Dictionary Pro v15.5 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 06, 2024
Dictionary Pro is the premium version of The Free Dictionary app, featuring offline dictionary and thesaurus content with NO ads. Here's what you get:
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Jan 06, 2024
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Dictionary Pro MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Dictionary Pro MOD APK. Android Books & Reference Apps This MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Features Download Yours Now.

Behold, is an innovative application designed to empower users in unraveling the mysteries of unfamiliar words. Whether you seek the meaning of a single word or an entire phrase, the application stands ready to unveil its significance promptly.

Beyond mere word lookup, this indispensable tool offers a myriad of options for those eager to expand their lexical repertoire, making it an imperative companion for students navigating the challenges of studying abroad. Bid farewell to the inadvertent oversight of words – a promise this application steadfastly delivers!

Dive into a plethora of features within the application’s arsenal. The dictionary function, a linguistic compass at your fingertips, promptly deciphers the meaning behind any word, enriching the learning experience. An invaluable asset for diverse educational pursuits.

Adding to its allure, the application boasts a translation function, a boon for language enthusiasts seeking fluency. Effortlessly translate any text within the application into your desired language, transforming your experience of studying abroad into a linguistic immersion akin to that of a native.

Harness the search function to unearth words and phrases aligning with your learning objectives. Explore the linguistic landscape of any desired language, discovering a treasure trove of words and phrases within Dictionary Pro that seamlessly transition from application to real-life scenarios.

As you navigate this linguistic journey, the application’s dictionary function extends the courtesy of curating a personalized list of words and phrases for your learning endeavors. The assurance lingers – words will no longer slip through the cracks!

Tailored for English learners and those navigating it as a secondary language, this application offers swift and effortless word searches. A boon for individuals thirsting for word meanings, Dictionary Pro proves an invaluable aid for exam preparation and test-taking scenarios.

In the pursuit of knowledge, this application stands as a comprehensive source, furnishing all the necessary information to propel learners toward success.

Feature of Dictionary Pro MOD APK

Offline dictionary & thesaurus content

Nestled within your device is a personalized repository housing the most sought-after dictionaries and thesauri, ready to serve your lexical needs in any situation.

Whether the quest is to assimilate a new word into your vocabulary or simply unveil the definition of an existing one, Dictionary Pro stands as your unwavering ally.

Indulge in the richness of language without the constraints of the online realm – your gateway to a self-contained world of linguistic mastery.

Customize your homepage: Add or remove articles, games, and even local weather.

The potential for personalization with this app features a robust customization tool that empowers you to effortlessly add, remove, and rearrange articles, games, and various other content elements on your homepage.

Your homepage is now a canvas for your preferences. Tailor it to your liking by selecting the articles, games, or local weather updates that take precedence at the pinnacle of your home screen.

Navigating the app becomes a seamless experience with the multilingual interface, offering support for over a dozen languages. Immerse yourself in the language of your choice as you explore the app’s diverse offerings.

As a cherry on top, revel in the freedom to introduce your touch of uniqueness by incorporating custom articles, games, or personalized weather conditions. Your app experience, your rules.

Multiple specialty dictionaries and encyclopedias

The Dictionary app stands as the quintessential tool for unraveling the meanings of words, phrases, and expressions. However, for those seeking a more refined and comprehensive experience, enter Dictionary Pro—the premium iteration of The Free Dictionary app. Offering an enriched repertoire including dictionaries, a thesaurus, and beyond.

Immerse yourself in a treasure trove boasting over 100 dictionaries and encyclopedias sourced from the most reputable publishers. This app serves as your gateway to a multitude of learning opportunities, providing an extensive range of options to decipher the meanings behind words.

Within this linguistic haven, discover not only a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus but also specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias catering to diverse fields such as medical, legal, science, financial, and more.

Navigating this linguistic expanse is a breeze with the multilingual interface, allowing you to seamlessly explore the app in over a dozen languages. Enrich your language journey with the depth and breadth offered by this comprehensive linguistic companion.

Learn something new. Word of the Day and other content delivered daily.

A dynamic duo that opens the doors to exploring and understanding any word in the world.

Immerse yourself in the richness of language with access to the most exhaustive dictionary and thesaurus, housing a wealth of information from over 100 dictionaries and encyclopedias, all from the most reliable sources.

Begin each day with a dash of linguistic curiosity as Dictionary Pro unveils a new “word of the day” every morning. This dictionary app doesn’t just stop at words; it offers a vast collection of over 100,000 words, complete with comprehensive definitions, audio pronunciations, etymologies, and more. Your journey into the world of words just got a whole lot richer!

Save bookmarks and sync them to all of your

Efficiency meets convenience with the ability to save bookmarks effortlessly across all your devices. No more sifting through bookmarks each time you wish to open a book this app not only streamlines your bookmark access but also synchronizes them seamlessly across all your devices.

For avid globetrotters, this app is your linguistic companion, ensuring you unearth the right word with unprecedented speed. Dictionary Pro transcends language barriers, enabling you to delve into words and their definitions in over 80 languages.

Customize your experience by setting a preferred language for all your searches, making the quest for the perfect word faster and more tailored than ever before.

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