Nova Icon Pack v6.7.9 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 31, 2024
Nova icon pack is a set of custom icons - mostly white glyphs on top of the vibrant gradient rounded square background for your homescreen and app drawer (there is also a dark version called Nova Dark icon pack). You can apply it on almost any custom launcher (Nova launcher, Lawnchair, Niagara, etc.) and some default launchers like the Samsung OneUI launcher (via Theme Park app), OnePlus launcher, Oppo’s Color OS, Nothing launcher, etc.
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Jan 31, 2024
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Nova Icon Pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Nova Icon Pack MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of mobile aesthetics, behold the icon pack known as Nova a visual alchemy that breathes a refreshing ambiance into the Android cosmos. Embellished with a myriad of exquisite and unparalleled icons, this pack effortlessly grants you the power to sculpt your home screen and lock screen into personalized masterpieces. Nova, a paragon of user-friendly design, unveils a symphony of possibilities with each interaction.

Navigating the vast sea of icons becomes a seamless endeavor, thanks to Nova’s meticulous arrangement and intuitive interface. The quest for the perfect design is simplified through Nova’s synergy with the user’s preferences. Its versatility is showcased in the ease with which you can unearth and employ the desired icon, transforming your phone into a visual ode to elegance.

The Nova Icon Pack, a veritable arsenal for phone customization, beckons you into a realm where choices abound. Among the plethora of icon packs adorning the Google Play Store exceeding a count of 100 Nova emerges as the unparalleled maestro of this digital symphony.

Nova transcends mere functionality; it’s a thematic metamorphosis tool, orchestrating your phone’s visage to echo the sleek allure of an iPhone. Anchored in the foundations of iOS 8.4.1, this application employs icons as brushstrokes to craft a thematic masterpiece for your device.

Compatible with both rooted and non-rooted phones, Nova beckons you to acquire its transformative prowess from the Google Play store. Supported on Android versions 4.4.2 and beyond, it extends an invitation to redefine your phone’s essence through myriad customization avenues.

Nova’s allure extends beyond the conventional; it’s a conduit for a visual renaissance. Delve into its repository on the Google Play store, where a plethora of options awaits to redefine your phone’s aesthetic landscape.

The customization palette unfurls with a spectrum of choices, allowing you to tinker not only with icons but also with the very hue of your status bar. Nova, more than an application, metamorphoses into an indispensable instrument, bestowing your phone with a novel, captivating allure.

Features of Nova Icon Pack MOD APK

Customize your launcher with a new set of icons

An assemblage of avant-garde symbols, a meticulously crafted collection of bespoke symbols curated to imbue your home screen and app repository with a novel aesthetic appeal. Despite their simplistic flat design, these icons eschew banality, promising an interface transformation that transcends simplicity. Effortlessly integrate them into your launcher for an elevated visual experience.

Each icon undergoes a meticulous design process, ensuring seamless integration with your home screen dynamics. Tailored to complement round backgrounds, these icons offer versatility through effortless resizing, enabling facile application on your launcher for an enhanced digital milieu.

Keep your Android clean and simple

Elevate the simplicity and neatness of your Android experience through the utilization of our application. Our aesthetically pleasing and restrained array of icons encompasses a broad spectrum of both white and dark representations.

Bid farewell to the perplexities of a convoluted home screen adorned with myriad applications and widgets. This Nova Icon Pack stands as a comprehensive solution, offering all the requisite icons for your home screen, app drawer, and app shortcuts.

The application in question functions as an icon pack dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and simplicity inherent to the Android interface. The icons predominantly don a white hue, accompanied by a nuanced and lively gradient background. The lone burst of vibrancy manifests in the accent color adorning the upper left corner of each icon.

Characterized as a petite icon pack, the download dimensions are notably diminutive, rendering it an impeccable choice for individuals with constrained data plans. Its lightweight nature ensures an optimal user experience without imposing any discernible strain on device performance.

The Nova icon pack seamlessly integrates with an array of launchers and themes, including but not limited to Nova Launcher, Apex, and Action Launcher, that extend support for icon packs. Should the visual aesthetics of this application fail to align with your preferences, the Nova Dark icon pack stands ready as a viable alternative.

Apply the icons to your home screen

Through the utilization of our application, tailor your home screen to your preferences with an array of vibrant and luminous icons. The pristine white backdrop imparts a refreshing and sophisticated aura to your home screen. The integration of these icons into your home screen can be effortlessly achieved through the Nova launcher or alternative launchers.

This collection of icons has undergone meticulous manual design, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing ensemble. Every icon has been carefully shaped to contribute to a unified and visually appealing whole, guided by meticulous attention to detail and a distinct design trajectory. The collection encompasses a substantial 672 icons, providing a versatile assortment that can be effortlessly applied to your devices.

The seamless application of these icons to your home screen brings forth a personalized touch, enhancing the overall visual appeal through a blend of vibrant colors and a crisp, white canvas. Whether via the Nova launcher or other compatible launchers, the process is straightforward, allowing you to effortlessly imbue your home screen with a bespoke and elegant aesthetic.

Add your favorite apps to your app drawer

Unlock the potential of this application as it empowers you to integrate cherished applications onto either your primary screen or within the application repository. This translates to the ability to grace your home screen or designated application storage with the symbolic representations of your most favored applications.

Diversity reigns within the application, offering an extensive array of graphical symbols. Select from a myriad of themes, enabling the personalization of your application repository and home screen, allowing the incorporation of uniquely crafted icons representing your preferred applications.

Take control of the visual aesthetics by employing distinct color schemes to modify the hue of each icon. Handpick colors from the theme you’ve designated, ensuring a harmonious and tailored visual experience.

Choose from different versions of icons

Selecting your preferred icon version is effortlessly achieved by tapping on the designated icon pack within the application drawer or through Nova Launcher’s settings. With a diverse range of sizes at your disposal, rest assured that you can tailor them to meet your specific requirements while preserving the inherent charm of the original icons.

While numerous icon packs populate the Google Play Store, none quite compare to Nova Icon Pack, distinguished by its incorporation of white glyphs atop gradient backgrounds. This unique feature enhances the vibrancy and style of the backdrop, introducing a delightful aesthetic to the overall interface.

Diversification is key within the app, offering variations of icons such as the standard, dark, and light versions. This ensures the flexibility to effortlessly choose the one that resonates most with your aesthetic preferences.

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What's new

Aug 9 - v6.6.6
31 new icons

Aug 7 - v6.6.5
35 new icons

Aug 1 - v6.6.4
20 new icons

Jul 31 - v6.6.3
35 new icons

Jul 29 - v6.6.2
15 new icons

Jul 19 - v6.6.1
30 new icons

Jul 15 - v6.6.0
35 new icons

Jun 17 - v6.5.9
10 new icons

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