Homicide Squad v2.35.6601 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2024
The BEST crime-solving game is calling players for duty! Are you ready to prove your detective skills and step into a riveting world of danger, betrayal … and murder? Homicide Squad is a heart-pounding hidden object and match-3 game filled with exhilarating gameplay and perplexing murder mysteries!
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Jan 10, 2024
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Homicide Squad MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Homicide Squad MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive sleuthing, behold a cerebral enigma, an odyssey of clandestine enigmas, and a tension-laden escapade devised by the virtuosos at Wargaming.net.

Enter Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes, an immersive venture where you, the participant, assume the guise of a seasoned investigator unraveling the intricate tapestry of homicide, larceny, and sundry transgressions within the urban expanse.

Embark on a foray into the crime tableau, meticulously scrutinizing the crime scene, engaging in dialogues with eyewitnesses, amassing evidentiary fragments, and unraveling the conundrum that shrouds each malevolent act.

This digital milieu mirrors the veracity of a metropolis, offering a visage that echoes the actual urban sprawl. Players can peruse photographic retrospects encompassing crime scenes, witnesses, suspects, and incriminating artifacts.

Within this digital theater, wield control over the investigative trajectory. Engage in discourse with witnesses, interrogate potential perpetrators, and compile a compendium of proof, all orchestrated to decipher the labyrinthine plots behind each crime.

Deploy the sagacity and acumen intrinsic to a detective’s repertoire, employing techniques like witness interrogation, evidentiary collection, and the astute dissection of crime scene imagery.

Harness the power to glean insights about suspects, witnesses, and evidence, a reservoir of information essential for unearthing clues and pinpointing malefactors.

Immersed in an authentic milieu of investigative endeavors, the game seamlessly unfolds in real-time, yet the tempo is at the player’s discretion, permitting a leisurely exploration of the narrative.

Tailor the challenge to your predilection by selecting the game’s difficulty. Rooted in actual events, the narrative encapsulates numerous unsolved cases, offering players the exhilaration of cracking these enigmatic puzzles.

Homicide Squad: Hidden Crimes, a cerebral odyssey necessitating the deft application of logic and celebration, emerges from the creative crucible of X-Rite Interactive.

Behold a narrative woven around the intricacies of detective work, an opus that unravels the plot’s entirety, facilitating the identification of malefactors, and compelling engagement in crime-solving.

Players, presented with a choice, may opt for protagonists of either gender, further tailoring their experience by selecting between the American or English lexicon.

Features of Homicide Squad MOD APK

Explore the mystery manor and find clues in the dark rooms and hallways

Unravel the enigmatic abode as you embark on a quest for elusive hints and cues pivotal to unriddling the homicide enigma.

What adds to the intrigue is the nocturnal ambiance, where darkness shrouds the setting, and the entirety of the premises basks in the ethereal glow of moonbeams. The crucial missing element in this nocturnal pursuit? Your presence!

The responsibility to unveil the identity of the perpetrator and dispel the veil of mystery rests squarely on your shoulders. This undertaking involves navigating through an array of captivating conundrums, deciphering intricate puzzles, and discovering vital traces that pave the way to unraveling the authentic narrative.

The added allure is the flexibility to engage in this intellectual pursuit at any given moment, whether it be the diurnal hours or the hush of the night.

A variety of unique levels and multiple endings

Amidst the enigmatic abode lies not merely a haven for unraveling enigmas but also a theater for the scrutiny of a homicide. Delve into the enigma of the murderous puzzle, unveiling veracity amidst the most intricate brainteasers ever conceived. Immerse yourself in a plethora of distinctive tiers and traverse divergent conclusions.

Collect items, solve puzzles, and complete tasks to put the criminals in jail

In this application, a myriad of challenges will confront you, demanding the acquisition of various articles, unraveling intricate puzzles, and executing an array of diverse tasks.

Fret not, for this isn’t an enigma beyond your capacities to unravel. Homicide Squad unfolds as a gaming endeavor rife with intricacies, enigmas, and conundrums.

Crafted with the explicit intent to aid you in deciphering and resolving all transgressions perpetrated within the confines of the manor, this game’s ultimate objective is to apprehend the malefactors responsible for the aforementioned criminal transgressions and deliver them unto the clutches of justice.

Find clues in the dark and mysterious rooms of the mansion

In a clandestine and enigmatic fashion, an intricate tale unfolds. The onus falls upon you to unearth cryptic hints and unravel the intricacies of a heinous crime. While immersed in this pursuit, an array of articles within the room awaits your scrutiny, each intimately linked to the malevolent act.

These artifacts materialize on the display, requiring your astuteness to discern them. The imperative lies in interweaving these fragments of evidence, crafting a holistic tableau that unveils itself incrementally. Subsequently, you are allowed to wield decisive action against the malefactor, navigating the intricate labyrinth of clues with discerning acumen.


In the realm of enigmatic conundrums, behold a riveting puzzle venture, where your persona embodies a sleuth of homicides, unraveling the intricacies of a nefarious murder.

Delve into the chronicle of a life extinguished within the opulent confines of a manor, where your paramount objective is to discern cryptic clues and bring the elusive perpetrator to justice. Engage your deductive faculties to correlate these enigmatic fragments with visual representations, ultimately unmasking the culpable party.

Within the precincts of the Homicide Squad, an estate draped in an aura of mystique, myriad hints await your discerning gaze.

The ensemble cast of Homicide Squad comprises an array of characters, each endowed with a distinctive persona. Navigate their idiosyncrasies as you choose to embark on this investigative odyssey either independently or collaboratively. A consortium of detectives, disparate in their personalities, shall lend their sagacity to fortify your pursuit of justice.

Indulge in the immersive realm of the detective mode, a facet of the game where discernment reigns supreme. In this mode, sift through the milieu of clues, skillfully juxtaposing them with pictorial representations. Traverse the junctures of obscured objects and engage in the challenge of matching triads.

This intricate odyssey beckons you to partake in the artistry of deduction, where the amalgamation of cerebral acumen and the pursuit of justice converge in the realm of shadowy enigmas.

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