if you aspire to revolutionize your contact management paradigm. This app seamlessly facilitates the establishment of reminders, whether tethered to temporal or contextual parameters.

It proves instrumental in ensuring that you remain cognizant of incoming calls, messages, or attempts at communication, all contingent upon the temporal or contextual backdrop. The discerning eye can discern crucial contacts, effortlessly incorporating them into the favorites roster or appending them to a personalized list.

Within the expansive realm of functionality, Drupe allows you to forge new contacts with an expansive array of details. This encompasses the addition of a photograph, telephone number, website, corporate affiliation, occupational role, departmental designation, professional position, electronic mail address, date of birth, geographical location, insightful notes, and a plethora of other pertinent information.

This multifaceted application extends beyond conventional contact management, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to augment your organizational prowess. Embrace the versatility of Drupe for a contact management experience that transcends the ordinary.

Add animated GIFs to your outgoing calls!- Make animated calls based on the context of your calls.

Would you fancy imbuing your calls with a dash of animated charm? Well, with this avant-garde application, your desire is now a reality.

Commence a call, and with a simple tap on the + button, unfurl a world of possibilities by selecting GIFs as your chosen medium. The ensuing call metamorphoses into an animated spectacle, artfully synchronized with the contextual nuances of your conversation.

This enchanting feature extends beyond regular calls and seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line.

The dynamic allure of animated GIFs is not confined to inbound calls alone; they can effortlessly be infused into outgoing calls that are yet to be finalized. Should your device lack the requisite GIFs, fret not; a quick download from the drupe website suffices to unlock this animated realm.

Elevate your calling experience with the whimsical touch of animated GIFs—making each conversation a visual delight.

SMS/WhatsApp archiving

Exclusively featured in the most recent iteration of the application, a novel capability awaits those seeking to archive WhatsApp conversations. The process is elegantly streamlined simply tap on the desired message, followed by a tap on the star icon, culminating in the selection of the “Archive” option.

This seamless archiving functionality extends its embrace to SMS messages as well. Effortlessly archive all your WhatsApp exchanges into a dedicated folder within your smartphone’s application repository, ensuring perpetual accessibility. Furthermore, the capability extends to the archiving of SMS messages originating from your device’s default messaging application.

Embark on a journey of organizational finesse with this application, where archiving conversations is no longer a chore but a swift and intuitive endeavor. Access your archived messages at your convenience, all thanks to this cutting-edge feature available exclusively in the latest version of the app.

Call tracker & blocker

In the realm of communication management, the Call Tracker & Blocking feature assumes a pivotal role, offering insights into the volume and status of incoming calls and SMS/MMS messages, coupled with the capacity to thwart unwarranted communication.

This dynamic capability extends beyond mere call and message monitoring; it wields the authority to trace the geographic coordinates of your network, along with an exhaustive history of interactions. Such a potent attribute empowers users to stay abreast of their network’s movements.

Moreover, the application confers the prerogative to impede undesired callers. Should the inclination to initiate communication with a specific numeral or contact arise, a simple swipe or direct dial presents itself as an expedient recourse.

Further augmenting its functionality, the app facilitates the perusal and administration of contacts within a drupe. A departure from the conventional need to open a separate window to access contacts, this app allows a seamless, single-swipe interaction for contact visibility.

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