One4KWGT Pro v4.0.2 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 29, 2024
One4KWGT Pro is a pack of 97 beautiful widgets for Kustom KWGT app, 94 wallpapers and 7 Komponents! On February 19th 2020 we redesigned almost all widgets inside the app, so be sure to check Globals tab for themes and options - almost all widgets have dark and light themes now!
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Jan 29, 2024
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One4KWGT Pro MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of the One4KWGT Pro MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

One4KWGT Pro, an innovative application, empowers users to tailor the Android interface, culminating in a heightened and personalized user experience.

Distinguished by a plethora of features, the application strives to augment the allure of devices. The inclusion of widgets facilitates seamless home management, location tracking, music control, and more.

A myriad of widgets is at your disposal within One4KWGT Pro, spanning diverse categories to cater to your specific requirements. This application facilitates effortless location retrieval, furnishing users with real-time location data, accompanied by precise time and weather information. Additionally, a dedicated music control widget further enhances user convenience.

Beyond these functionalities, One4KWGT Pro excels in home management, allowing users to effortlessly govern WiFi settings, locate their residence, and regulate music playback through dedicated widgets.

One4KWGT Pro, although inherently simple, stands as a comprehensive widget solution. Ideal for those seeking efficiency in phone usage without undue time and effort expenditure, this application emerges as a premier choice.

A salient feature of One4KWGT Pro lies in its user-friendly design, requiring a straightforward drag-and-drop action on the home screen for widget incorporation. Ensuring compatibility with Android 4.0 or higher, this widget boasts a simple interface, facilitating color and size adjustments, theme customization, and support for various functions such as music playback, call log, calendar, and weather forecast.

Adjusting brightness and volume directly from the widget enhances the management of widgets on the home screen, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. One4KWGT Pro, characterized by its simplicity and efficiency, proves instrumental in swiftly accessing favored features.

Features of One4KWGT Pro MOD APK

94 beautiful wallpapers for your home screen

In the quest for unparalleled home screen embellishments, direct your gaze to the exquisite array presented by One4KWGT Pro. This collection encompasses 94 distinct wallpapers, a reservoir of aesthetic possibilities, boasting an impressive 2,000,000 downloads on the Play Store, ensuring perpetual novelty and staving off any semblance of monotony!

Each wallpaper within this collection is a manifestation of artistic ingenuity from our esteemed designers, subjected to meticulous testing across diverse devices to ensure seamless compatibility. Should you harbor specific preferences or requests for the removal or substitution of any particular wallpaper, rest assured, that your wishes shall be promptly attended to.

Embark on a journey of visual opulence as One4KWGT Pro’s curated assortment of wallpapers becomes the canvas upon which your device expresses unparalleled individuality. The cumulative allure of this collection is underscored by its immense popularity, a testament to its enduring appeal in the realm of Android customization.

Dark and Light themes

In the realm of widgetry evolution, an infusion of both nocturnal and diurnal aesthetics has been introduced across the expanse of our widget catalog. This affords you the liberty to metamorphose the thematic ambiance at your whimsical discretion. Certain widgets, such as those dedicated to weather updates, exclusively embrace the mystique of a darkened theme, while others, like the clock, traverse the spectrum between somber shadows and radiant luminosity.

Noteworthy, however, are widgets that shun the very notion of thematic embellishment, epitomized by the minimalist simplicity inherent in a timer. The One4KWGT Pro, an arbiter of customization, empowers users to drape any widget in the enigmatic cloak of darkness or the effulgent radiance of light. A mere tap upon the widget becomes the portal to a thematic metamorphosis, seamlessly oscillating between the realms of shadow and brilliance. For select widgets, the option to plunge them into a state of dormancy is also extended, granting a complete cessation of their presence at will.

7 stunning KComponentsFor those seeking a means to imbue their smartphone with a touch of individuality, the One4KWGT Pro, boasting a collection of seven exquisite Komponents, emerges as the vanguard for cultivating a distinctive style. Upon downloading the app, the door to crafting your own unique visual narrative swings wide open. Delve into the playground of widget styles, where a mere click initiates a creative journey, allowing you to birth a new theme effortlessly and preserve it on your device.

Once your thematic masterpiece is crafted, its application extends beyond its inaugural widget. A seamless process unfolds as you navigate to the ‘Globals’ tab, affording you the ability to grace any other widget within the app with the essence of your bespoke theme. A simple tap is the conduit to this thematic transference.

Should contentment be the hallmark of your creative endeavor, immortalize your theme by saving it for posterity. Moreover, the magnanimity of sharing beckons; effortlessly disseminate your visual ingenuity with friends by dispatching a link through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter. The collaborative spirit of customization knows no bounds with One4KWGT Pro.

3 different widget sizes

Within the ambit of One4KWGT Pro, a trinity of widget dimensions awaits your discerning selection: square, horizontal, and vertical. Elevate your widget experience by opting for a size that harmonizes seamlessly with the contours of your device, paving the way for an immersive and aesthetically pleasing display.

The expanse of widgets spans across three distinct sizes: the default or regular, a more modest small size, and an expansive large size. Each widget, irrespective of its proportions, is adorned with the dual garb of a light and dark theme, affording you the flexibility to tailor the visual ambiance to your preferences.

Navigating this mosaic of widgets, some elements present the liberty to grace your home screen, seamlessly blending with your device’s interface. In contrast, others assume the exclusive mantle of widget-hood, enhancing the functionality and visual allure of your digital domain. Choose your widget size judiciously, embark on a journey of visual customization, and revel in the personalized tapestry of widgets that One4KWGT Pro unfurls.

97 beautiful widgets 

Embark on a visual odyssey with a bountiful collection of 97 exquisite widgets tailor-made for your home screen. These widgets gracefully unfold across three categories: Home, Media, and Widgets, each category offering a distinct melange of visual delights. The first two categories exude versatility with both dark and light themes, while the Widgets category emanates a mystique exclusively clad in dark themes.

Each widget is accompanied by a succinct description, guiding you through its unique offerings, complemented by a comprehensive full-size preview. The canvas of customization expands further with One4KWGT Pro, enabling you to transcend the constraints of default aesthetics. Unleash your creativity by altering the widget’s background color and toggling between the captivating realms of dark and light themes.

The empowerment extends beyond aesthetics, granting you the ability to seamlessly integrate widgets into your home screen with the simple finesse of dragging and dropping. The canvas of your digital space becomes a playground of possibilities as you resize and rearrange widgets at your discretion. Should the default widget size prove to be incongruous with your vision, a simple pinch at the screen’s edge allows for effortless resizing.

In the realm of visual customization, One4KWGT Pro emerges not just as a tool but as an artistic conduit, inviting you to shape and redefine the tapestry of your digital abode with unparalleled ease and elegance.

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What's new

Nov 9 - v4.0.2
App icon fixed
A13 themed icons support

Oct 20 - v4.0.1
Updated dashboard
Added KLWP preset

July 14th - v3.3.1
Fixed wallpapers

July 14 - v3.3
Fixed wallpapers were not loading. Added new walls - 94 in total now!

April 29 - v3.2.1
Manifest file fix - the app is not showing in the KWGT app.

April 28 - v3.2
Android 11 storage fix

February 25 - v3.1
3 new widgets (w_50, w_51, w_52)

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