Jumping Shot Jump Knight v2.22 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Jumping Shot Jump Knight MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Jumping Shot Jump Knight MOD APK. An Android Arcade Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive challenges, Jump Knight stands as a formidable test for your reflexes and dexterity. Mastery requires the synchronization of aiming, movement, and jumping in harmonious unison. This gaming marvel seamlessly intertwines swiftness, expertise, and meticulous precision, promising an exhilarating experience for players.

Diversifying the gaming landscape, Jump Knight offers an array of distinctive modes. The odyssey commences with the Story Mode, where conquering levels is the key to unraveling the game’s narrative. In the Mission Mode, players navigate against the clock to triumph over levels, introducing an element of time-sensitive urgency.

For those craving heightened adversity, Challenge Mode poses formidable obstacles to surmount. Time Trial imposes a race against time to complete levels, while Arcade Mode demands level clearance for accumulating points, adding strategic layers to the gaming panorama.

Embark on this virtual journey by selecting your avatar from a quartet of characters: the Crimson Knight, Ebony Knight, Sapphire Knight, or Viridian Knight. Each character is endowed with distinctive prowess, allowing players to tailor their choice according to their unique playstyle. The trifecta of game modes, comprising Story Mode, Mission Mode, and Challenge Mode, amplifies the immersive experience.

Jump Knight, an application designed to put your reflexes and agility to the ultimate test, beckons players to navigate the intricate art of aiming, moving, and jumping concurrently. This amalgamation of celerity, skill, and precision promises an engaging escapade that transcends conventional gaming boundaries.

In the realm of arcade gaming, Jump Knight reigns supreme as players guide their knight through a series of perilous jumps to conquer impending obstacles and reach the coveted goal. Paying homage to classic gaming paradigms, this rendition introduces a heightened degree of challenge, with spikes, bombs, and traps adding layers of complexity to the jumping escapade.

The game’s simplicity belies its nuanced challenges; players must adeptly negotiate obstacles, amass coins, and execute perfectly timed jumps. The velocity of gameplay and intuitive controls contribute to an immersive experience. Yet, despite its apparent simplicity, Jump Knight defies expectations, proving to be less challenging than anticipated and lacking the riveting excitement one would expect from an arcade game.

In summary, Jump Knight, with its intricacies and unique character dynamics, presents a multifaceted gaming experience. Its fusion of reflex-driven challenges and strategic nuances offers a refreshing deviation from the conventional gaming milieu.

Features of Jumping Shot Jump Knight MOD APK

10 challenging levels

In the realm of gaming, immerse yourself in a medieval backdrop where command over your knight is at your fingertips through an array of controls, seamlessly integrated into the touchscreen interface.

This interactive application boasts a diverse array of ten distinct levels, each meticulously crafted to scrutinize and elevate your gaming prowess. Advancement is contingent upon conquering these levels, demanding a combination of agility and strategic acumen. Navigate through these challenges with the additional task of amassing coins while executing precise jumps.

Embark on this virtual odyssey across a variety of terrains, ranging from the arid expanses of the desert to the murky depths of the swamp, the verdant confines of the forest, and the frigid landscapes of snow-covered realms. The terrain diversity introduces an element of unpredictability, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

As you traverse these levels, a dynamic leaderboard captures your exploits, offering a glimpse into your standing relative to other players. This comparative insight adds a layer of competition and camaraderie, urging you to strive for excellence. In a social twist, achievements can be shared with your circle through popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, fostering a sense of community and friendly rivalry.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting gaming experience, where every level is a testament to your skill, and each jump is a leap into the extraordinary. Unleash your knightly prowess, conquer diverse terrains, and etch your name on the leaderboard of virtual glory.

3 game modes

Entwined within the gaming realm are three distinctive modes, each offering a unique tapestry of challenges and experiences. The inaugural mode, aptly named the Arcade Mode, caters to aficionados who relish the game in a laid-back manner, devoid of the weight of victory or defeat.

Segueing into the second facet, we encounter the Challenge Mode, a realm where accomplishment hinges on your ability to propel your character across levels with unparalleled distance through skillful jumps. The emphasis here lies not on mere completion but on the artistry of leaping.

The third and final mode, known as the Survival Mode, beckons players to navigate a perilous journey. Negotiate a labyrinth of obstacles, showcasing your adeptness in evasion, all with the ultimate goal of reaching the coveted destination unscathed.

Embark on these diverse modes, each a distinctive facet of the gaming spectrum. Whether basking in the casual charm of Arcade Mode, mastering the art of distance in Challenge Mode, or navigating the treacherous terrain of Survival Mode, the game beckons you into a multifaceted world of digital adventure.

4 types of power-ups

Within this digital expanse, the application unfolds its intricacies through the incorporation of four distinct categories of power-ups, each bestowing upon the player a distinctive and potent ability. These encompass specialized jumping capabilities, the luxury of additional time, exhilarating speed boosts, and the protective embrace of shields.

The advent of these power-ups occurs seamlessly upon colliding with objects or adversaries within the gaming milieu. It is in this collision that the player gains access to a repertoire of abilities, inviting a strategic interplay of these power-ups to craft a bespoke gameplay experience.

Experimentation becomes the key as players combine these power-ups in various permutations, unlocking a trove of possibilities and ushering in a realm of unparalleled dynamism. From defying gravity with special jumps to navigating challenges with extended time, accelerating through levels with speed boosts, or fortifying against adversities with shields, the strategic fusion of these power-ups reshapes the contours of the gaming narrative.

Immerse yourself in a tapestry of possibilities, where the collision of elements unveils an arsenal of abilities, each beckoning players to embark on a journey of discovery and ingenuity.

Achievements and Leaderboards

Engage in a global arena of competition through the leaderboard, where the pursuit of excellence propels you toward the coveted title of the best player worldwide. The achievements system, intricately woven into the gaming fabric, serves as a motivating force, enticing you to immerse yourself in gameplay and hone your skills.

With every triumph over a task, the rewards cascade, a testament to your prowess and dedication. The rankings feature enables a meticulous comparison of your scores with those of fellow players, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie across the globe.

Moreover, the achievements system extends its grasp to diverse tasks, ensuring that each challenge conquered brings forth a gratifying reward. As you navigate the labyrinth of challenges and emerge victorious, the system acknowledges your triumph, fueling your desire to excel and unlocking a cascade of rewards.

Embark on this journey where the leaderboard becomes your stage of global conquest, and the achievements system becomes the driving force propelling you toward digital greatness. May your scores echo in the ranks, and your achievements stand as a testament to your gaming prowess.


Embark on a thrilling odyssey of reflexes and agility in the immersive realm of Jump Knight. This dynamic game demands the synchronization of aim, movement, and jumps, creating an amalgamation of speed, skill, and precision that promises an exhilarating experience.

Executing a Jumping Shot in Jump Knight necessitates not only a high level of concentration but also impeccable coordination and accuracy. Mastery of these elements requires a relentless commitment to practice an endeavor where repetition becomes the catalyst for excellence. For those unacquainted with such gaming challenges, the journey into Jump Knight is bound to be a joyous revelation.

The game intricately weaves a tapestry of challenges, summoning players to navigate a landscape filled with hurdles. From leaping over fences to conquering an array of enemies, the obstacles are as diverse as they are formidable. The challenge lies in the artful dance of dodging, jumping, and skillful navigation through a myriad of objects and adversaries.

Diversity reigns supreme as the game introduces an assortment of enemies, obstacles, and challenges. Players are tasked with honing their skills, elevating their ability to jump higher, move faster, and perform with unparalleled excellence. It’s not just a game; it’s a test of finesse and prowess in the face of escalating complexity.

As the protagonist, your control over movements is paramount. Avoiding pitfalls, traps, and hazards requires strategic maneuvers, with the goal echoing in the background to reach the target before succumbing to the perils that lurk. The game confines your movements to left, right, up, and down, interspersed with the liberating ability to jump and run, adding layers of strategy and dynamism to the gaming experience.

In Jump Knight, the challenge is not just a test of your digital skills; it’s an immersive journey where the art of jumping, dodging, and overcoming obstacles becomes a symphony of gaming excellence. Will you conquer the hurdles and reach the target before the digital realm claims you? The answer lies in the rhythm of your reflexes and the precision of your moves.

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What's new

Added Campaign mode with 200 stages
Added more than 10 monsters
Add campaign ranking
lowered the difficulty
Monster stat renewal
Achievement bug fixed
Survivor rank bug fixed
Tutorial improvement

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