School Raid MOD APK 0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Have you ever been a guy who needs to protect his school because of an apocalypse... that happened because of his chemistry teacher? :) I bet you've never been!
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Apr 13, 2023
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School Raid MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of School Raid MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

School Raid MOD APK is a game that is designed for young people. Players will be assigned to take part in a raid of a school. Students will be forced to join in this mission.

You will be a member of the team, and you will be given the order to complete the mission. The students will be divided into two teams, Red Team, and Blue Team.

You will have to work together to achieve the goal. You must destroy all the enemies that you find. The game is really simple, but the fun is not.

In School Raid MOD APK, You will be given a gun and you can shoot. If you are lucky, you can find other weapons, such as a knife, a sword, and so on.

When you are attacked, you will lose your health, and you will lose your weapon if it is destroyed. You will be given a chance to use your weapon once you recover your health.

You will have to kill the enemies by shooting them. You can also throw a bomb to destroy them. You have to be careful when you throw the bomb, if you throw it too far, you will lose your chance to kill the enemy.

School Raid MOD APK is really simple, but the fun is not. The mission is very simple, but there are various levels of difficulty. You can choose to play for free, but if you want to win, you must pay for it.

You will be given a chance to earn money, which you can use to buy weapons, armor, and other equipment. You will also be given a chance to unlock more levels.

You can buy a variety of weapons, and you will be given the chance to choose the best weapon for you. You can use your weapon to kill the enemies, and you will be given a chance to get more coins if you kill the enemies.

You will have to be careful when you throw the bomb, if you throw it too far, you will lose your chance to kill the enemy.

Features of School Raid MOD APK

30+ unique levels

In School Raid MOD APK, you are going to get to know 30+ unique levels. Every level is full of excitement and a different storyline. Each level has its own difficulty and the enemies have their own skills and tactics.

The world is about to get destroyed. You are the last hope, and you have to defend your school. You have 30+ levels to play and get through. Each level has its own unique character, which you need to deal with.

Amazing 3D graphics and soundtrack

School Raid MOD APK features a lot of cool features and graphics that you can’t find anywhere else. The graphics are simply awesome and will make your adrenaline go up while playing.

Moreover, the 3D soundtracks will make you feel like you are in the middle of a war zone. This will keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

Unlockable achievements

School Raid MOD APK offers a ton of unlockable content to the players. The players can earn medals by completing various tasks.

Each medal will unlock a new item or a new character. So, it’s definitely worth completing the task in order to get the new items.

The game offers you a lot of different things, including achievements, unlocked content, and a lot of features that you can unlock by completing levels.

You can complete levels in order to unlock new characters, items, and abilities, which are available only after you have completed a level.

Collectible upgrades

In School Raid MOD APK, Collectible upgrades are the most important part of the game. They can be used in battle to gain advantages over the enemy or to gain a special attack.

The more upgrades you collect, the more power you will gain! You can use your abilities to attack the monsters, but if you do, they’ll use your abilities to attack you back.


School Raid MOD APK is a survival action game about a kid who goes to school to become a hero. The story begins when a mad scientist releases a virus that turns the students into zombies and the teacher into a madman.

The only way to defeat the madman is to destroy the lab, which is protected by a high-tech security system. But that is easier said than done since the security system is protected by a horde of zombies.

Your main weapon is a gun that shoots a variety of bullets, each with a different effect. You can also use a grappling hook, a taser, a tranquilizer gun, a flamethrower, and a laser.

You’ll be able to upgrade your arsenal by collecting and combining special items that you can buy from the shops. You can also collect and combine special items that you can buy from the shops.

When you enter a level, you have a limited amount of lives. You can choose to either fight or sneak around. It is up to you, you can always choose to fight if you want to win. If you fail to kill the enemy, you will have to start over.

In the game, you will meet a variety of characters. You can use them to fight against your enemies.

School Raid Game is based on a real event that happened in a school in the US.

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