Kick Kings v2.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
In Kick Kings, all you have to do is - aim right and strike as hard as you can to knock out your opponent. Just time it right and you can lead the show. This game tests your reflexes and your reaction speed, so if you don’t pay attention, you might just lose to your opponent.
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Mar 04, 2024
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Kick Kings MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Kick Kings MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive gaming experiences, we find an action RPG where manipulation transpires through the delicate dance of the mouse or the resolute command of the keyboard.

Conceived by the masterful minds at YUJI CO., LTD., this digital saga unfolds around the narrative tapestry of two gallant youths in a fierce struggle against the malevolent sovereign and his formidable legion of knights. The participant, embodying the role of the protagonist, shoulders the weighty responsibility of confronting and vanquishing the tyrannical ruler.

Immersed in an intricate tapestry, the game unfurls across five distinct stages. Each victorious confrontation with the malevolent sovereign propels the valiant gamer into the next chapter of the unfolding saga. Within this digital universe, a myriad of adversaries awaits, from armored knights to mystical wizards, fire-breathing dragons to infernal demons, and eerie skeletons to otherworldly entities.

The culmination of the gaming odyssey bequeaths the triumphant player a coveted medal, unlocking access to an uncharted stage. Yet, for the defeated, a penalizing consequence awaits in the wake of battle.

This digital arena is no facile terrain; mastery necessitates meticulous practice. Crafted to be a crucible of challenge, prospective players are encouraged to select the arduous difficulty level for an unbridled encounter.

Diverging from conventional gaming tropes, a fascinating hybrid emerges, merging the disciplines of basketball and pugilism. The objective within this unconventional amalgamation, aptly titled “Kick and Slap Kings,” centers around the art of incapacitating one’s adversary.

In this pugnacious virtual domain, contestants deploy their fists with strategic precision, each calculated strike etched into the annals of competition. The accolade of victory is bestowed upon the participant who, through a rhythmic barrage, emerges as the superior combatant.

As one of the myriad combat-centric amusements, “Kick and Slap Kings” transcends categorization, embodying the essence of both a martial contest and an athletic skirmish. Player control extends beyond mere manipulation; it encompasses the orchestration of character movements, facilitated by the judicious deployment of the joystick, keyboard, or the nuanced control of the mouse to manipulate the in-game camera.

The game’s mechanics, while seemingly uncomplicated, mask a nuanced complexity. Armed with a basketball to propel towards the adversary’s goal, the player must navigate the delicate balance between offensive aggression and defensive deftness, striving to subdue their opponent.

The prowess of technique becomes the linchpin for success, manifesting in the ability to land decisive blows and incapacitate the opposition. Defensive maneuvers, such as adeptly blocking incoming attacks, become integral to the player’s arsenal, demanding a synthesis of skill to emerge triumphant.

For those harboring self-assured confidence in their prowess, an arena of global competition awaits in the online mode. In this digital crucible, players must assert their supremacy, striving to cement their status as the preeminent virtuoso within the vast tapestry of online adversaries. The challenge is laid bare – prove yourself as the unrivaled champion amidst the ever-expanding realm of digital combatants.

Features of Kick and Slap Kings MOD APK

A wide variety of levels to choose from

Embarking on the vast spectrum of available levels, a myriad of options unfolds before you. Diverse terrains beckon, urging you to traverse and engage in fierce battles as you navigate the labyrinth of the game’s progression.

Within the confines of each level, an array of adversaries awaits, poised to challenge your prowess. It necessitates the application of your dexterity and lightning-quick reflexes to overcome these foes, establishing your supremacy as the paramount champion within the realm of Kick and Slap Kings.

The realm of Kick and Slap Kings unfolds a cornucopia of levels, each presenting a distinctive set of challenges to conquer. The selection is vast, ensuring that every choice immerses you in a novel and unique trial.

From the verdant expanse of emerald fields to the majestic, snow-capped peaks, the gaming experience unfurls before you in a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes. Dive into this extraordinary realm, endeavoring to surpass your adversaries at every level and ascertain the limits of your progression.

Earn rewards and unlock characters

Entwined within the fabric of this gameplay lies the imperative to amass a plethora of points, a veritable currency that elevates you to the zenith of gaming prowess. The pursuit of excellence mandates the accumulation of coins, an essential facet in refining your skills within this immersive digital arena.

Unleashing your prowess through a combination of strategic kicks and resounding slaps upon your adversaries becomes the conduit to acquiring these coveted coins. A direct correlation unfolds amass points, reap coins, and witness the metamorphosis of your character into a formidable force within the virtual realm.

Expanding the realm of choices, a diverse array of characters unveils itself, each possessing a unique tapestry of special moves and innate abilities. The selection of your digital alter ego becomes a pivotal decision, shaping the trajectory of your gameplay and contributing to the multifaceted dynamics of this digital odyssey.

Different characters and levels

Within the dynamic realm of Kick and Slap Kings, an ensemble of characters unveils its distinctiveness, each possessing a singular blend of traits. Every character boasts an exclusive kick attack, coupled with a specialized ability awaiting activation upon the deft press of its corresponding button.

Expanding the horizon of customization, the option to don various helmets emerges, each endowing you with diverse bonuses and augmenting abilities. As your odyssey within the game unfolds, the tapestry of characters and their kick attacks evolves, ushering in a crescendo of power and prowess.

Progression becomes the harbinger of empowerment, gifting you the privilege to engage with characters of heightened potency and unleash formidable kick attacks. Additionally, the avenue to unlock an array of power-ups presents itself, serving as invaluable aids in your unfolding journey, enhancing your capabilities and fortifying your trajectory within the immersive digital expanse.

Upgrade your character to enhance your performance

The augmentation of your character’s prowess extends beyond the superficial, encompassing an intricate tapestry of skills, aesthetic refinement, and even the arsenal they wield. This transformative journey towards enhancement is not bestowed arbitrarily; it is earned through the crucible of gameplay and triumphant victories.

Ascending the echelons of experience and skill, rewards become the currency of progression. Upon reaching the stipulated level, a cascade of rewards and experience points unfurls before you, becoming the veritable keys to unlock a plethora of upgrades for your digital persona.

Furthermore, the fortification of your character extends to the realm of defense, with the incorporation of a protective helmet. This guardian accessory, susceptible to upgrades, serves as a bulwark against adversarial assaults, rendering your character not only skillfully adept but also resilient in the face of opposition.


Embracing the quintessence of classic gaming, Kick Kings seamlessly amalgamates the fundamental facets of action games the artistry of kicking and the prowess of attacking.

Your foray into this captivating digital realm offers a trinity of characters, each an embodiment of unique abilities, poised for rivalry against adversaries within the game.

The initiation is simple yet exhilarating. Opt for one of the three distinctive characters, each a harbinger of their prowess, and venture into a cascade of challenges, each varying in levels of complexity.

Every level unveils a thematic panorama, and the gauntlet thrown is to surpass your opponent’s score, a testament to your prowess in the art of kicking and causing substantial damage.

The temporal dimension adds a layer of urgency to your endeavor. Within each level, a finite window awaits your strategic kicks, aiming to inflict maximum damage upon your adversary’s health.

Precision in timing becomes the linchpin of your attack strategy, with the optimal strike occurring when your opponent ventures near your character. A reservoir of health not only fortifies your resilience but amplifies the potential damage inflicted upon your rival.

Kick Kings diversifies the arsenal at your disposal, offering an array of attacks ranging from a simplistic kick to elaborate combinations of kicks and punches. The repertoire extends to special moves, such as a gravity-defying jump kick or a unique special kick, each injecting a distinctive dynamism into the gameplay.

Progression within the game unfurls an evolving tapestry of possibilities. Unlocking new moves and characters becomes the hallmark of advancing through the digital labyrinth, providing novel avenues to hone your skills and explore fresh dimensions within this riveting gaming odyssey.

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