Ninja Raiden Revenge v1.6.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 10, 2024
In the legend spoke of Orochi, there was a demon described as an eight–headed snake with eight tails and a constantly bloody and inflamed body that extended over eight valleys and eight hills. For every 100 years, Orochi will revive and sow horror into the world.
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Jan 10, 2024
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Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Within the crucible of this game, players encounter a cascade of missions, each demanding a unique set of skills for triumphant completion. The dynamic nature of Ninja Raiden Revenge is accentuated by regular updates, ensuring a perpetual stream of fresh encounters for players to relish.

Remarkably, mastery of specific skills is not a prerequisite for indulging in this gaming saga. Novices can effortlessly navigate the labyrinthine challenges, relishing the game’s simplicity tailored for beginners.

Embarking on this digital journey, players assume the role of a young protagonist dispatched to Edo for scholarly pursuits. However, the narrative takes a sinister turn as malevolent forces dispatch a cadre of ninjas with a nefarious agenda.

Navigating the game is a tactile endeavor, as players manipulate the character’s movements with deft touches on the screen. Swift leaps, rapid sprints, and decisive strikes against adversaries are executed with finesse. The arsenal at the player’s disposal includes a versatile array of weapons swords, bows, and spears each enhancing the combat experience.

Diversifying the gaming experience are three distinctive modes: Training Mode, a didactic tutorial elucidating the game’s fundamentals; Mission Mode, an expedition through a series of challenging missions; and Battle Mode, a visceral arena where players can engage in online duels, testing their mettle against counterparts from across the digital realm.

Features of Ninja Raiden Revenge MOD APK

Fight with more than 20 challenging levels

In the realm of interactive entertainment, the game unfolds across an array of over 20 formidable levels, each intricately designed to immerse players in a tapestry of exhilarating challenges. For aficionados of the stealthy and agile, this application is unequivocally tailored to satiate your fervor for virtual excitement.

Prepare yourself for an enthralling odyssey of dynamic encounters, as you brace to confront your ultimate adversary, the formidable Orochi! This digital escapade boasts an excess of 20 levels, replete with a diverse arsenal of weaponry and potent enhancements, a singularly crafted hierarchy of menacing bosses, and an ingenious level-crafting tool for those with a penchant for creative exploits.

Various weapons and power-ups

In the realm of this interactive experience, participants engage in the act of vanquishing adversaries through the adept manipulation of a blade or the utilization of extraordinary armaments, such as the archery tool, projectile launcher, and incendiary emitter.

Furthermore, one encounters augmentative artifacts, which can be donned and activated to amplify one’s prowess. In the expanse of this virtual reality, formidable armaments, exemplified by the sword and firearm, can also be discovered.

Distinguished by an exceedingly distinctive gameplay mechanic, this game introduces an additional layer of complexity to the overall challenge.

This peculiarity lies in the conferment of the capability for players to equip an array of weaponry and augmentations scattered throughout the game’s narrative.

With an assortment comprising 16 distinct classifications of armaments and enhancements, each possessing its unique array of merits and demerits, players are confronted with the task of strategically selecting the optimal arsenal for prevailing over even the most formidable of obstacles.

Explore the different environment

Embark upon a journey within this application to traverse a diverse array of landscapes, engaging in formidable combat encounters against the enigmatic Orochi. A total of eight distinct environments await your exploration.

Within each of these environments, a plethora of scenes lies in wait, each brimming with an assortment of unlockable elements. Every scene, in turn, conceals an array of weaponry and artifacts, allowing you to amass a collection that augments your skills and prowess.

Furthermore, a clandestine enclave remains veiled from the prying eyes of fellow players, constituting a concealed realm. Uncover this covert domain to extract the utmost value from your immersive experience.

Collect and upgrade hundreds of weapons and items to kill your enemies

Amidst the intricate realm of this application, participants are tasked with the acquisition and enhancement of an extensive array of weaponry and artifacts, a requisite for conquering adversaries and progressing within the gaming milieu. The accumulation of said items transpires through the act of vanquishing adversaries, a strategic maneuver that demands precision and skill.

Moreover, the augmentation of one’s armamentarium and possessions can be achieved through the utilization of the resources garnered from the conquest of foes, a process requiring astuteness and tactical prowess.

A noteworthy facet is the opportunity for participants to unveil additional accouterments and armaments by expending the currency amassed during gameplay, thereby introducing an element of strategic decision-making into their pursuit of triumph.


Embark upon the clandestine journey of a shadowy ninja, embodying the last vestige of Wind Village’s silent defenders, Raiden. Entrusted with the monumental task of obliterating the malevolent Orochi to salvage the very fabric of our world, your odyssey unfolds through a series of challenges, battles, and meticulously crafted missions.

Within the game’s arsenal, a diverse array of weaponry awaits your adept hands—knives, swords, shurikens, and more. Each mission demands the unraveling of secret passages or the mastery of lock mechanisms, a prerequisite for advancing to subsequent levels.

Augmenting your pursuit are specialized tools strategically placed to aid in the fulfillment of your overarching mission. The culmination of the game hinges upon the accumulation of coins, the vanquishing of adversaries, and the discovery of concealed artifacts.

Immerse yourself further in the world of the clandestine by tailoring your character to hone and elevate your skills. Triumph over foes, and in doing so, reap the rewards bestowed upon you.

Ninja Raiden Revenge unfolds a tapestry of hidden items, where discerning the precise one elevates your score to unprecedented heights. Dabble in the persona of various characters, engaging in combat with counterparts to fulfill the mission’s intricate objectives.

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