Super Mario Run v3.1.0 MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 07, 2024
A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand.
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Mar 07, 2024
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Super Mario Run MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Super Mario Run MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with All Unlocked Available Download Yours Now.

In the realm of digital diversions, “Super Mario Run” emerges as a creation that pays homage to the iconic figure of Mario, a brainchild of Nintendo, celebrated for their contributions to the Super Mario anthology.

Within this virtual odyssey, a temporal regression befalls Mario, attributed to an early-life mishap, thrusting him into an alternate dimension for his adventures.

Leveraging mystical capabilities, Mario navigates by vaulting over hindrances and vanquishing foes. Accumulating coins and achieving objectives are essential for unlocking subsequent stages. Nevertheless, aficionados who prefer not to traverse the entire saga may delight in selectively accessible levels.

The simplicity of gameplay is noteworthy – a mere tap propels one forward, enabling leaps and surmounting of objects. The challenge escalates across three tiers of difficulty.

Initially, the facile nature of the game might induce ennui, yet persistence unveils an increasingly enthralling experience. “Super Mario Run” is an amusement not to be overlooked, offering an innovative take on platforming. In this 3D milieu, participants are confined to lateral movements.

Embodied by a character of considerable stature, players adeptly circumvent obstacles within this constrained environment, presenting unrelenting trials.

Echoing the essence of traditional games while introducing novel trials, “Super Mario Run” demands mastery over an array of maneuvers – leapfrogging, sprinting, scaling, and sidestepping to fulfill quests. The capability to ascend platforms and expedite movement via the run function is indispensable.

A plethora of hindrances await, each designed to elevate the level of challenge, necessitating adept gameplay and strategic foresight for progression.

Through this sophisticated lexicon and intricate sentence structure, “Super Mario Run” is delineated not merely as a game but as a journey of perseverance, strategy, and discovery, all the while honoring its illustrious lineage within the pantheon of interactive entertainment.

Features of Super Mario Run MOD APK

Completely Unlocked

“Super Mario Run” is adorned with an array of in-application acquisitions. Despite their lofty price points, these enhancements are deemed indispensable for those yearning to experience the game’s spectrum of functionalities in their entirety. Yet, it’s noteworthy that “Super Mario Run” is designed with a comprehensive suite of features accessible ad infinitum, sans any financial outlay, ensuring a boundless adventure through Mario’s whimsical world.

Unlimited Coins

In every facet of “Super Mario Run,” coins emerge as the cornerstone of progression. These coveted tokens unlock the potential to acquire edifices, decorative artifacts, characters poised for play, and exclusive skins. Amassing these coins, however, presents a considerable challenge, woven intricately into the game’s fabric.

It is within this context that I modify “Super Mario Run.” This enhancement grants an inexhaustible supply of coins, empowering players to indulge in the procurement of premium items and characters without the constraints of scarcity, thereby enriching their gaming experience.

All 6 Worlds Unlocked

To venture through the entire span of 6 Worlds in World Tour Mode, acquisition of the standard edition of “Super Mario Run” is requisite. Alas, alternative pathways to unveil these realms remain elusive.

Nonetheless, we have engineered a solution that permits unfettered access to all 6 Worlds within this captivating game, ensuring that every corner and crevice can be explored without the necessity of monetary expenditure.

Unlimited Lives

“Super Mario Run” is imbued with levels of considerable difficulty, often culminating in the loss of the game. However, through the provision of lives, players are allowed to resume their journey from the precise juncture of departure. In light of this, we have tailored “Super Mario Run” to bestow upon users an infinite number of lives, thereby enabling a seamless continuation of their adventure, undeterred by the specter of defeat.


Within the vibrant confines of “Super Mario Run,” you embody the role of the illustrious Italian conduit mender, Mario, embarking on an exhilarating quest across the Mushroom Kingdom. The quintessence of your journey hinges on amassing an abundance of coins whilst navigating to the terminus of each tableau.

This digital escapade unfolds across four distinctive modalities of gameplay: the World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder. The World Tour epitomizes the archetypical mode, wherein a predetermined trajectory beckons, studded with coins to be collected.

The Toad Rally introduces a competitive sprint, pitting you against adversaries in a frenetic pursuit of coinage supremacy. Remix 10 presents a formidable challenge, compelling you to surmount a decathlon of stages against the relentless tick of the clock.

Kingdom Builder invites you into the architectonic realm, tasking you with erecting a realm wherein Mario might reside, with the ultimate aim of maximizing fiscal accumulation.

In “Super Mario Run,” your dominion over Mario is exercised through rhythmic taps as he advances unceasingly. Mastery over timing is paramount, enabling you to execute jumps of elegance, aerial pirouettes, and wall scaling to collect coins and achieve the goal with flair.

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