Oxford Advanced Learners Dict v1.0.5898 MOD APK (Unlocked Content)

Last Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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Dec 21, 2022
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Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK (Unlocked Content)

Download The Latest APK Version of Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK. An Android Books & Reference App this MOD comes with Unlocked Content Available for download Yours Now.

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary stands as a venerable beacon. This international lexicon, adorned with an extensive repertoire of lexical nuances and connotations, serves as a formidable aide for those traversing the linguistic labyrinth.

Beyond the mere acquisition of English proficiency, this lexical compendium becomes a catalyst for the augmentation of one’s cognitive lexicon. A swift conduit for the assimilation and retention of novel lexicographical entities, it assumes the mantle of an erudite mentor in the realm of vocabulary cultivation. Esteemed by legions of language acolytes, it holds an eminent position as an indispensable pedagogical tool for scholastic endeavors.

The dictionary, a veritable microcosm of linguistic scholarship, delineates its expansive contents into two magisterial realms: the General and the Specialized. The former, a repository of lexemes with broad semantic spectra, spans the expanse of general linguistic usage.

In stark contrast, the latter presents a more intricate tapestry, delving into the intricacies of specialized linguistic domains with meticulous detail. A versatile implement for linguistic edification, this lexical repository emerges as an invaluable compendium for those seeking profound insights into the nuances of English semantics.

This lexical vanguard is not merely a compendium; it metamorphoses into an instrumental implement for linguistic mastery. For those with a predilection for delving into the profundities of specific topics, this lexical archive serves as an indispensable vade mecum.

Elevating itself beyond the pedestrian realm of lexical repositories, this application becomes a potent catalyst for linguistic prowess augmentation. It expedites the acquisition of novel lexicographical entities, facilitating linguistic fluency in both oral and written articulations. Compatibility seamlessly extends to both the iOS and Android platforms, ensuring accessibility ubiquity.

This linguistic adjunct, tailored for the elucidation of the English lexicon, propounds fundamental lexicographical elements that weave seamlessly into the fabric of quotidian existence. A compendium that encapsulates the panoply of lexical ephemera encountered in daily life, it emerges as an invaluable didactic instrument for scholars and neophytes alike.

The omnipresent lexical tapestry unfurls within the compendium, encompassing the minutiae of daily parlance. An exemplar tool for scholarly pursuits, it proffers elucidations of lexical entities, unraveling the veiled meanings with perspicuity. Pronunciations and synonyms embellish the lexical odyssey, fortifying the linguistic voyage towards impeccable oral and written articulations.

Features of Oxford Advanced Learners Dict MOD APK

Provides a comprehensive set of English definitions

In the English language, this compendium stands tall with a vast repository of over 7,000,000 entries. It goes beyond mere lexical enumeration, providing meticulous elucidations for words, phrases, and expressions, delving into the intricate tapestry of synonyms, antonyms, and idioms. Embracing a dual nature, the dictionary caters to both foundational and advanced definitions, seamlessly complemented by an extensive thesaurus.

The application serves as a conduit to immediate linguistic exploration, granting users swift access to a wealth of information. A simple tap on any word or phrase within the text unfurls a treasure trove of insights, encompassing definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and associated words. This app becomes an invaluable companion for those seeking instant and comprehensive linguistic references.

Search for definitions by meaning

Beyond the surface, it extends a helping hand to users grappling with the comprehension or accurate spelling of words, providing a reservoir of elucidations for enhanced clarity.

The app stands as a linguistically, not only demystifying the intricacies of language but also affording users the ability to bookmark cherished words and their corresponding definitions. A symbiotic fusion of simplicity and utility, this application emerges as a quintessential tool for those navigating the intricacies of vocabulary with ease and precision.

Browse by word, part of speech, or meaning

Definitions come to life with a simple tap of the Definition button, enriching the user experience.

Delve further into the linguistic labyrinth by tapping the Vocabulary button, revealing a curated selection of essential words and phrases. The Keyword button, a gateway to lexical exploration, opens doors to synonyms and antonyms, enhancing the understanding of semantic nuances.

The Dictionary button beckons users to explore the manifold definitions of a highlighted word, providing a holistic perspective. Traverse the annals of linguistic evolution by tapping the History button, unveiling the word’s journey through time and usage. This application transcends mere functionality, offering an immersive linguistic voyage for those with a penchant for profound lexical exploration.

View definitions in multiple languages

The lexicon encapsulates the most frequently employed words in diverse languages, ensuring relevance and currency through regular updates. Seamlessly catering to users’ language preferences, the app furnishes a swift and convenient avenue for word lookup, presenting definitions in both English and the selected language.

Beyond its fundamental functionality, the dictionary unveils an array of supplementary features. Users can bookmark words of significance, fostering a personalized lexical repository. The ability to search within the dictionary facilitates targeted exploration. Furthermore, the app encourages social lexical exchange by enabling users to share their favorite words with friends, creating a dynamic linguistic community.

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What's new

This update includes new in-app purchase options, to help learners develop their English language skills even further.

Besides the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, you can also now find:

- Oxford Collocations Dictionary: shows which words work together in English

- Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus: explains the difference between groups of similar words

Try for free, buy one, or get all three. Find out more in the ‘Catalogue’ section in-app.

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