Handy GPS v41.5 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 19, 2024
The perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure. Seek, find, record and return home with Handy GPS.
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Feb 19, 2024
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Handy GPS MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Handy GPS MOD APK. An Android Maps & Navigation App this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of contemporary navigation systems, the significance of GPS technology cannot be overstated. However, conventional GPS systems pose a challenge in terms of user-friendliness, particularly when navigating through the intricacies of driving.

Enter this groundbreaking application designed to surmount these challenges. It offers a seamless solution, allowing users to effortlessly discern the direction of their intended destination, visible on their mobile devices even during the act of driving.

The application boasts a plethora of features, establishing itself as a favored choice among users, and gaining widespread popularity. With its simplistic yet sophisticated interface, Handy GPS ensures an intuitive user experience, enabling users to easily grasp its functionalities and navigate with ease.

Functioning as a map application, it presents a straightforward and convenient interface, simplifying the process of locating maps for desired areas. Beyond mere route identification, the application provides detailed directions to specified destinations, ensuring users reach their intended locations effortlessly.

Employing cutting-edge mapping technology, the application guarantees the provision of the most accurate routes available. Its compatibility with all smartphones enhances its utility, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with various devices. The user-friendly interface adds to the convenience, making the application adaptable across diverse smartphone models.

Notably, the application eliminates the need for additional installations, standing out as a self-sufficient and comprehensive solution. Its utility remains unparalleled, offering a convenient and effective means of navigation without the hassle of installing additional applications.

Positioned as a map and navigation application, this innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly pinpoint their locations and chart directions. Boasting ease of use and a plethora of features, the application stands as a beacon in the navigation landscape.

Users gain access to a diverse array of maps and routes, facilitating navigation to any desired location. It represents the epitome of precision in navigation, providing the option to toggle GPS functionality on and off. With this application, users can confidently secure the optimal route, ensuring the fastest travel time.

Features of Handy GPS MOD APK

Navigate to your destination and route using roads, trails, tracks, and more

Embarking upon a formidable odyssey necessitates a tool of unparalleled brilliance a tool adept not only at propelling you toward your chosen destination but also deftly guiding you back to the very genesis of your journey.

Traverse the labyrinth of roads, trails, and tracks with this exceptional marvel, crafting your intricate routes, weaving through the terrain of points of interest, and seamlessly modifying them at your whim. Witness the unfolding narrative of your journey with a glance at the cartographic representation of your progress.

In the realm of this application, your navigation endeavors are elevated to an art form, effortlessly charting a course through roads, trails, and tracks, providing an interface for manual destination input, and furnishing meticulous turn-by-turn guidance.

Behold a comprehensive display of real-time metrics including the current speed limit, altitude, and cardinal direction of your sojourn. Should you find yourself at the helm of a vehicular conveyance, revel in the ability to monitor your advancement through the prism of a live map perspective.

Delve into the temporal intricacies of your expedition, gazing upon the anticipated moment of arrival at your chosen destination. Revel in the app’s adeptness, orchestrating a symphony of calculations, unfurling the precise measurements of the distance traversed and the temporal tapestry woven throughout your journey.

Follow your custom routes with turn-by-turn directions

Enter the realm of cartographic ingenuity as this tool empowers you to mold your very own trajectories through the canvas of the map editor. By meticulously documenting waypoints and subsequently sharing your masterfully crafted route, you open the floodgates to invaluable feedback, a symphony of perspectives on your navigational prowess.

With just a few taps, catapult your route onto the stage of social media, allowing a digital audience to traverse the paths you’ve forged, unraveling the tapestry of their unique explorations.

Harness the prowess of Handy GPS, tailored to fashion a route bespoke to the nuances of terrain, weather fluctuations, and the cadence of your own pace and speed. Dive into the labyrinth of possibilities as you seek and incorporate points of interest (POI), seamlessly integrating them into the intricate tapestry of your chosen route.

In this symbiosis of technology and adventure, time and energy are bestowed upon you as precious gifts, enabling an unwavering focus on the true essence of existence the exhilarating exploration of the expansive great outdoors.

Take photos and record your journey

Within the confines of this multifaceted application lies the capability to metamorphose your device’s camera into a conduit for immortalizing the visual chronicles of your sojourns. Seize the ephemeral beauty of your surroundings, and encapsulate them in the digital confines of the app’s internal memory through both pictures and videos, an anthology of your exploration etched into its virtual tapestry.

Engage in the artistry of cartographic storytelling by crafting a route, adorning it with waypoints that narrate the tales of your journey, a saga meant to be shared with the intimate circles of friends and family through a map that unfolds the intricacies of your chosen path.

As you embark on your odyssey, record the unfolding narrative with the app as your trusty scribe. Immortalize each chapter with photos and notes, relying on the built-in compass for orientation, and navigating the labyrinth of your route. Let the GPS of your phone paint a precise canvas of locations, safeguarding the amalgamation of routes and visuals in the sacred vault of your SD card.

Initiating your journey with Handy GPS is a seamless endeavor. A mere tap on the ‘Start’ button sets the wheels of recording in motion, capturing the essence of your travels. Whether tracing a new route or revisiting cherished locales, a tap on the screen facilitates a pause, seamlessly resuming the narrative exactly where you left off.

Once the recording commences, the app, akin to an ever-vigilant chronicler, diligently logs your position every 5 seconds, persisting in its task even during your repose. A gentle tap on the ‘Stop’ button grants respite, pausing the recording until the next chapter unfolds in your exploration odyssey.

Get driving directions from your current location

In the realm of seamless navigation, behold the epitome of convenience – a tool that transcends the ordinary, offering unparalleled driving directions from your current vantage point. A mere touch of the record button initiates the symphony of recording, an orchestration that effortlessly unfolds your journey, and with equal grace, the cessation at the touch of the stop button.

This transcendent experience extends its grace further, embracing the auditory realm with voice-guided navigation, an innovation that renders the act of navigation an effortless dance. Addressees and destinations become the threads in the intricate tapestry of your journey, woven into the fabric as you traverse, ensuring that every place you’ve ever graced with your presence becomes a beacon, ready to illuminate the path whenever you desire.

In this harmonious convergence of technology and travel, the act of navigation becomes an art, where a simple press becomes the catalyst for a journey mapped out in the intricate notes of your voice, a symphony of directions echoing through the corridors of your exploration.

See the map in 3D and navigate with tilt and rotation

Step into the extraordinary realm of exploration with this unparalleled app, a tool that transcends the mundane, inviting you to unravel the world in three dimensions. Witness the cartographic landscape come to life as the app projects a mesmerizing 3D map, opening avenues for navigation through the nuanced artistry of tilt and rotation.

Empowered by the latest satellite data, the app unfurls a dynamic 3D tableau of the proximate terrain, a canvas where your current location stands as a beacon highlighted in the resplendent hue of yellow.

Manipulate your perspective with a mere rotation or tilt, enabling a panoramic view from any conceivable angle. A simple tap metamorphoses the experience, transitioning to a 2D street map or ascending to aerial mode, offering a comprehensive overview of the entire map in a singular glance.

When the allure of exploration beckons, a gentle tap on ‘Record’ sets in motion the meticulous tracking of your route. Handy GPS, akin to a meticulous chronicler, etches your position at brief intervals, weaving a line on the map that encapsulates your journey’s narrative.

As you traverse the cartographic landscape, the length of the line becomes a visual chronicle, a testament to the distance covered and the path yet to be tread. Immerse yourself in the three-dimensional tapestry, rotating it to encompass the surrounding panorama in a seamless 360-degree embrace.

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What's new

40.6: Added code to work-around the "week number rollover" issue for older GPS chips.
40.3: When waypoint tapped on map, don't show Google navigation toolbar unless enabled on preferences page to avoid crashes.
40.1: When sending a location SMS, also copy message to clipboard to allow pasting in message if required.
40.0: Upgraded Google Maps library to fix bugs. This required increasing the minimum target from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) to Android 4.4 (KitKat).

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