Brawlhalla v8.04 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Feb 05, 2024
Brawlhalla is a free platform fighting game with over 80 million players that supports up to 8 online in a single match with full cross-play. Join casual free-for-alls, queue for ranked matches, or make a custom room with your friends. Frequent updates. 50 unique characters and counting. Come fight for glory in the halls of Valhalla!
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Feb 05, 2024
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Brawlhalla MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Brawlhalla MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Brawlhalla emerges as a gratis platform dueling experience, boasting an extensive community exceeding 80 million participants. This dynamic game facilitates up to 8 combatants in a singular online encounter, promoting seamless cross-play integration. Immerse yourself in casual free-for-alls, engage in ranked skirmishes, or establish a personalized arena alongside your companions. Experience a continuous influx of enhancements, ensuring a perpetually evolving gaming environment. The character repertoire, currently numbering 50 distinct personas, continues to expand, beckoning warriors to vie for supremacy within the illustrious halls of Valhalla.

Engage in spirited matches without expenditure, whether alongside familiar acquaintances or enigmatic adversaries from across the globe, all sharing the same virtual lobby. Forego tedious waits for gathering lobbies or intricate downloads. Navigate the virtual battlefield with both comrades and unfamiliar challengers alike. Skill-based matchmaking guarantees that each clash transpires against opponents of comparable prowess. Here, prowess reigns supreme, rendering every participant a latent contender for victory, eliminating any undue advantage afforded to seasoned veterans.

Encompassing an expansive array of combatants, exceeding 40 at its inaugural release, with an additional 100 slated for future inclusion, the primary objective is to provide enthusiasts the autonomy to select a persona that seamlessly aligns with their distinctive playstyle, affording boundless tactical versatility. The entire gamut of content remains complimentary and universally accessible, spanning all conceivable platforms, while a continuous infusion of novel features ensures an ever-enriched gaming experience.

Features of Brawlhalla MOD APK

Venture into spirited bouts with companions or engage adversaries globally in Ranked Matches

In the realm of this gratis platform fighting game, boasting a staggering 80 million participants, revel in the camaraderie of up to 8 contenders converging in a singular match endowed with comprehensive cross-play compatibility. Immerse yourself in unceremonious free-for-alls, enlist for matches of ranked distinction, or orchestrate a bespoke venue alongside your compatriots. The game undergoes frequent enhancements, harbors a cadre of 50 distinctive characters, and the tally continues its ascent. Embark on a quest for supremacy within the hallowed corridors of Valhalla!

Brawlhalla delivers an authentic and briskly paced melee experience. The controls, though straightforward and instinctive, unravel a labyrinthine tapestry of strategy and personalization, ensuring an unending learning curve. Tailored for universal appeal, it welcomes participants with or without a precedent in pugilistic gaming.

Partake in Unplanned Free-For-Alls, Enter the Queue for Ranked Encounters, or Forge a Bespoke Venue with Your Allies

Brawlhalla extends an unparalleled encounter, melding high-octane brawling with the intricate nuances of a venerable fighting game. Revel solo or in the company of comrades, either through localized multiplayer or the digital realm.

One contends with adversaries within an arena, either in isolation or accompanied by a retinue of up to eight allies. Triumph in the initial bout grants passage to subsequent rounds.

For those etching their name in the annals of ranked players, the engagement is against adversaries of commensurate prowess. Your standing, juxtaposed with that of your competitors, graces the lobby. A gauntlet is thrown, challenging friends or adversaries to a party-based skirmish.

Foster alliances or create an exclusive space for ranked confrontations. The creation of a personalized arena is at your disposal, adorned with barriers, platforms, and overhead constructs, thereby elevating the complexity or ease of the impending duel.

The narrative unfolds in a solitary expedition through story mode, wherein one tackles a spectrum of trials, aspiring to etch their legacy in Valhalla. The odyssey spans various game formats, including deathmatches, collaborative skirmishes, and structured tournaments.

Engage with comrades or rivals globally in ranked showdowns. Brawlhalla’s tiered system facilitates clashes with counterparts of identical aptitude. The lobby unveils your standing in tandem with your adversaries’ rankings.

A mosaic of 50 characters beckons, encompassing legendary champions

The game introduces in excess of 50 protagonists, each endowed with a distinctive repertoire of maneuvers and combat methodologies. From the lethal Valkyrie to the endearing penguin, and from the elusive ninja to the berserker, a plethora of options lay at your fingertips.

Personalize your chosen avatar with an array of alternate skins, coiffures, accessories, and attire. Whether emulating your preferred hero or assuming an entirely distinct persona, the liberty to infuse character and uniqueness into your virtual self is boundless!

Brace yourself for combat within the divine precincts of Valhalla

The game proffers a cost-free pugilistic encounter, boasting an expansive roster exceeding 80 million participants and supporting a maximum of 8 contenders per confrontation. Void of in-app purchases, paywalls, or tedious grinds, Brawlhalla epitomizes a free-to-play paradigm, perpetually refreshed with novel content. A community coalesces around the game’s competitive ethos.

A maximum of 8 participants can vie within the same arena, traversing platforms seamlessly. Engage in contests on your preferred devices—be it mobile or PC—crossing swords with contenders spanning the globe. Brawlhalla presents a medley of modes, inclusive of nonchalant free-for-alls, ranked encounters, and privately curated spaces.

Divergent modalities: Ranked and Casual

Brawlhalla extends two distinctive avenues of engagement: Ranked and Casual. The former appraises participants based on their performance, as they ascend the echelons toward championship status. Casual mode, conversely, embroils participants in one-on-one skirmishes against fellow contenders.

In the realm of Ranked mode, participants garner rankings corresponding to their in-game exploits. Victories amass points, while setbacks result in a deduction. As players attain designated ranks, a trove of fresh content unfurls, coupled with exclusive rewards.

Conversely, Casual mode ensnares participants in one-on-one duels, where triumph bequeaths a coveted gold prize. For the more audacious, the prospect of securing a fortuitous prize through an in-game lottery beckons.


In the realm of Brawlhalla, a splendid array of personas and arenas draws inspiration from the tapestry of Norse mythology. This gaming opus seamlessly blends a kinetic tapestry of action with strategic nuances, birthing an engaging and dynamic pugilistic escapade.

Crafting your combatant is a breeze: peruse a diverse gallery of contenders, each endowed with unique strengths, playstyles, and idiosyncratic maneuvers. When the call to arms resonates, step onto the battlefield and dismantle your adversaries across a gamut of play modes. Brawlhalla aficionados can revel in four distinctive arenas: the competitive crucible of Ranked, the immediate gratification of Quickplay, the leisurely ambiance of Casual, and the bespoke experience offered by Custom.

Venturing into Ranked mode unfurls the opportunity to clash with adept contenders in the virtual arena. It serves as the proving ground, a theater where prowess is exhibited, fortitude is tested, and the mettle of a combatant is etched into the annals of gaming valor.

Quickplay mode obviates the need for protracted waiting; one can seamlessly immerse oneself in a Brawlhalla skirmish. Simply traverse the Quickplay domain, elect your avatar, and commence the fray. For neophytes, the matchmaking algorithm orchestrates encounters with kindred novices, ensuring an equitable initiation into the realms of combat.

Casual mode offers a sanctuary for repose and recreation. Opt for your chosen avatar and engage in spirited confrontations with fellow gamers. Should camaraderie beckon, summon friends to partake in the virtual arena, transforming the battlefield into a convivial gathering.

Custom mode empowers you to script the tenets of a Brawlhalla confrontation. Curate a bespoke compendium of regulations that harmonizes with your distinctive gameplay. Subsequently, extend an invitation to compatriots, inviting them to partake in a bespoke skirmish tailored to your predilections.

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What's new

- New Legend: Thea, The Speedster
- New Game Mode: Volleybrawl
- New Gadget: Boomerang in Test Features
- Game Improvements & Bug Fixes
- Ranked Season 28 begins 4/12
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