Fire Emblem Heroes v7.11.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Orbs)

Last Updated on Dec 16, 2023
Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 30 years, continues its journey on smart devices.
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Dec 06, 2023
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Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited Orbs)

Download The Latest APK Version of Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Orbs Available download Yours Now.

Fire Emblem Heroes stands as Nintendo’s pioneering venture, beckoning players to summon formidable units for engaging battles against adversaries. Embarking as the player’s valiant hero, the imperative is to assemble a formidable army poised for confrontations with the opposing forces.

The construction of a battle-ready team involves the artful combination of diverse heroes, each contributing unique attributes. Leveraging their distinct proficiencies, the player orchestrates both offensive and defensive maneuvers to secure a decisive advantage. The implementation of the innovative Hero’s Path system is pivotal, endowing the player with fresh characters and capabilities to augment the prowess of their unit.

Distinguished for its strategic gameplay, the Fire Emblem series finds a tactile manifestation in Fire Emblem Heroes, where players immerse themselves in the strategic tapestry at their fingertips. The player wields the ability to engage in combat and tailor the battle terrain to personal preferences, an intricate dance of tactical prowess. The summoning of units, endowed with specialized abilities, becomes a strategic gambit to outmaneuver and triumph over the adversary.

Features of Fire Emblem Heroes MOD APK

Create your own hero! Choose a class, gender, and name, and customize your avatar

Entwined in the fabric of character creation is the empowering privilege of dictating your avatar’s class, gender, and nomenclature. This auspicious opportunity becomes a canvas for the manifestation of your unique sense of style, a realm entirely subject to your whims. Delve into the minutiae of customization as you sculpt your avatar’s countenance, configuring facial features, coiffure, and expressive ocular nuances.

The progression of your avatar’s journey unfolds as a dynamic odyssey, a narrative in which you cultivate your skills and navigate diverse battle systems. Each advancing chapter serves as a crucible for honing the acumen of your heroes. Leveling up becomes a pivotal juncture, granting the latitude to assimilate new abilities into the repertoire of your protagonist.

Should the desire for camaraderie beckon, the prospect of connecting your phone to a tablet unveils itself. Through this digital alliance, the invitation extends to friends, beckoning them to join the ranks of your adventuring party. A collaborative venture, where bonds forged in the digital realm mirror the camaraderie woven into the tapestry of your heroic escapades.

Summon and train a team of Heroes

Unite a formidable cadre of heroes, forged in the crucible of battle, to counter the encroaching tides of dark forces threatening the sacred realms of Valmria. Embark on this epic quest by conceiving a bespoke Hero class, an embodiment of your strategic vision. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of customization, meticulously tailoring your hero’s move set with an expansive array of skills and accoutrements.

The summoning ritual, a potent invocation at your behest, allows for the beckoning of heroes at your whim. When the hour of reckoning is nigh, assume the mantle of leadership and guide your assembled champions into the crucible of conflict. Progression unveils its treasures gradually, offering the keys to unlock additional heroes and classes, empowering you to sculpt a team of unrivaled might.

In the relentless pursuit of safeguarding Valmria, each battle becomes a saga, a testament to your mettle. A tapestry of challenges unfolds, interspersed with the discovery of new heroes and classes, adding layers to the richness of your heroic odyssey. Traverse the lands, battle fervently for Valmria, and unveil the tapestry of new content unfurling before you.

Battle in real-time against others in PvP mode

In the realm of Fire Emblem Heroes, a vibrant tapestry of player-versus-player (PvP) battles unfurls, inviting you and fellow players to partake in strategic duels. The arsenal at your disposal spans a diverse array of weapons, armor, and abilities, affording you the latitude to meticulously curate your units for battle. In this turn-based symphony of strategy, the temporal expanse before each engagement becomes a canvas for your tactical acumen to manifest.

Your units, as pawns in this orchestrated ballet of conflict, wield the power to assail, parry, and even conjure arcane spells. The turn-based cadence permits a nuanced planning phase, wherein the strategic threads are woven into a seamless tapestry of maneuvers. Augmenting the prowess of your units, a repertoire of items stands ready for deployment, enhancing their skills and tipping the scales in your favor.

The diversity of the battleground extends beyond your arsenal, as you select units to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the crucible of PvP battles. Each unit, a unique entity with distinctive characteristics and abilities, contributes to the symphony of combat. The unlocking of additional units, a reward garnered through the crucible of PvP, broadens the horizons of your strategic choices and fortifies your roster with newfound strength.

Customize your heroes’ equipment and weapons

Within the expansive realm of Fire Emblem Heroes, the tapestry of customization unfolds, allowing you to adorn your units with an eclectic array of equipment and weapons drawn from the vast expanse of the Fire Emblem franchise. The arsenal at your disposal spans a diverse spectrum of weapon types, encompassing the elegance of swords, the precision of bows, the stalwart defense of shields, and the impenetrable resilience of armor. The threads of choice weave a narrative of strategic diversity, as you curate the loadouts that bestow your units with a formidable edge.

The evolution of your units extends beyond the realm of weaponry. Through a myriad of items, including potions, equipment, and gems, the augmentation of their abilities becomes a strategic gambit, amplifying their prowess on the battlefield. Each choice becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of tactical finesse, contributing to the symphony of your units’ might.

Delving into the minutiae of personalization, the option to metamorphose your units transcends the functional, delving into the aesthetic. Manipulate their visage by altering hair colors and styles, and bedeck them with accessories ranging from hats to belts and shoulder pauldrons. The canvas of customization becomes a realm of artistic expression, allowing you to sculpt a visual identity that resonates with your strategic vision. The power to create units from the very fabric of your imagination, imbuing them with unique traits and skills, elevates the act of customization to a sublime art form.

Build your own village and fight battles

In the chronicles of Fire Emblem Heroes, a clarion call resonates, beckoning heroes to emerge from the shadows! Seize the opportunity to erect your own bastion, a village steeped in the echoes of your strategic ingenuity. Within its hallowed confines, the symphony of customization unfolds—your character, a canvas for personalization, awaits your artistic touch. Elevate your units through the echelons of power, nurturing their ascent as stalwarts in your burgeoning army.

The resonance of heroism extends beyond the confines of your village, as you beckon forth illustrious figures from the expansive Fire Emblem universe to rally to your cause. Each hero, a paragon of unique skills, imposes upon you the mantle of judicious choice during their recruitment. The strategic alchemy lies in assembling a cadre of heroes harmonious in their diversity, a testament to your sagacity.

With your army assembled, the crucible of conflict awaits. Engage other players’ heroes in fierce confrontations, and stand resilient against the onslaught of marauding monsters assaulting your village. Across the tapestry of global competition, unfurl your banner and spar with adversaries worldwide, crafting stratagems that echo with the resonance of victory._

Collect cards to strengthen your units

Embark on a journey where the venerable Fire Emblem formula springs to life on the canvas of your mobile device. Engage in sweeping battles, reminiscent of the timeless turn-based strategy RPGs, where the symphony of warfare unfolds in classic fashion. The clarion call resonates as you meticulously assemble your party, beckoning allies to your cause and summoning formidable units to comprise your formidable army, a force destined to vanquish your adversaries.

The narrative arc unfurls through the story mode, weaving a tapestry where each chapter yields collectible cards, akin to treasured artifacts. These cards, assimilated into your deck, bestow an escalating might upon your units. The alchemy of strength lies in the accumulation of cards, as the numerical infusion augments the potency of your assembled forces. A strategic ballet ensues, where the deployment of cards becomes the nuanced choreography to outmaneuver your foes.

The cadence of progress unfurls a dual narrative—collecting cards not only fortifies your tactical arsenal but also unveils potent bonuses, cascading enhancements that elevate the very essence of your units. In this symphony of strategy, the resonance of victory is orchestrated through the harmonious interplay of story, cards, and strategic finesse.v


Fire Emblem Heroes, the dynamics of a turn-based tactical RPG unfold, infused with the pulsating energy of real-time battles. Assume the mantle of a commander within the kingdom of Hoshido, embarking on a mission of paramount importance—to mend the fractures that afflict the nation and safeguard its beleaguered populace.

The crucible of your undertaking manifests as a war, a conflict that pits the forces of your home kingdom, Hoshido, against the formidable realm of Nohr. The destinies of these two nations hang in the balance, awaiting the decisive stroke of your strategic acumen. The tapestry of the game unravels progressively, introducing characters from the expansive Fire Emblem universe who become integral allies in your quest, standing beside you in the crucible of battle.

Each recruited character becomes a stalwart companion throughout the campaign, their destinies intertwined with yours. Progression begets elevation, allowing you to ascend through the ranks, fortifying the stats of your comrades and tailoring them to your strategic predilections. The onset of each mission unfurls a tableau of choice, wherein the selection of a four-character team becomes a dynamic decision, evolving based on the exigencies of the unfolding situation.

Further depth is imbued into the gameplay through the assignment of characters to distinct classes—the Archer, the Warrior, the Mage, and the Assassin. Each class unfurls a unique tapestry of strengths and vulnerabilities, necessitating astute strategic management to unleash the full potential of your assembled team.

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What's new

・ New skills for Legendary Hero Seliph and Mythic Hero Freyja have been added.
・ New Aether Raids and Arena maps have been added.
・ A stuffed toy, Belly-Rub Sommie, has been added to Aether Resort.

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