Caelus Duotone Icon Pack v4.8.0 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 29, 2024
Caelus Duotone icon pack is a set of custom colorful linear icons with semi-transparent fill (duotone style) for your homescreen and app drawer. It can be applied on almost any custom launcher (Nova launcher, Lawnchair, Niagara, etc.) and some default launchers like the Samsung OneUI launcher (via Theme Park app), OnePlus launcher, Oppo’s Color OS, Nothing launcher, etc.
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Jan 29, 2024
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Caelus Duotone Icon Pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Caelus Duotone Icon Pack MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Caelus Duotone Icon Pack presents a curated collection of icons meticulously crafted for Android devices. Embracing a minimalist design ethos, Caelus Duotone stands apart with its distinct visual language.

Enveloped in a dark backdrop, the icons emanate brightness, creating a subtle yet striking contrast. The user-friendly interface, characterized by a straightforward layout, facilitates effortless navigation. The design, an amalgamation of various elements, centers around the symbiosis of the icon itself and its background.

The color palette predominantly leans towards dark and gray hues, intentionally restrained to accentuate the prominence of the icons. Designed to be compatible with Android 4.0 and above, Caelus Duotone assures seamless integration without compatibility concerns, ensuring accessibility for a wide user base.

User-friendliness remains a hallmark of this application, catering to users of all proficiency levels. Navigating through the home screen, the icons manifest clarity and ease of identification.

For those seeking a departure from the standard icon set, Caelus Duotone facilitates a seamless transition. The icons, available in various sizes, offer flexibility, allowing users to curate their experience based on individual preferences.

Beyond its functional utility, Caelus Duotone is more than an icon pack; it’s a visual spectacle. Infused with love and comprising over a thousand meticulously designed icons, this pack transforms your phone’s home screen into a captivating canvas.

With an array of colors and designs, Caelus Duotone aligns itself with your phone’s unique style, offering a customizable experience that reflects your taste. As a true companion to your Android device, this icon pack not only enhances aesthetics but also simplifies your daily interactions with a plethora of user-friendly features.

Features of Caelus Duotone Icon Pack MOD APK

Duotone icons with adjustable color and transparency

The primary objective of the Caelus Duotone Icon Pack is to furnish users with a plethora of top-tier icons compatible with any launcher of their choosing.

These icons boast a distinctive duotone style, offering the versatility of serving as a transparent background to craft a visually appealing gradient effect. Meticulously fashioned with pixel-perfect precision and unwavering attention to detail, each icon encapsulates a visual richness that reveals itself vividly on your screen.

Moreover, these icons have been fine-tuned to accommodate a spectrum of sizes and colors, ensuring compatibility with both diminutive and expansive displays. For optimal visual indulgence, we recommend downloading this icon pack on a display measuring 4.7 inches or 5.5 inches.

While the icons are designed to exude beauty on smaller screens, it might be necessary to zoom in for an immersive appreciation of each intricate detail.

In essence, the Caelus Duotone Icon Pack aspires to elevate the visual experience by delivering a repertoire of high-quality icons that not only cater to various screen sizes but also lend a touch of elegance through the nuanced duotone aesthetic.

Semi-transparent fill (duotone style)

Encounter a distinctive feature within this icon pack as it introduces a semi-transparent fill color. This unique attribute seamlessly melds with the backdrop of your home screen and app drawer, imparting a subtle and captivating effect.

The semi-transparency imbued into the icons brings forth a cool and unparalleled visual allure. This set of icons, characterized by their semi-transparent nature and adorned with the enchanting duotone style, epitomizes uniqueness and vibrancy.

As a consequence, your icons radiate a captivating charm, standing out with their distinctive semi-transparent and duotone characteristics. This infusion of visual elegance ensures a home screen and app drawer adorned with an aesthetic that is both cool and one-of-a-kind.

High resolution

Indulge in the allure of these exquisite icons that resonate with universal admiration! Crafted with precision, these icons boast high quality, ensuring a visually stunning display on both HD and 4K screens. The flexibility extends to resizing, allowing you to place them seamlessly anywhere on your home screen or app drawer.

In the realm of visual aesthetics, the Caelus Duotone Icon Pack stands as a testament to sophistication, offering a high-resolution ensemble of linear icons designed to impart a superior look and feel. Your visual experience is elevated, enveloped in the seamless charm of meticulously crafted icons.

Should this icon pack resonate with your visual preferences, your appreciation is welcomed. A simple act of rating would be a token of gratitude. Thank you for considering Caelus Duotone Icon Pack — where high-resolution meets exquisite design, ensuring your device exudes an unparalleled quality and aesthetic appeal.

Create a custom color scheme for your device

Caelus Duotone Icon Pack empowers you with the ability to fashion a personalized color scheme for both your home screen and app drawer, aligning seamlessly with your unique preferences and taste.

Upon acquiring the app, a world of customization unfolds at your fingertips. Explore a myriad of available themes, each a visual delight, and effortlessly apply the chosen theme to either your home screen or app drawer. The process is simple, yet the impact is profound.

Not only limited to preset themes, the application offers you the creative liberty to forge your theme. Dive into the palette of colors and fonts, curate a combination that resonates with your style, and watch as your customized theme transforms your device into a personalized masterpiece.

Caelus Duotone Icon Pack transcends the conventional, offering not just a set of icons but an avenue for self-expression. With the freedom to craft your visual narrative, the app becomes a conduit for unleashing your creativity onto your device’s interface.

Choose from a variety of bright and vivid colors

Within the expansive repertoire of the Caelus Duotone Icon Pack lies a treasure trove of 120 icons, elegantly organized into 10 distinct icon sets, each offering a palette of 10 vibrant colors. This amalgamation results in a total of 10 color variations, with 5 sets presenting an array of 4 captivating colors each. The visual richness of these icons is unparalleled, ensuring they stand as the epitome of aesthetic excellence.

The icons, a testament to their superlative design, exhibit a harmonious blend of beautiful color combinations. Their versatility allows you to apply them in any configuration that suits your fancy. With the Caelus Duotone Icon Pack, the power to transform your device lies in your hands.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you peruse through a spectrum of bright and vivid colors. The freedom to combine these hues in myriad ways provides an avenue for crafting a unique and personalized aesthetic for your device. The result is not just a set of icons; it’s a visual symphony that elevates your device’s appearance to unprecedented heights.

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Jun 22 / v4.6.4
30 new icons

May 30 / v4.6.3
20 new icons

May 15 / v4.6.2
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