Handy Surveying v9.6 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 24, 2024
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This fully featured surveying app has been developed in consultation with experienced surveyors in both Australia and the US and includes many of the common Coordinate Geometry (COGO) calculations needed for land surveying field work.
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Feb 24, 2024
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Handy Surveying MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Handy Surveying MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of mobile applications, behold an ingenious tool that expedites the creation of surveys with utmost ease. Empowering users to disseminate their inquiries to a substantial audience, this application facilitates the interrogation of opinions regarding desired products or services.

The seamless execution of these tasks is paramount, making Handy Surveying the quintessential solution for those in need of swift outcomes. Moreover, the tool extends its utility to personal connections, enabling users to glean insights from acquaintances on various products or services.

The Handy Survey tool is meticulously crafted for expeditious survey creation. Users wield the power to tailor questions and responses according to their preferences, making it a versatile instrument for both surveys and polls. The capability to dispatch surveys to friends opens avenues to discern their perspectives on diverse subjects. The app transcends mere survey creation, offering a conduit to explore the musings of friends on a myriad of topics.

Unlocking the potential of this application requires naught but a smartphone and a pair of hands. In its latest iteration, the app transforms, introducing features that cater to the evolving needs of users. The enhanced functionality empowers users to garner more precise measurements, facilitated by the introduction of a novel feature.

The process of obtaining accurate measurements is further streamlined, ensuring a seamless user experience. These augmentations elevate the app beyond a mere survey tool, positioning it as a multifaceted companion for individuals engaged in the realm of surveying.

Handy Surveying MOD APK

Simplified COGO operations

In the realm of Handy Surveying, myriad COGO operations unfold their intricate dance. Among the myriad, one can engage in the intricate calculation of spatial separations between points, the derivation of bearings, the establishment of baselines, the revelation of angles, the computation of angular measures, and the art of traversing plot points.

Moreover, this sophisticated tool bestows upon its wielder a repertoire of invaluable functions. These encompass the facile duplication and transplantation of data, the computation of requisite points for specific measurements, and the seamless exportation of data to a CSV file, facilitating seamless integration into alternative software suites.

Stores up to 50 points

This application meticulously archives an array of up to 50 points, offering swift accessibility and manipulation at the user’s fingertips. Each point within this repository is subject to addition, meticulous editing, deletion, and comprehensive examination.

Furthermore, the application extends its functionality by enabling the exportation of a given point as a KML file, ensuring compatibility with esteemed platforms like Google Earth and Google Maps. Impressively, the application also presents the ability to visually represent the point in polygonal and circular forms.

Beyond its adept point management, the application excels in traversing realms of continuous bearings and distances. It efficiently calculates and stores the subsequent point along each leg of a traverse, orchestrating a seamless flow. Post-traverse completion, the application empowers users to plot the course, export the gathered data, and meticulously compute and rectify any misclosures according to their preferences.

Computes the next point on each leg of a traverse

This versatile application possesses the capability to concurrently store points for various jobs, streamlining organizational efficiency. With seamless prowess, it effortlessly calculates and archives the subsequent point along each leg in the continuum of bearing and distance traverses.

Following the completion of a traverse, the application seamlessly facilitates plotting, exporting, and, at the user’s discretion, the meticulous computation and rectification of any disclosures.

Corrects misclosure by computing the perpendicular distance from a point to the line of sight

When utilizing a theodolite to measure a point, the discrepancy arising from the angle between the line of sight and the vertical is termed the disclosure. This deviation becomes a pivotal consideration in ascertaining the accurate azimuth for a traverse, necessitating correction before azimuth computation.

Handy Surveying proves its mettle by not only calculating the misclosure but also adeptly implementing the requisite corrections. Moreover, the application goes a step further, generating azimuth and range corrections essential for a specified azimuth, ensuring meticulous precision in surveying endeavors.

Easy to use and configure

The application boasts a user-friendly design, requiring minimal configuration for effortless utilization. All COGO calculations are readily accessible by default, and the app incorporates an array of tools to facilitate the seamless creation of precise surveys.

Handy Surveying goes a step further by offering pre-configured templates, streamlining the process of initiating a new survey promptly. These templates allow users to efficiently save a project, and the application, in its versatility, can export the project in multiple formats, including GPX, KML, CSV, and Excel.

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What's new

9.6: Updated to target Android SDK 33.
9.5: Save 3D fields when exporting a survey to a CSV file.
9.4: Added a "Copy Database" button on the "About" dialog which allows you to copy the internal database to the app data folder, or restore the internal database from there.
9.3: Updated to target Android SDK 31.
9.2: Bug fixes.
9.1: Compute area and perimeter on Triangle Solver page.
9.0: Added a new "Triangle Solver" page.

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