Pix Material You Icons v9.1.Build MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 27, 2024
Inspired by the new android 12, these Adaptive Icons were created in the style of Material You.
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Jan 27, 2024
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Pix Material You Icons MOD APK (Patch Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Pix Material You Icons MOD APK. This MOD is An Android Personalization App with Patch Unlocked Available downloads Yours Now.

In the realm of graphical representation, behold a compendium of icons that has metamorphosed into an archetypal icon assemblage. The application encompasses an excess of 1000 icons, available in diverse dimensions and a kaleidoscope of hues. The primary intent of this application is to facilitate the facile integration of icons, thereby simplifying the user experience.

All icons, marked by their user-friendly nature, are versatile enough to find utility in a myriad of projects. They span a broad spectrum of colors, ensuring compatibility with an extensive array of visual undertakings. The application, designed for ease of use, is poised to become an invaluable asset for your diverse projects.

Diversity extends to the application’s size offerings, affording users the liberty to handpick the icon dimensions that align with their preferences. Moreover, a panoply of colors awaits selection, ensuring harmony with both iOS and Android interfaces.

This versatile application finds utility in both personal and commercial realms, and its user-friendly interface transcends demographic boundaries.

The application materializes as a curated set of material design icons meticulously fashioned for Android applications. It aligns harmoniously with the canonical Google Material Design guidelines, boasting a design ethos characterized by cleanliness and minimalism. This compendium of icons stands as an apt choice for an array of applications, including those tailored for mobile devices.

The unembellished design of the icons lends them a comprehensibility that resonates effortlessly. Marked by straightforward and distinct shapes, these icons seamlessly integrate into user interfaces. The application’s color palette is yours to customize, affording you the freedom to match it with your aesthetic preferences.

This compilation stands as a suite of icons tailor-made for mobile applications, lauded for its endorsement of app interfaces. Adhering faithfully to Material Design principles, its simple yet articulate design renders it universally applicable.

For users engaging with the application, the interface offers simplicity and navigational ease, making it an exemplary icon set for enthusiasts keen on embracing material design.

Features of Pix Material You Icons MOD APK

100+ icons in 9 different sizes and 3 different colors

featuring an array of dimensions and configurations, poised to elevate your application’s user interface into a realm of immersion and visual allure.

Encompassing 9 distinct sizes and a palette boasting 3 varied hues, this icon ensemble stands versatile for integration across diverse applications, spanning Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.

Access to this icon set is at your fingertips, available for complimentary download and utilization. However, for those desiring an expanded repertoire, the option to procure additional icons arises, be it through individual acquisitions or comprehensive packages.

Linear and radial shapes

As previously indicated, the collection encompasses both linear and radial configurations. These distinctive shapes stand ready for seamless integration within your interface. Noteworthy applications include the incorporation of these icons within the navigation bar or the home screen of your mobile device.

Specifically designed with Linear and Radial Shapes, these icons boast compatibility across the entire spectrum of Android devices, spanning both phones and tablets. The Linear Shape manifests as a square with gracefully rounded corners, while the Radial Shape adopts a circular form characterized by a sleek and smooth surface.

Adaptive Icon and Background

Within the application lies a diverse array of linear icons and backgrounds, presented in a myriad of colors. A contemporary trend gaining prominence is the utilization of adaptive icon fonts, an aspect worth considering.

These fonts prove to be an ideal choice for both web pages and user interfaces, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing appearance while ensuring the legibility of text remains effortless.

However, a caveat accompanies their usage – adaptability is not ubiquitous. Special fonts are requisite, often entailing a financial investment. Furthermore, these fonts may not cater comprehensively to every linguistic nuance, potentially leading to readability challenges.

For those seeking a pragmatic solution, especially in the mobile domain, consider embracing the responsive icon font. This offers a simplified alternative, bypassing the constraints associated with specialized fonts and language limitations.

Shape Variations

The Pix Material You Icons boast a plethora of shape variations, adding a touch of diversity to their aesthetic. Remarkably, they seamlessly align with both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring compatibility across a broad spectrum of devices. The user-friendly nature of these icons makes them accessible to individuals of all skill levels.

These shape variations, characterized by subtle alterations in both form and color, serve primarily ornamental purposes. The term “variations” is aptly bestowed upon them due to the nuanced changes they introduce.

Deployable in the realms of both web and mobile applications, these shape variations find their utility in websites and apps alike. The mobile application context implies their integration into the interface of a website or app, further extending their versatility and applicability.

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What's new

- Fixed crash app and Added 40 new icons.
- Add 500+ new icons.
- Redesign some icons.
- Icons load very fast now.
- Enabled Icon Request.

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