Hunter Assassin v1.89.3 MOD APK (Unlocked All)

Last Updated on Mar 07, 2024
"Step into the thrilling world of Hunter Assassin” - a fast-paced mobile game for stealthy and strategic players that takes you on a wild adventure as a hunter with a deadly knife. With multiple enemies to kill, challenging missions to complete and rewards to collect, this game will test your skills and keep you on the edge of your seat.
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Mar 06, 2024
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Hunter Assassin MOD APK (Unlocked All)

Download The Latest APK Version of Hunter Assassin MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with an Unlocked All Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of gaming, Hunter Assassin unfolds as an adrenaline-pumping escapade where the participant assumes the guise of a seasoned predator tasked with tracking down and vanquishing formidable monsters, all while foraging for sustenance.

Guided by the prowess of the hunter, the player orchestrates the demise of the monstrous adversaries, culminating in a feast upon their conquered quarry. Yet, the pursuit of these otherworldly creatures lacks any semblance of amusement; a strategic utilization of the surrounding environment becomes imperative to successfully stalk and subdue them.

Initiating an assault, the hunter instigates the obliteration of the targeted monster. The astute player harnesses the environment as a tool of execution, ensuring the demise of the creature and the subsequent collection of valuable resources.

Diverging from the confines of conventional gaming landscapes, Hunter Assassin unfurls its expansive universe, a vast expanse compartmentalized into myriad domains, affording players the liberty to traverse diverse terrains.

Distinguished by its unrestricted roaming mode, a departure from the constraints of analogous games like PUBG, Hunter Assassin thrusts players into the crucible of self-reliance. Navigating a treacherous milieu teeming with monsters necessitates an adept manipulation of the environment for survival.

Equipped with an arsenal encompassing firearms, blades, and archery, players can tailor their weaponry to align with their strategic predilections. When embroiled in confrontations, a gamut of weapons can be wielded deftly to assail the monstrous adversaries.

Hunter Assassin, a fantastical odyssey, materialized through the creative auspices of Gameloft, unfolds within the mystical dominion of Zangaria—a realm fraught with perilous fauna.

In this fantastical landscape, a cadre of formidable hunters and assassins emerge as the sole vanguards against the menacing creatures. The player, assuming the mantle of one such adept assassin, embarks on a quest, armed with a potent weapon, to ascend the echelons of true assassination.

Distinguished by an innovative combat paradigm, players seamlessly transition between diverse characters, accruing experience points and golden currency with each enthralling skirmish. The player exercises agency in selecting a preferred persona, initiating their foray into the game, replete with an expansive armory.

Features of Hunter Assassin MOD APK

Thrilling action with unique weapons and power-ups

Embarking on a noble quest to rescue the princess, you, as the intrepid hunter, find yourself entangled in a narrative where the trajectory is anything but predictable. The journey unfolds in Hunter Assassin, pitting you against formidable adversaries, the epitome of monstrous might.

Each stage within Hunter Assassin introduces a unique tapestry of challenges and adversaries, each more formidable than the last. The complexity of some encounters may leave you pondering the intricacies of navigating through the imminent peril.

Foremost among the requisites for success is an unwavering reliance on your dexterity and astute strategizing. As the hunter facing these formidable foes, survival hinges on the deft execution of skills honed through experience and a meticulous deployment of strategic acumen.

Beyond the crucible of confrontations, a diverse array of weapons and power-ups awaits your discerning eye. This arsenal, capable of metamorphosing your approach to the challenges ahead, can be collected and upgraded throughout your perilous odyssey.

In this enthralling expedition, your fate hinges on the mastery of skills, the formulation of tactical brilliance, and the judicious selection and enhancement of a myriad of weapons and power-ups strewn along your path. Only through this harmonious amalgamation can the hunter transcend the tumultuous trials and emerge victorious in the pursuit of saving the imperiled princess.

Complete a variety of challenging missions

As the hunter assassin, a multitude of formidable missions await your adept skills. Each mission stands as a unique crucible, adorned with its tapestry of challenges and a distinctive blend of objectives. The variegated difficulty levels are matched only by the diversity in the required approaches, ranging from stealthy finesse to direct and forceful assaults.

Success in the game hinges on the meticulous calibration of your approach, considering the intricacies of each mission. Some demand the cloak of invisibility, relying on stealth to navigate the intricate web of challenges. Others beckon the hunter to employ direct, unbridled attacks to surmount the obstacles strewn in their path.

A paramount consideration in the pursuit of triumph is the imperative need for caution, a delicate dance to elude the vigilant gaze of patrolling guards. The ever-present threat of detection necessitates a vigilant and circumspect demeanor, avoiding the unwelcome attention of the guardians.

Furthermore, the arsenal of the adept hunter-assassin is not merely an accessory but a pivotal tool for mission accomplishment. Scouring the surroundings for weapons and equipment becomes an integral facet of the gameplay, arming the player with the resources indispensable for navigating the complexities of each mission.

In the relentless pursuit of success, the hunter-assassin must master the art of adaptability, seamlessly transitioning between stealth and aggression, all while evading the vigilant guards and strategically acquiring the tools of the trade scattered throughout the enigmatic landscape.

Earn special items and money to buy new weapons

Within the realm of Hunter Assassin, your proficiency is gauged not only by your capacity to eliminate adversaries but also by your ability to execute stealthily, vanquishing foes without betraying your presence. This necessitates a meticulous approach, wherein every move is calculated, and your stealth skills are deftly deployed to evade detection.

The crux of success lies in the artful orchestration of each maneuver, requiring careful planning and an acute awareness of the surroundings. The path to triumph unfurls as a delicate dance, necessitating a finesse that ensures you remain an elusive specter on the periphery of enemy awareness.

Fret not, for the game offers a lifeline in the form of special items. These artifacts serve a dual purpose, not only as tools for circumventing detection but also as lucrative means to amass wealth. The accrued funds then pave the way for the acquisition of new weapons, thereby amplifying your lethality in the pursuit of unseen eliminations.

In the intricate tapestry of Hunter Assassin, success is an amalgamation of strategic acumen, nimble execution of stealth, and the judicious utilization of special items to fortify your arsenal and ascend the echelons of lethal prowess.

Battle multiple enemies in real-time

Within the dynamic realm of Hunter Assassin, adept infiltration and real-time elimination of multiple adversaries are the crux of your mission. Navigating through a hostile environment demands a strategic mastery of stealth as you surreptitiously traverse the open world, engaging in swift, decisive actions against your foes.

The expansive game world serves as the stage for your covert operations, providing you with the liberty to wield any weapon at your disposal. This versatility in armament empowers you to orchestrate takedowns with lethal precision, employing diverse tools to dismantle the opposition.

Embarking on a myriad of missions is not merely a quest for victory; it is a gateway to character augmentation. Successful completion of missions yields rewards that, in turn, serve as catalysts for enhancing the capabilities of your character. The symbiotic relationship between mission accomplishment and character progression propels you toward the zenith of your potential.

In the multifaceted landscape of Hunter Assassin, adeptly maneuvering through the open world, utilizing an array of weapons, and accomplishing missions with finesse constitute the trifecta that defines your journey toward becoming the consummate hunter-assassin.


The commencement of action in Hunter Assassin heralds the initiation of your perilous hunt. Your inaugural task involves the selection of a character, the careful curation of weaponry, and the meticulous preparation required for the impending pursuit. This game unfolds as an odyssey where the utilization of your unique arsenal becomes paramount in the eradication of adversaries.

Each weapon at your disposal possesses distinctive attributes, ranging from speed and power to range and beyond. The dynamic interplay between these characteristics shapes your strategic approach as you traverse the game’s landscape, employing your weapons to eliminate a diverse array of foes. The progression through the gameplay is marked by the accrual of experience points, a testament to your prowess in the relentless hunt.

Reaching predefined levels of mastery yields not only rewards but also the unlocking of new weapons, bestowing upon you an expanded arsenal to further refine your tactical prowess within the game. The symbiotic relationship between experience, reward, and weapon acquisition propels you toward becoming an unparalleled force in the Hunter Assassin realm.

The adversaries populating this intricate gaming landscape vary from diminutive rodents to colossal monsters, all meticulously crafted to pose as formidable foes in your quest. Crafting the perfect strategy becomes imperative as you navigate through an environment replete with cunning traps—some ensnaring the floor, others adorning the walls, ceilings, and ground.

Your agency within Hunter Assassin extends beyond mere movement, employing the mouse for navigation and the keyboard for weapon control. The unfolding narrative introduces a plethora of enemy types, each demanding the deft application of your arsenal to secure their elimination. Mastery of the game lies not only in your ability to wield diverse weaponry but in crafting a strategy that ensures the eradication of all adversaries in your relentless pursuit within the enthralling Hunter Assassin universe.

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What's new

- New graphics and audio effects.
- 10 new enemy types.
- Explosive and Freeze traps.
- 3 different doorways; normal, glass and timed.
- Spotlight areas that trigger missile attacks.
- All new user interface design.

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