Caelus White linear icon pack v4.6.9 MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 29, 2024
Caelus White icon pack is a set of custom white linear icons for your homescreen and app drawer. It can be applied on almost any custom launcher (Nova launcher, Lawnchair, Niagara, etc.) and some default launchers like the Samsung OneUI launcher (via Theme Park app), OnePlus launcher, Oppo’s Color OS, Nothing launcher, etc.
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Jan 29, 2024
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Caelus White linear icon pack MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Caelus White linear icon pack MOD APK. An Android  Personalization App this MOD comes with Patch Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of Android aesthetics, behold the Caelus White linear icon pack, an offering of visual elegance for Android devices. Crafted by the discerning principles of Google Material Design, these icons manifest an intricate fusion of simplicity and distinctiveness.

Within this icon ensemble lies a kaleidoscope of individuality, diverging from the commonplace. Numerous icon collections grace the digital market, some truly commendable but often accompanied by a hefty price tag. In stark contrast, the Caelus White icon pack generously extends its creative bounty, free for both personal and commercial utilization.

Aesthetically tailored for integration into Android applications and games, installing this icon pack is a swift affair, consuming a mere two minutes of your time. Extend its reach beyond mobile, as it seamlessly extends its allure to desktop platforms, catering to both Windows and iOS ecosystems.

The Caelus White linear icon pack emerges as an assemblage of icons drawn directly from the esteemed Android app. These resplendent white icons, numbering 558 in total, stand ready to supplant mundane default icons. Available for complimentary acquisition on Google Play, the dimensions of these icons harmonize seamlessly with the standard set, alleviating concerns about incongruent sizing.

In environments swathed in shadows, these icons radiate their luminance, being both white and transparent. A beacon in dark realms, this icon pack has garnered the favor of over 3 million users on Google Play, solidifying its status as the premier icon pack.

Dive into the realm of customization with confidence as the Caelus White linear icon pack asserts its dominance as the most sought-after icon collection on Google Play. Download the app with haste and infuse your device with the sophistication of a pristine set of white icons. Elevate your personal spaces by adorning your screens with this avant-garde visual feast, a gift freely bestowed upon both Android and iOS aficionados. Savor the pinnacle of iconography; Download now and immerse yourself in the unparalleled experience of visual refinement.

Features of Caelus White linear icon pack MOD APK

Over 20 icons

The Caelus White linear icon pack boasts a repertoire of more than 20 icons, ready to grace both your home screen and app drawer. Effortlessly transform your device’s aesthetics by seamlessly applying any of these icons through the user-friendly app interface.

This application simplifies the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience when selecting and applying your preferred icons. Embrace the versatility of customization without encountering any complexities.

While not an exhaustive icon pack, it distinguishes itself as a curated collection of bespoke icons. Users can anticipate a continual influx of new icons, expanding the repertoire beyond the initial set of 20. Each icon in this collection stands resplendent in pure white, set against a transparent background, further accentuated by a subtle, dark gray shadow.

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In essence, the Caelus White linear icon pack transcends the conventional, offering a dynamic set of custom icons that redefine your device’s visual narrative. Immerse yourself in this unique blend of elegance and functionality, and elevate your user experience to new heights.

High-quality vector icons

Introducing the Caelus White linear icon pack, a reservoir of excellence delivering a top-tier vector icon set adorned with impeccable resolution and a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

Contained within a meticulously organized folder, this icon pack beckons users to download without denting their data plans. The icons, distinguished by a generous 32×32-pixel size, possess the flexibility to scale down gracefully to 16×16 pixels, catering to diverse preferences and display requirements.

Crafted with precision, these icons epitomize high-quality vector artistry. Their inherent scalability ensures that resizing doesn’t compromise intricate details, rendering them flawless on screens of varying dimensions. By default, the icons emanate a pristine white hue, a canvas awaiting your creative touch. Should your inclination sway towards the enigmatic, a simple switch allows you to transform them into a striking black palette.

In essence, the Caelus White linear icon pack emerges as a paragon of visual refinement, offering not just icons but a testament to the marriage of art and functionality. Download the pack to immerse yourself in the seamless integration of high-quality vectors, enriching your digital landscape with an air of sophistication.

Full support for all icons

The Caelus White linear icon pack extends comprehensive support across its entire repertoire of icons. Leveraging the cutting-edge Android icon library, this app ensures the seamless application of the icon packs to any icon, eliminating compatibility concerns.

Within the confines of the app, you’ll find an inclusive array of icons, sparing users the need to download them individually. This holistic approach ensures a streamlined experience without the hassle of separate downloads.

Compatibility is a hallmark of the Caelus White linear icon pack. It harmoniously integrates with all icon packs and enjoys compatibility with launchers that embrace the concept of icon packs. Moreover, it effortlessly aligns with launchers designed to support linear icons, showcasing its adaptability to diverse interface preferences.

Every icon within this pack is meticulously crafted using the latest Android APIs, a testament to its commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements. This dedication results in icons that seamlessly blend with the contemporary digital landscape, ensuring a cohesive and visually engaging user experience.

In summary, the Caelus White linear icon pack is not merely a collection of icons; it is a testament to versatility and adaptability. Embrace a world where every icon is at your disposal, effortlessly enhancing your interface with the essence of modernity and compatibility.

Customize your icons as you want

Unleashing a myriad of customizable icons, the Caelus White linear icon pack invites users into a realm of personalization. With an expansive palette of colors at your disposal, each icon flaunts its distinctive color combination, adding a touch of uniqueness to your digital canvas.

The power to tailor your experience lies in your hands—adjust the size of the icons effortlessly to achieve a perfect fit for your screen. The flexibility doesn’t end there; you can also indulge your aesthetic sensibilities by customizing the color of each icon to align with your preferences.

For enthusiasts of thematic coherence, the Caelus White linear icon pack offers themed options, allowing you to seamlessly apply a consistent look and feel across all your icons. Immerse yourself in a thematic world that resonates with your style.

Take personalization a step further by tweaking the icon shape and text style. This feature empowers you to infuse your icons with an individualistic touch, making your digital interface a true reflection of your unique preferences.

In essence, the Caelus White linear icon pack transcends mere functionality; it is a portal to a personalized digital sanctuary. Dive into a world where every icon is a canvas awaiting your creative strokes, and where your device becomes an extension of your style.

Each icon is made with a transparent background

Each icon has a transparent background, so it can be placed on the home screen or app drawer, no matter how big the icon is. Caelus White linear icon pack is also very easy to apply. Just drag and drop icons to your home screen or app drawer.

In the Caelus White linear icon pack Each icon has a transparent background for a clear view of your apps and widgets. They are carefully designed to fit perfectly on your home screen and app drawer. And they are all white to give you a clean look.

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What's new

Aug 11 / v4.6.9
10 new icons

Aug 6 / v4.6.7
26 new icons

Jul 22 / v4.6.6
5 new icons

Jul 17 / v4.6.5
10 new icons

Jun 22 / v4.6.4
30 new icons

May 30 / v4.6.3
20 new icons

May 15 / v4.6.2
20 new icons

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