Woodcraft v1.68 MOD APK (Unlimited Health)

Last Updated on Jan 02, 2024
Woodcraft – Survival Island is a tale of survival hero who is on the ocean island surrounded by the ocean and full of wild life. Now Image that you are trapped on a wild island where you land down-and-out from a crashed airplane and have to face the most dangerous challenges of life. Not only that but you also need to protect yourself from other wild-humans who land on the island for centuries with you in Woodcraft- Survival Island. There is no friend but a beautiful girl, Linda. No help and, absolutely, no one that you can trust. Sounds intimidating, right? Well, if you wish to witness all that then you get now this newly released action adventure game and experience what happens when action meets the survival game.
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Jan 02, 2024
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Woodcraft MOD APK (Unlimited Health)

Download The Latest APK Version of Woodcraft MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Health Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Woodcraft MOD APK lies an odyssey where participants embark on an enigmatic expedition across an uncharted island. At its center, a juvenile protagonist named Jack assumes the role of an inquisitive explorer, driven by the quest to unravel the historical tapestry woven into this secluded world.

Upon arrival, Jack encounters peculiar denizens inhabiting the inscrutable island, prompting him to delve into the mysterious disappearance of his progenitors. The narrative unfolds as players wield control over the camera, navigating the richly detailed environment to unearth the veracity shrouded within the island’s secrets.

Woodcraft MOD APK weaves a tale of intrigue and escapade, inviting players to immerse themselves in the allure of a fantastical realm. The game promises a tapestry of wonders for those seeking exhilaration.

The game interface, marked by its simplicity, reveals a tripartite division on the main screen. Comprising the primary menu, inventory, and the game screen, it seamlessly integrates the exploration screen and the central gameplay interface.

On the exploration screen, manipulation of a cursor facilitates island traversal, with the “I” button providing access to pertinent information. Meanwhile, the main screen is multifaceted, housing the menu, inventory, and the immersive game interface.

The armory encompasses a diverse selection of weapons, including swords, bows, and shields, instrumental in combating the menacing denizens.

Woodcraft MOD APK unfolds as a survivalist odyssey, anchored in the natural expanse teeming with perilous fauna, mythical beasts, and assorted impediments. To navigate this treacherous ecosystem, players are compelled to employ cerebral acumen in the pursuit of survival.

The game furnishes players with a meticulous cartographic depiction of the island, delineating danger zones and pathways to elude them. This navigational freedom grants players unhindered exploration, unfettered by concerns for their safety.

Woodcraft Island emerges as a crucible that beckons players to cultivate ingenuity. To endure, participants must leverage an arsenal of tools, weapons, and armor, equipping themselves to confront the myriad challenges posed by the untamed expanse.

Features of Woodcraft MOD APK

Each level has 5 puzzles to solve

In the realm of Woodcraft MOD APK, one encounters a stratification of five tiers, each harboring a quintet of enigmatic puzzles awaiting resolution. Mastery of these puzzles is imperative for progression through the labyrinthine levels, demanding astute contemplation and rapid problem-solving acumen.

Failure to decipher a puzzle within its allocated temporal confines results in a forfeiture of time, necessitating a return to the genesis of the respective tier. A critical juncture, indeed.

Noteworthy is the dynamic temporal facet of this challenge, wherein the temporal constraints amplify with the advent of each subsequent tier. The imperative to expeditiously unravel puzzles becomes increasingly exigent as the levels unfold, a symphony of escalating temporal pressures.

Navigating this digital crucible demands not only mental acuity but an adept mastery of the temporal dimension, a dance of intellect and swiftness. Embrace the challenge, for temporal intricacies unveil themselves in the crucible of Woodcraft MOD APK’s layered enigmas.

You can collect the most points to unlock the next level

Embarking upon the domain of Woodcraft MOD APK unveils a myriad of engagements awaiting your participation. From the acquisition of sundry items to unraveling perplexing puzzles, discovering elusive keys, and beyond, the spectrum of activities is both diverse and captivating.

Accumulating the highest tally of points stands as the key to unlocking subsequent levels, a tantalizing prospect that adds a layer of challenge to the gaming odyssey. Each activity introduces a nuanced dimension, offering a gradient of difficulty levels for you to navigate. In totality, the gameplay experience is a harmonious blend of interactive challenges, narrative depth, and visually compelling graphics.

There are 50 levels to play and each level has a time limit

Embark upon an enthralling adventure within the confines of Woodcraft MOD APK, where solitude befalls you on an island, rendering you the lone inhabitant. The veritable essence of the game lies in your unwavering pursuit of survival, spanning years and years, through the intricate tapestry of diverse puzzles and challenges that beget your path.

A sprawling landscape of fifty levels unfolds before you, each imbued with the ticking urgency of a time limit. Navigating this treacherous terrain necessitates adept problem-solving skills as each level presents an array of objectives crucial for your sustained existence on the island.

Within this digital crucible, your mettle is tested through the crucible of time and tasks, unraveling the mysteries of each level to persevere in the face of isolation. Woodcraft MOD APK beckons you to a persistent struggle for survival, where the island becomes both a canvas and a crucible for the unfolding saga of challenges and triumphs.

Unlock new heroes and upgrade your skills

In the expansive realm of Woodcraft MOD APK, a dynamic fusion of adventure awaits as you navigate the challenges of an uncharted island. The isolation is palpable, surrounded by untamed fauna and fellow survivors, yet devoid of camaraderie or assistance.

Amidst this unforgiving terrain, survival becomes the paramount objective. The key to endurance lies in the strategic acquisition of resources, vanquishing adversaries, and securing special items that serve as invaluable aids in this harrowing survival odyssey.

The game introduces a captivating progression system, allowing you to unlock new heroes and elevate your skills. The essence of mastery in survival unfolds as you tirelessly upgrade your abilities, transforming into a formidable survivor in the wilderness. In this battle for existence, the acquisition of new heroes and the enhancement of skills become the linchpins of your resilience, amplifying your chances of persevering amidst the challenges that Woodcraft MOD APK’s adventure unfolds.


In the immersive realm of Woodcraft MOD APK, your survival saga commences with elemental gear – a knife, a fishing rod, a torch, a gun, a machete, and an assortment of other vital tools. These essentials serve as the bedrock of your sustenance amid the challenges of the untamed island.

Integral to your progress is the adept utilization of these items, a strategic interplay that propels you through the intricate narrative of the game. While the rudimentary equipment is sufficient for survival, the pursuit of excellence beckons you toward the in-game store. Here, the acquisition of superior gear, additional ammunition, and supplementary food items can significantly augment your prospects of enduring the island’s rigors.

The lush expanse teems with an array of wildlife, ranging from venomous to perilous. Your survival hinges on honing your hunting prowess to slay these creatures for sustenance. Over 30 diverse animals, including snakes, crocodiles, and birds, populate the island. The spoils of your successful hunts afford you the ability to cook meat, a crucial sustenance strategy in the wilderness.

Yet, amidst the natural tapestry, lurking dangers manifest in the form of menacing monsters. In the nuanced ecosystem of Woodcraft, survival demands not just cunning and resourcefulness but an unwavering vigilance against the island’s formidable denizens.

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What's new

What’s new in 1.67
►Add Tutorial
►Add Stone furnace.
► Add More Languages.
► Add Cool graphics: enjoy the best graphics with high FPS quality;
►Iron ingot
►Bandage (Bandage is a piece of material used either to support a medical)
►Wooden crossbow
►Compound Bows - Archery: Sports & Outdoors
► Now you can choose a joystick instead of buttons.
► Different items to craft;
► Add Best Building Game items: Build your own constructions.
►Medical table
►Minor bug fixes and performance optimization.

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Unlimited Health

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