Nextbots Online v1.86 MOD APK (No Ads)

Last Updated on Jan 11, 2024
Nextbots Online is both a scary and fun game, Nextbot is a monster that will hunt you down.
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Jan 11, 2024
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Nextbots Online MOD APK (No Ads)

Download The Latest APK Version of Nextbots Online MOD APK. An Android Action Game This MOD comes with No Ads Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, an avant-garde creation emerges from the inventive minds at Nextbots, an action-packed marvel unfurled upon the gaming community in 2014, persisting as a perennial favorite. Within this virtual domain, players grapple with enigmatic puzzles, orchestrating the movements of robotic entities toward designated destinations.

Steer clear of treacherous obstacles, for faltering in this endeavor precipitates defeat. While the game shares some semblance with its puzzle-genre counterparts, its ultimate objective is the attainment of a predefined destination.

Diversifying the gameplay, participants can harness an array of robotic avatars: from the robust tank and aquatic submarine to the nimble jet, terrestrial car, and aerial helicopter. Vigilance becomes paramount in navigating hindrances like volcanic terrains, meandering rivers, and arid deserts.

To attain the coveted destination, deftly navigate the robotic entity through labyrinthine mazes. Monetary gains, in the form of coins and diamonds, accrue as you successfully surmount challenges. The culmination of a mission bequeaths rewards and experience points, enriching the player’s virtual odyssey.

Introducing an innovative sequel to the Nextbots legacy, this action-packed opus conceived by LPC embarks on the uncharted terrain of space combat and robotic warfare. Immerse yourself in the role of a robotic gladiator, undertaking missions in the pursuit of peace. The gaming landscape unfolds a panorama of tasks, spanning mineral acquisition, annihilation of adversarial automatons, and manipulation within the cosmic expanse.

This groundbreaking creation encompasses multifaceted attributes. Primarily, it unfurls as a simulation, granting players the autonomy to fashion and aesthetically personalize their robotic counterparts. Augmenting the robotic entity is facilitated through the incorporation of diverse components, coupled with an armory teeming with varied weapons for obliterating foes. A narrative facet enriches the gaming experience, although succinct, its impact on the player’s psyche is profound. Crafted with simplicity, clarity, and an addictive allure, this game is tailor-made for those endowed with ample temporal resources.

Features of Nextbots Online MOD APK

Create your own Nextbot and fight other players in multiplayer mode

Embarking on the “You Nextbot” mode bestows upon you the ability to metamorphose into a Nextbot entity. Within this application, you wield the power to fine-tune not only the dimensions and velocity of your automaton but also the chromatic spectrum it dons. Furthermore, you have the capacity to generate a multitude of these automatons simultaneously, engaging in clashes with fellow players within the realm of multiplayer dynamics.

Customize your own bot with 5 sizes and 6 speeds

An array of automatons, each exhibiting distinct traits, graces the platform, offering a spectrum of customization options. Every automaton boasts unique capabilities, meticulously crafted to navigate diverse scenarios.

Within your grasp lies the opportunity to tailor your very own automaton, endowed with a selection of 5 sizes and 6 speeds. Elevate their prowess by incorporating various accessories and skills into their repertoire. Each robotic entity possesses its own set of skills and accessories, bestowing them with the ability to execute a myriad of actions, adding a layer of complexity to their functionality.

Realtime voice chat and regular chat

Immersing you in a multiplayer realm, this gaming experience seamlessly integrates real-time voice and text communication. The global community of this game boasts over 30 million registered players, creating a vibrant and dynamic player base.

With an extensive repertoire of over 1000 puzzles, meticulously curated across varying difficulty tiers, the game offers a diverse cognitive challenge. Engage in real-time sessions with friends or involve family members in the gameplay. The flexibility of playing anytime, anywhere enhances the accessibility and allure of this gaming phenomenon.

Unlock new features

Embark on the gaming odyssey, unveiling a myriad of functionalities as you traverse the immersive landscapes. Unleash the prowess to leap, cast fireballs, and emit lasers, each robot uniquely endowed with a distinctive array of capabilities. Tailor your mechanical companion to echo your distinctive style, forging a seamless synergy between form and function.

A treasure trove of features awaits your unlocking prowess. Accumulate coins through the triumphant completion of missions, fueling your ascent towards robotic supremacy. Enhance the fortitude of your automaton through judicious upgrades, fortifying its mettle for the challenges that lie ahead. Attain noteworthy achievements, and in a spirit of camaraderie, share these laurels with your companions.

The gaming horizon extends beyond solo endeavors; engage in bouts with AI-driven counterparts, adding a layer of unpredictability to your enthralling escapades.


Immerse yourself in the riveting narrative of a lad named Nick, delving into the echelons beyond the ordinary robots. Brace for an onslaught of action and unforeseen twists that will punctuate your journey. Along the way, encounter a cadre of novel acquaintances, formidable adversaries, and intriguing inanimate entities.

Embark on the odyssey within the digital realms of Nextbots Online, where an abundance of bonuses and power-ups awaits, serving as invaluable companions throughout your odyssey across the diverse levels. In addition, unravel the enigma of special items strategically placed to aid your traversal through the intricate levels.

As you navigate this virtual universe, the game bestows upon you the authentic essence of a sentient robot. Revel in a tapestry of novel sensations, unlocking realms of experience hitherto unexplored. Nextbots Online promises a sensory escapade, granting you an unparalleled emulation of robotic existence.

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What's new

● Added rain to Map editor
● Added transport to Map editor
● Added a new item in the Map editor
● Added a button to play a published map in the Map editor
● Fixed a bug in the "Escape" mode. Now the flyers are not visible from afar
● Fixed a bug with saving friends

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