Virtual Sim Story v7.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Last Updated on Dec 07, 2023
Welcome to Clearbell Island, a 3d virtual world where you can meet friends, build a home, pursue your dreams & become a star, where style and fashion is king! An online multiplayer sim bustling with clothes shops selling the latest styles, trendy cafes & adorable animals, where mystical powers attract an abundance of pets from cute to fantastical. A place for the hottest movie stars and popstars on the planet, a place for glamour, but also a perfect place to build a second life for yourself.
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Dec 07, 2023
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Virtual Sim Story MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Download The Latest APK Version of Virtual Sim Story MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Gems Available download Yours Now.

The Virtual Sim Story, a 3D cosmos teeming with amusement, excitement, and intriguing activities. Within this digital realm, encounters unfold with myriad personalities—forge alliances with best friends or lock horns with adversaries. Virtual Sim Story grants you the autonomy to actualize your aspirations, whether founding a business or manifesting your dream existence. Sculpt your haven and curate bespoke decorations, immersing yourself in a myriad of captivating activities.

Step into the tapestry of Virtual Sim Story, a 3D virtual universe where camaraderie blossoms, architectural prowess thrives, and dreams metamorphose into stardom. A domain where style reigns supreme, echoing with an amalgamation of fashion, identity, and sameness. This multiplayer spectacle boasts trendy boutiques, quaint cafes, and enchanting creatures—beckoning a parade of pets, from endearing to fantastical. A rendezvous for luminary figures, it serves as the nexus of glamour while providing a canvas for forging a parallel existence.

Virtual Sim Story unfolds as a social nexus, empowering players to mold their virtual realities. Infused with customizable elements, players can weave the tapestry of their abode, engaging with a global cohort. Social interactions unfold on a dynamic platform, be it through messenger conversations or explorative forays into a plethora of activities. The virtual emporium beckons, offering an array of apparel, accessories, and furnishings for players to procure.

Moreover, players can breathe life into new avatars, personalizing their visage through an in-game makeup application. This amalgamation of features empowers players to shape and embellish their virtual abode, blending enjoyment with social connectivity.

Features of Virtual Sim Story MOD APK

Connect with other players to meet new people and build your social network

Upon entering Virtual Sim Story, the first striking feature is its profoundly social nature. Whether within the confines of the island or in the online realm, the opportunity to forge new connections and cultivate friendships is abundant. Locating your friends is a breeze with unique profile icons, enabling seamless interaction.

Engage in conversations, stay abreast of their current status, and even express your sentiments through the exchange of virtual gifts. A diverse array of social networks awaits, each with its level of popularity and activity.

Customization takes center stage as you mold your avatar to reflect your unique identity. Revel in an unprecedented array of options, allowing you to alter your appearance dynamically. Experiment with various outfits and hairstyles, tailoring your presentation to align with your personal style.

Choose to bask in the sun at the beach, unwind in a cozy coffee shop, or revel in the vibrant atmosphere of a nightclub. To elevate your virtual experience further, delve into the realm of personalization by constructing and adorning your own house according to your preferences. In Virtual Sim Story, the canvas of self-expression is vast, and the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.

Meet the characters and see how they live their lives

Embark on a novel journey within this immersive role-playing realm – a virtual domain where camaraderie flourishes, and the canvas of possibilities unfolds. Build, design, and embellish your abode, chasing aspirations to ascend to stardom. Here, regality is defined by individuality, where flair, identity, and vogue reign supreme!

Step into an online multiplayer simulation teeming with boutiques flaunting the latest trends, chic bistros, and endearing creatures. The ethereal forces within beckon a plethora of pets, ranging from adorable to fantastical.

This haven beckons not only to the most scintillating cinematic luminaries but also serves as the epitome of glamour, an ideal backdrop to sculpt a second existence. Beyond your protagonist, myriad other personas navigate their existence, weaving intricate connections, pursuing passions, and indulging in the pursuit of their desires.

Build a second life for yourself by creating your own home, designing and decorating your house

Dive into the expansive world of Virtual Sim Story, offering an extensive array of structures, furnishings, and accessories to craft your ideal dwelling. From distinctive edifices like castles and temples to opulent mansions, the possibilities are limitless.

Express your style by curating the ambiance of your room, complete with a selection of furniture and embellishments. Infuse your space with a distinctive aura that mirrors your unique taste.

Your residence isn’t just a sanctuary; it’s a hub for financial endeavors. Explore numerous shops where you can amass wealth, splurge on fashionable attire, enhance your living space with decor, and even elevate your home through upgrades.

Grow your social network by inviting your friends to visit your home and meet you

In the world of Virtual Sim Story, you can invite your friends to visit your home, meet, you, and become friends. You can also decorate your house and build your dream home. You can also design your clothes and get a chance to sell them at our shops.

You can also design your clothes and get a chance to sell them at our shops. You can also grow your social network by inviting your friends to visit your home and meet you.

Play mini-games and earn rewards

Within the Virtual Sim Story universe, the camaraderie knows no bounds. Extend invitations to your friends, urging them to explore your abode, forge connections, and cultivate lasting friendships. Unleash your creativity as you adorn and shape your dream dwelling, making every nook and cranny uniquely yours.

Dabble in the realm of fashion by crafting your own attire, and seize the opportunity to showcase your designs in our exclusive shops. This isn’t merely a chance to express your style; it’s a gateway to entrepreneurial endeavors.

Expand your social footprint by extending invitations to friends, transforming your home into a hub where connections flourish and friendships blossom. In Virtual Sim Story, the tapestry of relationships is as vibrant as the world you’ve crafted.

Become a celebrity and share your photos with the world

Immerse yourself in an expansive assortment of outfits, hairstyles, shoes, accessories, home décor, and much more, ensuring an endless array of fashion choices. Unleash your creativity as you curate your dream house and shopping haven, adorning it with the latest in interior designs before sharing your masterpiece with friends. Forge connections with kindred spirits who share your dreams, collaborating seamlessly to craft the ultimate dream home.

Catapult into stardom as you amass fame by sharing your best photos and videos on the social network. Carve your own niche, evolving into a thriving entrepreneur with ventures ranging from owning a coffee shop to other exciting endeavors. Nurture your pets, ensuring their happiness within the confines of your abode. In the world of limitless possibilities that Virtual Sim Story offers, your journey to success and fulfillment begins now.

Create your style and dress your avatar

Step into the enchanting realm of Virtual Sim Story, a virtual reality game where you define your unique style and adorn your avatar with an extensive wardrobe. Explore a treasure trove of over 20 million clothing items and accessories, paving your way to stardom. Craft not only your attire but also your shoes, jewelry, hats, and various other accessories.

The canvas of creativity extends beyond personal style, allowing you to design and decorate your virtual abode. Extend invitations to friends and transform your dwelling into a social haven. Your house can serve as a repository for your belongings or a cozy residence. Venture further by establishing a farm and tending to adorable animals.

Engage in captivating mini-games to amass coins, unlocking a plethora of new content and expanding the horizons of your Virtual Sim Story experience. Embrace the limitless possibilities and embark on an extraordinary journey within this captivating virtual universe.

Visit the shops and buy fashionable clothes and accessories

Virtual Sim Story unfolds a plethora of shopping delights, ranging from renowned designer boutiques to charming cafes serving delectable delights. The island caters to every player’s desire, offering a comprehensive array of experiences. Whether you seek fashionable attire, accessories, or a culinary adventure, your wishes find fulfillment here. Explore the numerous movie theaters for a cinematic experience, showcasing the latest blockbusters.

Furthermore, the opportunity to craft your personal haven awaits. Build and design your dream home, selecting from a diverse array of rooms to shape your living space. These houses transcend mere dwellings; they are social hubs, providing the perfect backdrop for lively interactions with friends. In Virtual Sim Story, the possibilities are as boundless as the horizons of your personalized paradise.


Welcome to the immersive world of Virtual Sim Story: Home & Life! As a virtual avatar navigating a 3D realm, you possess a house, an extensive wardrobe, a stylish car, and the freedom to traverse the island, engaging with friends along the way.

Within the Virtual Sim Story: Home & Life universe, a myriad of activities awaits. You can opt for a profession to earn virtual currency, socialize at parties with friends, or channel your creativity into decorating your existing abode or crafting a new one. The choices are vast – visit the city, indulge in shopping sprees, design your own clothing, or simply enjoy a leisurely meal at the cafe.

The variety of experiences in Virtual Sim Story: Home & Life is extensive. Dress up your avatar, explore clothing shops, attend parties, and hang out with friends. Engage in shopping, unleash your creativity by designing and making your clothes, or savor a culinary adventure at the local cafe. For those seeking more active pursuits, games, dancing, beach outings, and sports are also on the agenda.

The social aspect is pivotal – chat with friends, host gatherings at your house, attend parties, and even organize sleepovers. The island becomes a canvas for shared experiences and connections, be it at the zoo, the park, the cinema, or sports events.

In Virtual Sim Story, friendship knows no bounds. Invite friends to your abode for games, shopping sprees, or casual hangouts. Explore the city, immerse yourself in museums, visit the beach, or catch a movie – the options are as diverse as the vibrant community you become a part of.

The social fabric of Virtual Sim Story weaves a tapestry of shared moments, laughter, and adventures. From city escapades to cinematic outings, sports, and museum visits, every interaction becomes a thread in the rich fabric of your virtual existence.

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What's new

New Vehicles, including a Motorbike and Scooter!
New Detective Quests available from Detective Dawn
Added a new reward for completing all daily quests
Dozens of new clothing items, including gear to wear while riding your Motorbike
A Most Cuddly Calendar pet photos now work as intended
Fixed the “floating hand” login bug
Bug fixes
Shop redesign and ui improvements

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