APK Extractor – Creator v1.3.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 21, 2024
This application will extracts(share/create/generate) APK which is installed on android device and copy to SD card. And also show the list of APK available in your sdcard
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Feb 21, 2024
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APK Extractor – Creator MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of APK Extractor – Creator MOD APK. An Android Tools Apps this MOD comes with Premium Features Download Yours Now.

APK Extractor, a quintessential application designed for Android devices, facilitates the extraction of APK files from the installed software, enabling their transfer to your SD card. This utility stands as a pivotal aid for those desiring the installation of diverse applications at their leisure.

Embodied in simplicity, APK Extractor does not necessitate root privileges for operation. Its essence lies in the effortless retrieval of APK files from your device, positioning itself as the paramount choice for application installation endeavors.

The software is endowed with multifarious capabilities, permitting users to not only extract but also replicate applications at will. Whether you aim to forge backups or merely to procure specific applications, this tool accommodates a built-in search feature, ensuring the desired application is readily accessible. Compatibility extends to Android 5.0 and subsequent versions, broadening its applicability.

APK Extractor emerges as both unassuming and formidable in its capacity to liberate APKs from pre-installed applications, storing them on your SD card for future utility. The necessity for device rooting is obvious, presenting a streamlined approach to APK acquisition.

Initiating your journey with APK Extractor requires simple installation on your device. Upon activation, a mere selection of the “Start” button and subsequent APK file designation will result in the extraction and storage of the desired file onto your external SD card, epitomizing convenience and efficiency in application management.

Feature of APK Extractor – Creator MOD APK

App Free Up Disk Space

If constrained by the limitations of space on your Android device, this application emerges as the quintessential remedy. It stands as a beacon of efficiency, adept at liberating valuable space within your device. Capable of purging all redundant files, cache, and ephemeral data, it significantly contributes to the conservation of storage on your device.

App Free Up Disk Space is designed to meticulously cleanse your phone by eradicating unused applications and data, thereby reclaiming disk space.

Furthermore, it enhances the availability of storage by meticulously expunging the cache and temporary files associated with your applications, ensuring a more streamlined and spacious device environment.

Detect Rooted Device

For those in search of a reliable root detection utility, this application is indispensable. It offers a straightforward means to ascertain whether your device has been rooted. With the aid of this app, determining the root status of your device becomes a task of ease.

This tool is specifically designed to clarify your device’s root status, ensuring you can quickly verify whether your device has undergone the rooting process.

Detect Low-Level Malware

This application empowers you to identify any malware present on your Android device, offering a swift and straightforward method to fortify your device’s security. It serves as a guardian, aiding in the safeguarding of your device against the perils of malicious software.

Boasting simplicity and utility, merely installing this app on your phone allows you to ascertain your phone’s security status.

Should your phone be declared safe, you can rest easy, relieved of concerns regarding other potentially malevolent applications that might reside on your phone.

Extracts almost all applications

App Extractor stands as a versatile tool designed for Android users, capable of extracting nearly all APK files installed on your device and relocating them to your SD card. This application is endowed with a plethora of features such as search, delete, install, and share, making it an invaluable asset for conserving both time and effort.

Utilizing this app, you can effortlessly transfer almost all applications installed on your Android device to an SD card. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use; install the app, run it on your phone, and upon launching, you will be presented with the option to select a destination for the saved extracted files. For personalized storage solutions, you have the liberty to specify your location by tapping on the “+” button. Commence the extraction process by hitting the “Start” button, thereby extracting all applications to your chosen locale.

Provides options to sort apps based on name, size, installation date, and update date.

This sophisticated application offers a variety of sorting options, allowing users to organize apps based on name, size, installation date, and update date.

Effortlessly, you can arrange all applications in ascending order according to any of the specified criteria. This feature proves invaluable for those aiming to eliminate unnecessary apps or uninstall those that are no longer required.

This app streamlines the process of locating apps installed on your device. It also facilitates the removal of unwanted apps, thereby freeing up valuable internal storage space. Additionally, it enables users to efficiently sort apps by their names, sizes, installation dates, and update dates, enhancing the management and organization of your applications.

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