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Last Updated on Sep 22, 2023
Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries with genealogical search tools and an intuitive family tree builder. Join our global community of users to map your ancestors and family history effortlessly.
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Aug 30, 2023
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MyHeritage MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of MyHeritage MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Description of MyHeritage MOD APK

MyHeritage is a powerful application for helping users to build or revive family trees using various modern-day technologies. It can also help people locate relatives around the world using particular information and even the generations of the 20th century to today. With the advanced technology for searching or building users will always have access to a the most complete and thorough family tree with every person’s specifics.

What is MyHeritage?

Okay. Before we get into the primary aspects of MyHeritage it is important to be prepared mentally, as I believe you’ll be awestruck. The first thing to know is that MyHeritage can be described as an app that allows you to examine your family’s genealogy. It then allows you to determine your DNA by taking easy tests. Then , you can redraw the family tree using the information you inputted. In the end, MyHeritage helps restore old photos from our families’ generations.

Many bizarre features that nobody thinks of are easily accomplished with only the smartphone. Some applications aren’t able to meet the requirements above. However, don’t fret because today we have MyHeritage which lets you find your family’s roots and organize the connections of distant relatives, or even rewrite the story of your families… When you’ve got the idea it is necessary to put in lots of time and effort without the assistance of a software that specializes in these areas like MyHeritage.

For a deeper discussion of each feature, I’ll begin with the one that is easy to grasp Restoring family photographs from the past.

  • MyHeritage has the ability to retrieve old photographs.
  • MyHeritage can perform two tasks to help you with this task.

One way is to create motion-picture images using old photographs. This way you can see the motions of your loved ones and restore images with time-stained photos of parents, grandparents or family members. Many reasons exist you may require the restoration of an old photograph. MyHeritage can assist you with this. The application comes by Deep Nostalgia ™ technology that is Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that can help create motion effects using old photos. The technology is able to learn from a vast library of millions of facial expressions from all over the world and identifying similarities to the images you input and then creating expressions in line with those.

It is easy to recognize the familiar smiles of your beloved loved ones who passed away. You can also see the unforgettable smile of a loved one within the family. It’s more than just an animated image, but rather an offering from the heavens of feelings.

Another characteristic can be found in MyHeritage can assist in restoring older, stained photographs into fresh color photos. Photos that are older or are only black and white, or have some missing features on the face could be converted to new photos in color. In particular it is possible to:

  • Repair damaged or scratched photos using Photo Repair
  • Colorize your black and white images and sharpen your blurred faces using MyHeritage Photo Enhancer
  • Capture the stories that lie behind unforgettable family photos using Photo Storyteller(tm)

The three smart features offered by MyHeritage can surely assist you to create stunning images for the family members, for better preservation , and more convenient access for your children later on.


MyHeritage’s initial function assists users to create a family’s genealogy that will begin with the first generation of their lineage. It will also provide options for taking pictures drawing, drawing, changing and editing text, adding text and much more. It will help users use all the tools to identify all the relatives in the household. Additionally, they can manage the tree, and break it into various branches, as well as adding members from other families, such as daughters-inlaw or son-inlaw. The feature for building a genealogy does not stop at creating the personal descriptions for each person and their family members, but also allows users to look up related genealogies out of curiosity. The program makes use of data to rapidly search for genealogies that are not available and then analyze the similarities between all genealogies sharing identical names. It’s a great feature however, many users accidentally discover unintentional results and create an entire genealogy including the full list of members.

MyHeritage assists in creating family pedigrees, and allows you to examine family trees with ease.

Simply enter the essential information about the family tree of your choice, MyHeritage will quickly help you build the tree branch diagram known as”the family tree. Save information about your the forefathers and grandparents and share them with their children later. Learn about your family’s roots or inform your grandchildren and children within the family on the history of your ancestors and the roots. More than just a drawing the family tree MyHeritage has drawn for you is filled with many different meanings.

It’s not just presented in text the family tree, depending on the details you input it provides still or moving photos of members of the family. It is recommended to use the older Photo Recovery feature mentioned above and then add images to the tree, which makes the family tree more visible and easy to read.

The best part about the family tree option is the fact that users simply have to enter the names of your children, and MyHeritage will take care of the rest. Records Matches technology that is intelligently comparing and extracts data from the app will assist MyHeritage automatically locate any new information that is relevant to more than the 81 million family tree collections created by users all over the globe. Additionally, there is an extensive archive that contains 15.7 historical records that are available in the application it self. Historical records contain important records (birth wedding, marriage certificates for death and birth) in 66 countries as well as immigration and census records, tombstones, and burial records.

When you create your Family tree you will be able to easily compare it to other family trees due to smart Matches(tm) technology integrated into the application. It allows you to discover surprising connections between family lines. What do you think? Perhaps there are some surprising facts about your ancestral ancestors.


The app allows users to build their genealogy and employ amazing AI-powered functions to bring back each member with short videos. Its Deep Nostalgia function can animate only a tiny portion of the face of the previous generation’s members and make them appear present in the user’s old photographs. With this function users are able to see their beauty and their smiles even when they’ve never seen them before.

Aid in testing DNA with easy tests

MyHeritage also provides a basic DNA test. This means you can check your own DNA and discover people from all over the world with the closest identification to yours. MyHeritage is home to greater than 5.2 million sets of DNA across 2,114 different countries in the globe.

The feature may not be precise, but the outcomes that are provided by the AI might surprise you since you will find people who look very as similar to you, or even like you.


MyHeritage also has the honor of helping users recover all of their old photos in the finest quality and colors of current times. It’s a useful tool and extensively used, and lots of users have witnessed the real beauty of their ancestors with poor quality black and white photos. The entire process is due to the AI better in the re-enhance process. Users can alter the details of the smile, to create a new look for the image.

MOD version APK of MyHeritage APK MOD

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