Handy List v7.4 MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 16, 2024
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Prioritise items and tick them off when done. Perfect for shopping, "to do" lists, and for planning what to take on your next trip away.
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Feb 16, 2024
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Handy List MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Handy List MOD APK. An Android Productivity App comes with a Paid Unlocked MOD Available to download.

“Handy List” emerges as a quintessential tool for orchestrating arrays of elements with simplicity and finesse. This application empowers you to seamlessly architect shopping enumerations, delineate daily endeavors, or catalog your contemplations. Crafted for effortless and intuitive list compilation, it offers you the liberty to inaugurate a fresh compilation by electing a preconfigured template or by importing lists pre-existing. Amongst its repertoire of templates are assortments tailored for procurement, domestic tasks, and a miscellany of spontaneous concepts. “Handy List” prides itself on its minimalistic design, ensuring a user-friendly interface devoid of unnecessary complexity.

In the act of list formation, the application accords you with the flexibility to reposition elements through drag-and-drop gestures or to append items directly. Furthermore, “Handy List” incorporates a suite of options facilitating diverse manipulations—erasing an element, replicating it, or translocating it across compilations. Whether opting to curate a novel list or to augment an active one, this tool is adaptive. Renaming or excising a list is executed with equal ease.

“Handy List” stands as an invaluable ally in the realm of task management, assisting in the orderly arrangement of your obligations. It enables the addition of tasks, the designation of deadlines, and the appointment of responsible individuals. Its readiness is perpetual, contingent only upon internet connectivity. Customization is a cornerstone of “Handy List,” allowing for the personalization of aesthetic elements such as hues, typography, and backdrops. Custom lists can be crafted for personal reference, and lists from external sources can be both imported and exported. Favorite lists may be saved for swift retrieval. This app is instrumental in structuring your tasks and optimizing time management.

Features of Handy List MOD APK

Prioritise items and tick them off when done

HandyList emerges as the paramount solution for orchestrating your obligations and navigational intents. It empowers you to compartmentalize your tasks into categorized compilations, each distinguished by a chromatic hierarchy to signify urgency.

Upon the fulfillment of a task, you are afforded the satisfaction of marking it as concluded, followed by the automated purging of all such designated items. This obviates the necessity for reintegration of forgotten tasks into your roster.

Should the desire arise to peruse your accomplished tasks via your mobile device, HandyList offers an effortless revelation of both completed and pending tasks at a mere gesture. Furthermore, the option to transmute your list into a text document exists for archival or sharing purposes.

Moreover, HandyList extends the convenience of electronic mail notifications timed to the impending deadlines of your tasks, ensuring punctuality remains unbreached.

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Create lists with color-coding

Craft your enumerations with a kaleidoscope of hues, assigning each shade to the urgency of tasks, thereby transforming your to-do list into a visually stratified canvas of priorities.

Ensure to mark the accomplishment of each endeavor with a check. Upon such an act, the application shall herald your success with an auditory chime and a tactile buzz, serving as a tangible reminder of your progress.

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Delete all ticked items

The listing functionality provides the capacity to oversee multiple catalogs directly on your mobile device, devoid of the necessity for internet connectivity or the formalities of registration. As tasks are accomplished, you are empowered to mark them, subsequently erasing all marked entries. Priority among tasks is visually demarcated through the use of color coding, and any list can be seamlessly exported as a text document.

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Add as many lists as you like

Navigating the clutter on your phone can often prove to be a Herculean task. Why not consolidate all your essentials in a single locale? HandyList empowers you to forge an unlimited number of lists, allocating them to any directory of your choosing. Moreover, it allows for the nesting of folders within folders, offering unparalleled flexibility in organizing your lists.

Upon appending an item to a list, HandyList enables you to earmark a completion deadline, assign a priority status (high, medium, low), and append annotations for additional context. Following the accomplishment of an item, you have the convenience to mark it as completed and subsequently expunge all such marked items.

HandyList also boasts a synchronization feature, ensuring your lists remain accessible across devices, thereby mitigating the anxiety associated with device transition.

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Tick items off by swiping left

Handy List introduces a method where items can be effortlessly marked as completed with a mere swipe to the left on each entry. This feature stands as an exemplary tool for monitoring your pending tasks. It not only aids in prioritizing your duties but also serves as an invaluable ally in orchestrating your daily schedule.

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What's new

7.4: Updated to target Android SDK 33.
7.3: Updated to target Android SDK 31.
7.2: Removed priority button to simplify long-press dialog.
7.1: Bug fixes.
7.0: Re-organised long-press dialog to allow buttons to fit on smaller screens.
6.9: Changed buttons which are shown when you long-press on an item so you can move it up or down by 5 or 10 spaces at a time. Bug fixes for reorder page.
6.8: Added a new menu item on the items list page to reorder items by dragging them.

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