MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher v5.0.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 09, 2024
MiX Launcher V2 is inspired by MI 13 Launcher, adding many useful features, such as all app drawer, hide apps, gestures, 3D parallax wallpaper, kids mode, themes etc.
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Jan 24, 2024
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MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher MOD APK. An Android Personalization App this MOD comes with Premium Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital interfaces, MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher emerges as a sophisticated application, offering a plethora of intricately customizable options for discerning users. A diverse array of over a hundred themes awaits, allowing users to imprint a distinctive and unparalleled uniqueness upon their mobile devices.

This innovative application boasts a distinctive feature designed to curate and display one’s favored content, seamlessly integrated with an advanced home screen customization function. This facilitates the effortless discovery of desired applications, complemented by a specialized feature ensuring prompt access to frequently utilized apps—a function of considerable utility, efficaciously economizing user time.

Conceived with the overarching goal of elevating user experience, MiX Launcher V2 is endowed with a multifaceted array of functions, each meticulously crafted to enhance and simplify various aspects of users’ lives. A wealth of options and functionalities ensures an ease of customization tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

This application, characterized by its ease of use and accessibility, extends beyond mere launcher functionality, encompassing additional features such as a lock screen, screen recording capabilities, app management tools, an app locker, and a suite of other functionalities.

MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher serves as a program facilitating the selective opening of designated folders within a phone’s file system—a pivotal tool for enthusiasts keen on personalizing their devices through the integration of diverse apps, themes, widgets, and shortcuts.

However, it’s imperative to acknowledge that the launcher, while powerful, possesses inherent limitations and confronts users with various challenges over prolonged usage. The resilience and endurance required to navigate through these impediments become apparent, prompting the emergence of this application—MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher—as the epitome of launcher prowess.

Foremost among its attributes is the application’s capability to unveil folders at the user’s discretion, affording effortless access to home, apps, and other folders from any location. The application’s layout undergoes meticulous optimization, ensuring superior performance metrics. Users are further empowered to customize app icons, selectively hide elements from the home screen, revel in a full-screen mode for an immersive experience, and tailor the application’s appearance through the theme feature. The inclusion of a widget feature adds a layer of functionality.

In sum, MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher stands as a comprehensive application, encapsulating every essential facet one may require. Its user-friendly interface, characterized by simplicity, beckons users to immerse themselves fully. A download beckons, promising an encompassing and enriching smartphone experience.

Features of MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher MOD APK

All apps drawer

The spotlight of this launcher undoubtedly falls on the all-app drawer. This feature provides swift access to all installed apps. The all-app drawer is exceptionally customizable, offering a spectrum of choices including various layouts, colors, and more. Notably, you have the flexibility to opt for the all-app drawer in either horizontal or vertical orientation, adding an extra layer of personalization to your user experience.

Hide apps

In the realm of digital interface augmentation, MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher emerges as a sophisticated tool, facilitating the discreet concealment of applications devoid of necessitating root access. This avant-garde launcher empowers users to shroud applications seamlessly within the main screen, app drawer, or widget.

Delving further into its intricacies, this cutting-edge launcher extends its capability to obfuscate applications even from the discerning gaze of the search result page. For the Android cognoscenti, an additional layer of customization unveils itself, allowing the alteration of the app drawer’s chromaticity and backdrop. This nuanced metamorphosis promises a complete divergence in the visual and tactile experience.

The repertoire of MiX Launcher V2 extends beyond the conventional, offering a facile transition into a “Kids mode,” thereby rendering the interface more congenial to the younger demographic. In its entirety, this launcher orchestrates a symphony of sophistication, where each nuance is an ode to a refined digital ambiance.


Embarking on a new dimension of user interaction, MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher now introduces an array of gestural functionalities. This avant-garde feature enables a seamless transition between screens through vertical swipes, while horizontal swipes navigate back to the home screen.

Gestures extend their influence across the app drawer, launcher, and the immersive 3D parallax wallpaper. Elevate your navigation experience by effortlessly swiping up or down to traverse app drawer pages, and left or right to gracefully return to the home screen. In the launcher, a vertical swipe facilitates a fluid transition between pages, adding a dynamic layer to your digital interaction paradigm. MiX Launcher V2 heralds a new era where gestures become the silent conductors orchestrating the symphony of user engagement.

3D Parallax Wallpaper

Embark on a revolutionary voyage through the Android system with the advent of the 3D Parallax Wallpaper feature. Brace yourself for an unprecedented encounter, as the mere opening of the app drawer unveils a mesmerizing 3D spectacle. Behold as the background image undergoes a metamorphic dance, seamlessly shifting with the rhythm of your upward and downward scrolls, orchestrating a symphony of three-dimensional allure!

Within the realm of Mi Launcher’s treasures lies the crown jewel, the 3D Parallax Wallpaper—a pinnacle of sophistication within MiX Launcher V2. Its setup is a testament to simplicity, offering an array of choices. Handpick from the trio of preconceived wallpapers or embark on a personalized journey, crafting a bespoke tapestry with cherished photos.

Should monotony besiege your visual senses, take control by manual wallpaper customization. Witness the transformative 3D ballet as your gaze traverses the digital canvas with every scroll. Liberation from wallpaper stagnation is at your fingertips!

Behold the ingenious fusion of aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to toggle the visibility of the icon area at will. A cardinal attribute for avid app users, granting instantaneous app oversight sans the need to unfurl the app drawer—an indispensable facet for seamless digital navigation.

Kids Mode

Experience tranquility in your digital domain with the introduction of Kids Mode—an ingenious sanctuary for uninterrupted adult indulgence in your favored applications, shielded from juvenile interference. This distinctive feature extends beyond a mere toggle, offering an intricate tapestry of customization tailored to the unique needs of your progeny.

Immerse yourself in the art of personalization, sculpting the home screen layout to harmonize with the age of your cherished young ones. Revel in the ability to metamorphose the very ambiance, manipulating the background image and hues to mirror the idyllic essence of a child’s abode.

Elevate the immersion by adding a dedicated child’s profile, transforming the very fabric of the home screen with a carefully chosen background picture—a visual portal into the child’s digital haven. In this realm, Kids Mode transcends the ordinary, ushering in a bespoke sanctuary where adults revel and children find familiarity and delight.

Customize widgets

Escape the monotony of standard home screen offerings with the arrival of MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher—an emissary of authentic launcher nostalgia. Rediscover the essence of true launcher aesthetics as this revolutionary launcher places the reins of customization firmly in your hands. Immerse yourself in a tactile experience, effortlessly arranging and stylizing widgets with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

The canvas of personalization unfolds further, allowing not only the relocation of widgets but also affording the luxury of tailored adjustments. Resize widgets or modify text elements with a seamless immediacy, ensuring every detail aligns with your aesthetic preferences.

For those seeking a discreet sanctuary within their digital realm, the option to conceal apps awaits. Unleash the power of gestures to seamlessly unveil the desired app, offering a refined and efficient navigation experience.

In the latest iteration of MiX Launcher V2 for Mi Launcher, a symphony of possibilities unveils itself. Customize your home screen layout with newfound freedom and precision. Tailor widget dimensions and hues to harmonize with your visual preferences.

The canvas of personalization expands to accommodate up to four widgets on your home screen. Each widget becomes a palette for your creativity, allowing modifications to both size and color. Should the muse strike for additional widgets, effortlessly rearrange existing ones to unveil a fresh canvas of possibilities. MiX Launcher V2 beckons, inviting you to sculpt your digital space with unparalleled finesse.

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