Dino Tamers MOD APK 2.13 (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Apr 24, 2023
Welcome to Arcadia, humanity’s last hope. A world teeming with dinosaurs.
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Apr 21, 2023
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Dino Tamers MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Dino Tamers MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Dino Tamers MOD APK is a game where players can experience the world of dinosaurs. This game is a free-to-play game. Players will have the chance to explore and discover new places.

There are a lot of dinosaurs that players can meet and interact with. The gameplay is quite simple, players can explore different areas and go on quests. Players will need to gather resources such as fossils and stones. With these materials, players can create new tools and weapons.

Players can choose to be a trainer or a ranger. A trainer will be able to teach their dinosaur about new skills and weapons.

A ranger will be able to explore the world with his/her team of dinosaurs and hunt for food. Players can also enjoy various activities such as fishing and hunting.

Dino Tamers MOD APK is a free-to-play game that combines adventure with online multiplayer. You can choose to play as a dinosaur, or as a trainer who can choose to play as any dinosaur. You can also join in with other trainers and their dinosaurs to complete challenges.

The story takes place in a prehistoric world where a war has started between humans and dinosaurs. The humans have won, and have created a world full of weapons and technology. The dinosaurs have no choice but to retreat to the safety of their own world.

Dino Tamers MOD APK is set up so that it is easy to learn. When you start, you will find that your dinosaur is a baby. You can feed, play with, and even train your dinosaur.

You will also get advice from the game’s developers. As your dinosaur grows, you will be able to train him and unlock new abilities. Once you feel ready, you can go online to complete challenges.

You can also compete with others, and use your training skills to beat them. You will also find that your dinosaur will have different forms.

For example, he may have a baby form, a baby form, a baby form, and a mature form. You can choose which one to use at any time.

Features of Dino Tamers – Jurassic MMO MOD APK

Explore and collect the world’s most exotic and dangerous dinosaurs

Explore and collect the world’s most exotic and dangerous dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Velociraptor, and much more.

Collect them and craft new weapons and equipment to help you defend against these ferocious creatures. Build and defend a base camp, and train your team of Dinosaurs to help you fight against the dino infestation.

Build your dinosaur collection by breeding, trading, and collecting rare species

In Dino Tamers MOD APK Discover and breed over 50 different dinosaurs, from prehistoric reptiles to ferocious beasts, with over 25 different species and 100 different variants.

Trade and exchange your creatures with other players to expand your collections and increase your chances of survival.

Collect, breed, and evolve your own unique dinosaurs to become the ultimate dinosaur hunter. Assemble your dino army and fight against other hunters in epic battles to take down the dangerous predators and become the ultimate boss.

Unlock and customize your own unique dinosaur avatar

In Dino Tamers MOD APK, players will be able to unlock and customize their own unique dinosaur avatar. With different skins and accessories, players can truly show off their unique style!

Unlock and customize your own unique dinosaur avatar with the new feature “Avatar Customization”. This feature allows you to personalize your avatar with new features like body parts, face, eyes, and even a unique voice.

You can also make your avatar stand out from the crowd with new colors and styles.

Discover over 30 different dino species

In Dino Tamers MOD APK, you will discover over 30 different dino species, including Velociraptors, Stegosaurs, Ankylosauruses, and Pterodactyls, among others.

Fight the dinos with your friends or alone using both melees and ranged attacks. Battle against other players in the Arena, or compete for the top spot in the Leaderboard.

Discover the world of Arcadia and its incredible inhabitants, and fight against the dinos to save humanity.


You are an elite dinosaur tamer leading your team in the battle for survival. Your goal is to earn the trust of the dinosaurs and tame them.

Dino Tamers MOD APK is a free online multiplayer dinosaur MMO game. You can join up to 50 players in the world and fight to the death with your team to prove yourself the best.

You will need to gather resources and build your base to ensure you survive. The more resources you have, the more powerful your weapons and armor. You will need to evolve and upgrade your weapons and armor to defeat your opponents.

In Dino Tamers, the dinosaurs are real creatures. They are not animated, they are actually roaming the earth. There is no level cap, no end game. It is just you and your team against the other players.

The dinosaurs roam the world in packs. You must protect your team and take care of them. You can tame and feed them. The stronger the dinosaur, the more resources it will give you.

You can use your resources to buy a variety of weapons and armor. You can even use them to customize your own dinosaur. The more you play, the more you will learn and the more powerful you will become.

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What's new

Version 2.09
- Play EVENT MISSIONS and fight BOSS BATTLES to earn exclusive rewards!
- Join the ELITE RIDERS and level your dinos up to 40!
- ACCESSORIES, including jetpacks and wings that let you fly!
- SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on shop items and dinos!
- Perform EMOTES and DANCES by tapping your character

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