Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th v1.0.5898 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Dec 20, 2023
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Dec 20, 2023
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Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th edition MOD APK. Android Books & Reference Apps This MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Features Download Yours Now.

Experience the expedited retrieval of word meanings, enabling a seamless comprehension of the nuances that weave the fabric of language. Unearth not only the fundamental definitions but also delve into the contextual landscapes that each word navigates through.

This linguistic aide, an embodiment of erudition, extends its embrace to learners by furnishing a foundational vocabulary. Grasp the essence of each word through meticulously curated definitions, fostering an environment where understanding blooms effortlessly.

Navigate through a linguistic mosaic that transcends linguistic boundaries, as this application offers a polyglot experience. Tailored for those without linguistic affiliations, this application beckons as a quintessential guide.

Immerse yourself in a lexicon vast and varied, where each word becomes a stepping stone in your linguistic odyssey. Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th MOD APK stands as an invaluable asset for students seeking to augment their lexicon and broaden the horizons of their language proficiency.

A harmonious symphony of words awaits within this dictionary app, resonating with the desire of students to not only learn new words but also to sculpt and refine the contours of their vocabulary. Elevate your linguistic prowess with each interaction, as this dictionary app beckons as a companion in the perpetual journey of language mastery.

 Feature of Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 10th MOD APK

List of synonyms for all words

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 10th, reigning as the globe’s preeminent advanced-level lexicon for English learners. A stalwart companion to millions, it serves as the guiding beacon illuminating the path toward heightened English proficiency for both professional pursuits and academic endeavors, fostering a conduit to articulate and confident communication.

Within its expansive confines, discover a linguistic treasure trove boasting over 86,000 words, 95,000 phrases, 112,000 meanings, and a staggering 237,000 examples. Each entry unfolds with lucid and uncomplicated language, facilitating an environment where non-native speakers can seamlessly enhance their language skills.

The dictionary extends beyond definitions, offering a compendium of synonyms for every word. This invaluable feature empowers users to pinpoint the precise synonym for any given term, aiding particularly in the realms of essay composition and exam preparation.

As you traverse the linguistic landscapes curated by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, immerse yourself in a journey that transcends mere word definitions. Unleash the power of language with confidence, armed with the tools to express ideas eloquently and navigate the nuances of English communication with finesse.

Browse preloaded topic word lists

Each dictionary within this application comes equipped with a preloaded inventory of more than 200 topic words, strategically curated to enhance your writing prowess.

Navigate effortlessly through these topic word lists with a simple tap on the button stationed at the screen’s bottom. These curated compilations prove invaluable when you find yourself in the delicate task of selecting the perfect word or phrase for a specific context or scenario.

Not only does this application streamline access to preloaded topic word lists, but it also empowers you to fashion and preserve your personal Favorites lists. Crafted to be a reservoir of your preferred words and phrases, these custom lists ensure swift retrieval of linguistic gems, adding a personalized touch to your language exploration.

Embark on a journey where linguistic precision meets convenience, as this app transforms the art of word selection and language exploration into a seamless and personalized experience.

Find the right word for a specific situation

Functioning as a comprehensive dictionary, this app ensures uninterrupted access to content even in offline settings. Dive into the richness of language with the added advantage of real-voice pronunciation for each word, enhancing the learning experience.

Navigate through the intricacies of language exploration by perusing preloaded topic word lists, seamlessly integrating them into your linguistic arsenal. Additionally, users can curate their own Favourites lists, fostering a personalized linguistic repository for swift and tailored word retrieval.

Embark on a linguistic journey where the power of expression is at your fingertips, facilitated by features that transcend the conventional boundaries of word exploration and pronunciation.

Access the content offline

When you’re aiming to cut down on data expenses or desiring the convenience of offline access, this app provides a solution by enabling users to download content for offline viewing or listening.

That content is offline for future reference and review by tapping the icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Navigate to the downloads menu, select ‘Download as,’ and choose ‘Save to SD card.’ Additionally, configure the dictionaries to download directly to the SD card, ensuring you have them at your fingertips wherever you go.

This functionality empowers users to explore the rich content of each dictionary without requiring an internet connection. Particularly beneficial for those on the move or in scenarios without internet access, this feature adds a layer of convenience to your language exploration journey.

Voice recording

This app empowers you to record your voice effortlessly, whether engaged in reading aloud or absorbing the content. The process is swift and user-friendly, as the app seamlessly integrates your voice recordings into the dictionary for convenient access.

Immerse yourself in the linguistic symphony by listening to the recorded voices of native speakers. Whether reading alone or dedicating time to refine your reading skills, this feature serves as a versatile companion in your language practice endeavors.

Unleash the power of vocal expression and auditory learning, as this app invites you to not only observe but actively participate in the journey of language improvement.

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What's new

This update includes new in-app purchase options, to help learners develop their English language skills even further.

Besides the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, you can also now find:

- Oxford Collocations Dictionary: shows which words work together in English

- Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus: explains the difference between groups of similar words

Try for free, buy one, or get all three. Find out more in the ‘Catalogue’ section in-app.

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