The Secret Society v1.45.9100 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 05, 2024
Solve puzzles and riddles in a free hidden object mobile adventure game!
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Jan 05, 2024
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The Secret Society MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of The Secret Society MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money download Yours Now.

Immersing yourself in The Covert Guild, an investigative odyssey, unveils a tapestry of enigma and adventure. Woven from an original literary work, players delve into unraveling puzzles and cryptic occurrences that permeate the game world.

Possessing a distinctive prowess, our protagonist must withhold the deployment of this ability until the game’s culmination. Navigating imminent danger necessitates applying acquired skills, transforming the journey’s conclusion into a formidable trial.

The player confronts a pivotal choice, determining the game’s difficulty level. Opting for expedited mystery resolution leads to the facile mode, while those yearning for optimal clues should gravitate toward the standard mode.

Each game juncture unfolds as a cerebral challenge, compelling participants to engage in thoughtful collaboration. The options present: tackle puzzles individually or seek aid from suggestive hints.

The narrative unfolds through the lens of a video game, encompassing an intricate mesh of puzzles and enigmatic occurrences. The quest for clues spans diverse locations, encompassing objects, individuals, and locales.

The Covert Guild, an enigmatic puzzle expedition, initiates its gameplay at the dawn of the 20th century, whisking players away to the historical backdrop of the 19th century.

The imperative? Facilitate the clandestine society in unraveling labyrinthine mysteries. Puzzles transcend mere brainteasers, evolving into elusive mysteries that reshape the player’s cognitive paradigm.

This gaming innovation transcends conventional genres, transforming puzzles into cryptic enigmas. A nod to classics like Clue or the exploits of Sherlock Holmes evokes familiarity. Crafted by the visionary team behind the renowned game Myst, The Covert Guild stands as a groundbreaking creation.

Embarking on the adventure, players encounter an inaugural puzzle and scant clues, unraveling layers of intricate information. The multitude of puzzles necessitates not only analytical prowess but also a reservoir of creative cogitation.

Unveiling answers hinges on discerning clues, occasionally hidden in unconventional locales. The game’s essence lies in its cryptic nature, inviting players into a realm where each step births a new mystery.

Features of The Secret Society MOD APK

Collect items to help you solve great enigmas of your uncle’s mansion

Amidst the customary labyrinthine play of concealed objects, The Esoteric Society has infused a myriad of novel components into the amalgamation. Participants have the opportunity to amass artifacts manifested as precious stones and interchange them, unraveling riddles and conundrums in the process.

As you traverse the realms of the game, you shall unveil supplementary domains laden with extra quests for your accomplishment. Should you be inclined towards audacity, there exists the option to disseminate your solutions to fellow players across social platforms.

Find helpful hints and clues while exploring the game worlds

Within The Enigmatic Consortium, the imperative task befalls upon you to interchange and align precious stones, unraveling elusive cues pivotal for deciphering the grand enigmas concealed within your uncle’s opulent abode.

The greater the discoveries of indications and signs, the more auspicious your prospects become! Your primary goal materializes as the quest to navigate through the game’s intricacies, safeguarding every amassed item until the denouement. This exceptional free mobile hidden object game promises hours of amusement, captivating your attention with its allure.

Continue discovering the secret story of your uncle’s mansion

Traversing the depths of The Enigmatic Consortium, your venture to unveil the covert chronicle of your uncle’s abode endures. This majestic estate, shrouded in mystery through the ages, conceals its myriad untold tales, shielded from the inquisitive gazes of the world. To navigate this cryptic narrative, adept decipherment of an array of intricate puzzles and enigmatic riddles becomes imperative.

The residence itself holds a trove of undisclosed verities, necessitating the deployment of your sagacity and expertise to lay them bare in their entirety. As each puzzle succumbs to your mastery, a resplendent masterpiece materializes, adorning the manor with an augmented ambiance—an empirical token for your endeavors in the quest to unveil surreptitious mysteries.

Unlock more game worlds and continue your journey in search of useful items

In The Enigmatic Consortium, our protagonist, a youthful lad by the name of Tim, embarks on a sojourn to unravel the enigma shrouding a clandestine realm known as the “Dark Room.”

During this expedition, Tim endeavors to decipher a multitude of intricate puzzles and cryptic riddles, each unraveling and leading him closer to the elusive truth. This complimentary hidden object adventure game is poised to captivate and engross you for extensive periods.

As you delve into the gameplay, the opportunity to unlock additional realms, characters, and artifacts presents itself. Seize the moment to partake in this complimentary hidden object escapade, and witness how far your pursuit of invaluable items can carry you.


Embark on an exploration within The Enigmatic Consortium, tackling intricate puzzles and encountering a myriad of captivating personalities. A picturesque island beckons in this concealed object adventure.

Your mission unfurls as an investigative quest, delving into the island’s mysteries and discerning the truth behind the vanishing populace.

The island, cloaked in years of seclusion, necessitates the application of your investigative prowess to unravel the rationale behind its prolonged closure. Traverse the game’s landscape, encountering diverse characters and solving enigmatic puzzles. Scattered across the island are objects awaiting discovery, collectible using your GrabPack, which also serves as a tool for gleaning hints and information.

Beyond the surface, the island holds a tapestry of secrets, boasting over 80 locations to explore and uncover. Engage in dialogues with inhabitants, posing inquiries to unveil the island’s concealed facets.

In The Enigmatic Consortium, a plethora of discoveries awaits across more than 80 distinctive locations. Engage with the island’s denizens, extracting insights through thoughtful queries as you unravel the island’s enigmatic tapestry.

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