Hitman Sniper 2 v13.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Last Updated on Mar 05, 2024
Enter the hidden world of assassination and become The Shadows, a team of highly-skilled snipers. Embark on globetrotting assignments, eliminate targets with stealth and creativity, engage in fierce competition and build your reputation as the International Contract Agency (ICA) Elite Agents!
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Mar 05, 2024
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Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo)

Download The Latest APK Version of Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Ammo Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive entertainment, emerges an action role-playing extravaganza. Behold the successor to the renowned Hitman Sniper, masterfully crafted and unleashed upon the gaming cosmos by Kalypso Media, under the astute development of Ubisoft Montreal.

Mark the Chronicles, for it debuted its grand entrance on the auspicious day of May 21, 2014. This opus seamlessly melds the nuances of stealth and marksmanship genres, entrusting players with the solemn task of eliminating high-profile targets within an intricately realistic milieu, boasting an impressive tally of 47 missions.

Embark upon an odyssey, where your mettle is tested across a myriad of missions, ranging from the silent dispatch of marks to resolute defense against relentless onslaughts. The solitude of solo gameplay or the camaraderie of collaborative endeavors both beckon.

Arm yourself with a diverse arsenal, replete with the elegance of a sniper rifle, the relentless cadence of a machine gun, the precision of a handgun, and the explosive potential of grenades. Employ these instruments of destruction with finesse, whether at a distance or in the heat of close-quarters combat, adapting your arsenal to the exigencies of each unfolding scenario.

Witness the orchestration of an intricate ballet, where your score ascends with each tactical permutation. Unleash a symphony of varied weapons and stratagems, molding your approach to the mission’s unique demands.

A tapestry of narrative intrigue unfolds against the backdrop of Paris, France, as you assume the mantle of an enigmatic assassin dispatched by the clandestine cabal known as “The Agency.” Set amidst the tumult of World War II, your mission mandates the elimination of designated targets, their numbers swelling with the inexorable passage of time.

Each mission, a bespoke assignment, thrusts you into a race against the clock, demanding swift completion with utmost discretion. Traverse the game’s canvas through the lens of a third-person perspective, your every move shadowed by the ever-vigilant gaze of adversaries.

A perpetual dance of surveillance ensues, as adversaries weave through the landscape. The arsenal at your disposal comprises hushed sniper rifles, thunderous machine guns, and precise handguns. Navigate this perilous dance with alacrity, for detection looms as an ever-present peril.

Features of Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK

Create your hitman and save the world

Embark on the creation of your operative and become the savior of humanity. Assume the role of a seasoned operative, ready to engage in combat to eradicate the most perilous criminals.

The gaming experience introduces a distinctive approach. Fabricate your assassin and embark on a mission to rescue the world! Each assignment not only presents an opportunity to amass wealth but also enables the acquisition of weaponry, attire, and miscellaneous gear.

Furthermore, tailor your assassin, bestowing upon them a distinctive appearance. Additionally, you possess the capability to enhance your armament and exploit exclusive contracts, including the utilization of a suppressed firearm, a hushed scope, and other specialized gear.

Over 40 levels and multiple locations to complete

Pioneering the incorporation of a realistic sniper concept into the gaming realm, this singular game catapults you into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Embark on a journey through more than 40 levels, each demanding the adept completion of various objectives. Navigate these challenges with finesse, utilizing the most superior weaponry and equipment for flawless assassinations.

Traverse diverse landscapes encompassing mountains, cities, deserts, jungles, and perilous terrains, setting the stage for deadly encounters.

A vast arsenal of weapons awaits your strategic deployment throughout the game. With a total of 40 missions, each comprised of 20 levels, you’re entrusted with the task of achieving perfection in every assassination endeavor.

Earn rewards to upgrade your weapons

Initiate your inaugural challenge: accumulating funds to procure superior equipment. This game encompasses an array of missions and tasks, all necessitating financial resources.

Invest your earnings wisely in the acquisition of sniper rifles, diverse silencers, and an assortment of bullets. As you ascend to the summit of the leaderboard, monetary rewards await, offering you the means to further enhance your arsenal.

Cash rewards earned through triumphs can be judiciously utilized to acquire cutting-edge equipment, fostering your prowess within the game.

Over 100 achievements to unlock

Within the game, an extensive array of achievements awaits your unlocking prowess. Some of these accolades may be easily attainable, while others demand a considerable investment of effort and skill.

Embarking on the quest to acquire all achievements could consume a substantial amount of your time. The journey to fulfilling these objectives requires diligent work and a demonstration of your skillset to conquer each goal.


Immerse yourself in the realm of a third-person stealth adventure, where dispatching foes discreetly is the name of the game. Navigate the intricate world of Hitman Sniper 2, where precision shots and silent eliminations reign supreme.

Equipped with a silenced rifle, you hold the power to eliminate targets covertly, employing various tactics to achieve success. Seize the advantage of utilizing cover behind walls, employing strategic hiding to evade detection.

Diversity in weaponry is a hallmark of the game, featuring options such as a silencer, assault rifle, sniper rifle, and revolver, among others. The game’s standout feature lies in the dynamic adaptability of weapons and their characteristics, allowing you to tailor your arsenal to the situation at hand. Choose from an array of weapons and accessories to optimize your approach.

Optimal results hinge on selecting the right accessories for your chosen weapon. For instance, opt for a scope or a laser sight when aiming for a distant hit.

Engage in a plethora of missions, each presenting unique tasks for completion. Success in these missions demands utmost vigilance, avoiding detection as you move and reload your weapon.

Triumphant completion of missions yields monetary rewards, providing the means to expand your arsenal with additional weapons and accessories.

Beyond the missions, the game boasts diverse maps, allowing you to select and immerse yourself in varied environments. Choose a map, embark on the adventure, and master the art of stealth in Hitman Sniper 2.

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