Sesame Shortcuts Pro v3.7.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 02, 2024
Sesame is a powerful universal search on Android. It integrates with your launcher, learns from you, and makes hundreds of personal shortcuts. With Sesame universal search, everything is 1 or 2 taps away!
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Feb 02, 2024
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Sesame Shortcuts Pro MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Sesame Shortcuts Pro MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Embarking upon a potent exploration tool, this commanding search engine facilitates the discovery of myriad web treasures. Whether pursuing a specific keyword on platforms such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and beyond, the ensuing results gracefully unfold in a hierarchy of relevance.

Employ the shortcut button for an instantaneous leap to your desired page, or opt for keyboard navigation for a direct portal entry. This application stands as the epitome of efficiency, offering the optimal means to procure your desires with minimal exertion.

Probe the vast expanse of the internet effortlessly through this application, a beacon for uncovering sought-after information. Garner results aligned with your preferences from the search engine of your choice. The app’s versatility extends to probing its contents, with results thoughtfully arranged according to relevance. It stands out as the swiftest and most straightforward avenue to pursue anything within your desires.

Navigating the labyrinthine internet can be a formidable task a journey fraught with not just the expenditure of time but also the labyrinthine confusion of finding one’s desires. Although numerous search engines exist, not all align seamlessly with the diverse needs of users. The quest for rapid and facile findings persists.

Enter Sesame Shortcuts Pro, a personal search engine designed to expedite your quest for desires in the most expeditious manner conceivable. Whether scouring Google or Facebook, Sesame emerges as the discerning choice for your exploratory endeavors.

Beholding search outcomes within a user-friendly interface, this application allows the infusion of myriad keywords tailored to your quest’s specificity. Ease of use prevails, and customization of search results to impeccably align with your desires becomes a seamless endeavor.

Features of Sesame Shortcuts Pro MOD APK

Search for anything with just a few taps

The application bestows upon your device a comprehensive exploration encounter. A mere sequence of taps grants you access to an array of applications, contacts, documents, melodies, and beyond, seamlessly resuming from your last interaction.

Whether launching an application, reaching out to a contact, retrieving a document, or delving into any other entity, you merely need to input its nomenclature or locate the corresponding file, instantaneously materializing on your display.

In pursuit of a specific item, the search bar becomes your ally, allowing exploration for contacts, applications, documents, and more. A simple entry of the name guides you directly to the desired destination.

Universal search across your apps

With Sesame at your fingertips, the quest for any desired item becomes an expedited endeavor. The omnipresent search box, a constant companion on each screen, stands ever-ready to assist you.

This application possesses the unique ability to assimilate your routines and preferences. As you input text, Sesame discerns your search inclinations, offering real-time suggestions. Thus, expediting your journey to the sought-after destination.

Sesame is cognizant of your preferred modus operandi. Upon launching an application, it instinctively unveils content tailored to your preferences, enabling swift navigation to your desired destination.

Sesame learns your preferences and personalizes the experience

Crafted as your bespoke aide, Sesame Shortcuts Pro seamlessly integrates into your routine. Its primary function is to acquaint itself with your inclinations and furnish you with the shortcuts that align with your preferences.

The observational prowess of Sesame extends to discerning your preferences through the analysis of the applications you launch and how you navigate them. As your interactions with Sesame accumulate, its proficiency in comprehending your nuances steadily elevates, culminating in an increasingly refined understanding.

Quickly launch your favorite apps

Sesame stands as a trailblazing universal search application, facilitating the instantaneous launching of your preferred applications through voice commands. Utterances such as “Open Google Maps” or “Open WhatsApp” seamlessly transition you into your desired task without necessitating a departure from your current application.

Open any app with just one tap

Sesame Shortcuts Pro revolutionizes app accessibility on your phone with its single-tap functionality. Whether immersed in the browser, Gmail, or Facebook, any application is within immediate reach with just a single tap.

The intuitive learning capability of Sesame extends to generating a plethora of shortcuts tailored to your usage patterns. Upon app initiation, Sesame presents a roster of frequently used applications, expediting access to your favorites. Additionally, the robust universal search feature enables searching within any application, further enhancing your navigational efficiency.

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What's new

Version 3.7.0 (2022-06-03, build 15807):
- Updates Sesame for Android R and Android S compatibility
- Adds support for new Android file permissions: some users will need to re-grant Device Files permission :(
- Re-writes Twitch integration for new Twitch API
- Fixes Backup/Restore functionality

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