Mintie for KWGT v2.5.3 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 02, 2024
Mintie is a pack of 70 beautiful widgets for KWGT and 20 wallpapers. Widget pack is frequently updated.
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Feb 02, 2024
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Mintie for KWGT MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Mintie for KWGT MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

The Widget Ensemble stands as an application affording users the capability to reshape the visage of their application interface. Users possess the authority not only to alter the application’s appearance but also to modify its thematic presentation. Through this application, facile modification of the application’s backdrop becomes a seamless endeavor.

Mintie, an assemblage comprising 70 aesthetically pleasing widgets tailored for KWGT, along with an accompaniment of 20 wallpapers, enters the stage.

Mintie, a utilitarian wallpaper curator crafted for the Android platform, exudes simplicity and functionality. At its core, it furnishes users with an extensive array of wallpapers, allowing for a curated selection to resonate with personal inclinations. The facility to tailor the background to mirror one’s emotional disposition is complemented by the option to manipulate colors, rendering the wallpapers all the more enticing.

The application’s architectural design is geared towards imparting a professional aesthetic to your mobile device. Boasting a repository surpassing 10,000 wallpapers, it unfolds as an extensive reservoir for discerning choices. Engineered for optimal performance, particularly on high-resolution phones, Mintie emerges as the quintessential companion for those inclined to cyclically alter their device’s wallpaper.

Functioning as a facilitator, Mintie empowers users to recalibrate their phone’s interface in alignment with their unique predilections. Customization of the phone’s interface to harmonize with individual preferences becomes a straightforward undertaking through this straightforward program. It acts as a conduit for instigating alterations to the phone’s interface, ultimately catalyzing a personalized mobile experience.

Feature of Mintie for KWGT MOD APK

Save your favorites to your profile

Do you boast a distinctive layout adorning your home screen? Harbor a desire to immortalize your preferred arrangements? The solution materializes in the form of Mintie for KWGT.

This widget ensemble stands as a beacon for your home screen, granting the flexibility to cherry-pick from an array of available widgets or concoct a unique creation by melding the existing ones.

Among the showcased widgets, the third gem is the Mintie widget. Offering the option to preserve it on your home screen, profile, or device, or within a designated folder, this widget harmonizes seamlessly with Minties, Minties for KWGT, and the KWGT-optimized Minties. A stellar addition is the fourth widget, providing a snapshot of your current location and the corresponding weather details.

Empowerment extends further, allowing the preservation of preferred widgets within your profile for universal accessibility across all instances of KWGT usage. A protracted press on the desired widget within the widget screen initiates the preservation process.

Elevate your home screen aesthetics with Mintie for KWGT, where innovation meets customization.

Customizable home screen

Embark on a journey into the realm of Minnie’s application, where a cornucopia of customization options awaits your discerning taste. Sculpt your digital haven to mirror your unique vision effortlessly. Modify not only the wallpaper, widget, themes, and icons but also delve into alterations of the background and color schemes. The allure of the Mintie app lies in its gratuity, available for acquisition on the Android Market sans financial encumbrance.

The malleable home screen serves as a formidable conduit to infuse your digital dwelling with an unparalleled sense of individuality. Effortlessly metamorphose the wallpaper, widgets, and themes, navigating through an expansive repertoire of layouts, icons, and color palettes. Mintie bestows upon you the power to revolutionize the visual and tactile ambiance of your entire digital abode.

Choose which widgets you like

Indulge in the assortment of Mintie widgets, available in an array of sizes and hues. Peruse this collection to breathe new life into your home screen, unveiling a stunning aesthetic transformation.

For smartphone enthusiasts, the perpetual chore of wallpaper alterations becomes a thing of the past with Mintie. Swiftly tailor your home screen to your liking, a task that not only enhances personalization but also liberates considerable time. Upon Mintie acquisition, an expansive selection of 70-plus widgets awaits your home screen canvas, ready to be imbued with themes and backgrounds of your choosing.

Moreover, the ease of a single click empowers you to not only customize widgets but also modify the home screen background with a curated collection of 20+ exquisite wallpapers.

Mintie extends its versatility to cater to the younger audience, making it an ideal choice for kids. Parents can curate a tailored theme for their kids’ home screen, infusing a delightful touch to their digital environment.


Notifications serve as your gateway to stay abreast of the freshest content emanating from the realms of Mintie for KWGT and KWGT PRO applications.

To ensure you are in the loop regarding the most recent developments, direct your attention to the notifications tab nested within the widgets section. This particular enclave resides harmoniously in the right sidebar, offering a convenient access point. Here, you can seamlessly update the widget with the latest KWGT versions, themes, widgets, KWGT themes, and a plethora of additional enhancements.

Immerse yourself in the widget’s offerings, where a trove of the latest news and insights concerning KWGT awaits your perusal. Be apprised of the unveiling of new KWGT versions, innovative features, thematic additions, widget introductions, and much more.

For the latest tidbits and updates, diligently explore the notifications tab ensconced within the widgets section, elegantly situated in the right-sidebar. Stay informed and connected to the dynamic evolution of KWGT and its vibrant ecosystem.

Mintie pack is compatible with all launchers

For those yet to embrace the Pro iteration of KWGT, the journey begins by acquiring it either from the Play Store or directly from our official website.

The Mintie pack extends its compatibility embrace to encompass a spectrum of launchers, ensuring seamless integration with renowned ones such as Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Action Launcher, and a myriad of others. The versatility of the Mintie pack is designed to harmonize effortlessly with your preferred launcher, providing a tailored experience regardless of your launcher preference.

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