Mazeater MOD APK 8.21.2 (Levels Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 01, 2024
Mazeater is here! Come and try to play a unique mode different from ordinary maze games! Challenge a maze adventure with lively and interesting background music in the exquisite game screen!
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Dec 01, 2023
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Mazeater MOD APK (Levels Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Mazeater MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with All Levels Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The game, embracing a transformative ethos, permits players to morph the maze’s structure at will.

An illustrative instance arises when altering the maze’s shape augments puzzle-solving simplicity. However, a misguided choice introduces a layer of complexity, hindering the quest for the exit. Maneater, an iOS puzzle virtuoso, pays homage to classic maze games, reimagining them for contemporary audiences.

The game’s multifaceted journey spans diverse levels, each replete with distinct obstacles. Conquering these hurdles becomes imperative before advancing toward the elusive exit, weaving an engrossing narrative that captivates players in its uniqueness, fostering addiction.

Mazeater’s allure extends beyond its cerebral challenges, manifesting in a visually enchanting interface. The seamless and unadorned design belies the underlying intricacies, offering an effortlessly navigable landscape. This iOS-exclusive gaming escapade transforms the iPhone into a portable portal of amusement, seamlessly merging puzzle-solving with entertainment.

The prerequisites for embarking on this digital sojourn are refreshingly uncomplicated. A singular iPhone stands as the conduit to this gaming realm, obviating the need for intricate tools. Beyond its puzzle-centric core, Mazeater transcends into a realm of accessible entertainment, inviting players to partake in its engaging tapestry anytime, anywhere.

Features of Mazeater MOD APK

Choose your character from over 20 different characters

In the realm of Mazeater, an extensive array of more than 20 distinctive characters awaits your selection. Each of these avatars boasts unique prowess, contributing significantly to your endeavor within the labyrinthine challenge. Some characters possess the ability to devour the maze, while others exhibit the capability to engulf it with a distinct approach.

Mazeater offers players a diverse selection of over 20 characters, each hailing from different corners of the globe.

Every character within this immersive experience possesses a distinct persona, accompanied by authentic capabilities. As the game unfolds, players are bestowed with the opportunity to unveil novel characters, attire, and weaponry, enriching their journey through the digital maze.

Various kinds of mazes

Within Mazeater, a plethora of mazes await, each harboring distinct objectives. One such maze, aptly named the Maze of Discovery, is meticulously crafted to guide players through the intricacies of the entire labyrinth.

This particular maze, known as the Maze of Discovery, is ingeniously designed to facilitate players in unraveling the secrets of the entire maze. Meanwhile, various other mazes are tailored to infuse enjoyment and present formidable challenges to the participants.

Diverse mazes serve multifaceted purposes, contributing to skill development among players. Take, for instance, a maze meticulously fashioned to assess the player’s problem-solving acumen. Alternatively, there exists a maze strategically devised to evaluate how swiftly players can navigate and conquer its perplexing pathways.

Amazing background music and sound effects

Maneater unfolds as an engaging puzzle game, embellished with captivating background melodies and immersive soundscapes. Embarking on this journey, players find themselves in the company of endearing little creatures, driven by insatiable hunger and unwavering determination to savor their meals.

Your task involves skillfully steering these creatures through intricate mazes, ensuring they reach their designated sustenance. Precision in guiding their movements synchronously with their dining activities becomes paramount.

The game’s auditory landscape takes center stage, accompanied by a dynamic background music ensemble that serenades players throughout their gameplay. Noteworthy is the fluidity in music, seamlessly transitioning with each stage progression, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Collect coins

the gameplay itself, players have the opportunity to amass a multitude of coins throughout their Mazeater journey. These collected coins serve as a valuable currency, unlocking access to subsequent levels as a testament to the player’s achievements.

Upon successfully gathering all the coins in a given level, players gain the privilege to advance to the next tier. The acquired coins don’t merely serve as tokens of accomplishment; they extend their utility in the subsequent levels by enabling players to indulge in the acquisition of various items from the in-game store.

Mazeater ingeniously integrates a coin-collecting mechanic, rewarding players for their gameplay prowess. The act of playing itself becomes a coin-earning venture, establishing a dynamic in-game economy that adds depth and strategic significance to the overall gaming experience.


Maneater stands as an arcade marvel, tailored for short bursts of gameplay enjoyment. Within this dynamic gaming realm, players have the autonomy to select their preferred difficulty level, adjusting the challenge to align seamlessly with their gaming proficiency.

As participants delve into the gameplay, they encounter a ravenous little creature. Navigating this voracious entity through a maze of sustenance becomes the primary objective, safeguarding it from potential threats that could lead to its demise. The stakes are high; if the creature succumbs to adversaries, the game promptly concludes.

Mazeater introduces a quartet of maze variations, ranging from the straightforward to the intricately hazardous – featuring mazes with traps and those harboring explosive elements.

The challenge intensifies as players contend not only with the labyrinth but also with diminutive monsters set on attack. Strategic control is imperative to evade the peril posed by these creatures. Should one draw too near, the consequence is the consumption of the maze itself.

Advancing through the game prompts an escalation in difficulty, rendering the quest for sustenance within the maze more intricate. Vigilance becomes paramount, requiring players to exercise heightened caution in navigating both the labyrinthine paths and contending with the persistent threat of the relentless little monster.

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What's new

This update content:
Three new levels are added;
Add more food shapes and maze shapes;
Optimize the game interface and operation mode: users can choose whether to display the virtual joystick;
Optimize the damage feedback system: when you get injured in the game, the player's score will be deducted, and your smart phone will briefly vibrate together!
Optimize the display method of the growth progress bar.

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