File Tools v6.6.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 22, 2024
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Feb 22, 2024
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File Tools MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of File Tools MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Incorporating a recent enhancement, the application now serves as a facile means to orchestrate your documents. The File Tools not only furnishes a straightforward method to categorize your files but also equips you with an uncomplicated avenue to govern your data.

This innovative application affords users the ability to open, manipulate, obliterate, and rename files effortlessly. Uploading and arranging files are additional functionalities seamlessly integrated.

The application extends its utility to facilitate file searches and prompt access. Upon file upload, an automatic generation of a new folder takes place, alleviating concerns regarding available phone storage. This app ensures perpetual vigilance over your files, eliminating the risk of misplacement.

Widely embraced by numerous users, this tool boasts an extensive array of features and functionalities that harmoniously align with user-friendly interfaces. Although presenting an accessible interface, the application paradoxically harbors a myriad of features.

With its implementation, users can effortlessly institute folders and meticulously organize their files. File Tools not only streamlines the viewing, editing, renaming, and deletion of files but also elevates the overall user experience through its robust capabilities.

Navigating the intricacies of file creation and deletion is rendered seamlessly uncomplicated by this application. The application’s innate capacity to enable the selection of multiple files augments its user-friendly design. Elaborate file details, including creation timestamps and modification dates, are easily accessible.

Automatic identification of file formats ensures optimal conversion, aligning with the user’s preferences and enhancing the overall enjoyability of the application.

Features of File Tools MOD APK

Create folders to store your files

Empowering your capability, the tool facilitates the establishment of a repository, ensuring meticulous organization of all the files necessitating management. This versatile instrument grants you the authority to not only inaugurate a folder but also to seamlessly navigate, modify, obliterate, and redefine the files encapsulated within.

An added layer of convenience unfolds as the application autonomously begets a novel repository upon the initiation of a file upload. This ingenious functionality serves as a salient feature, alleviating any concerns about the dwindling space on your mobile device.

Open, edit, delete, and rename files

In the realm of functional prowess, this application extends to you the authority to unfold, refine, eradicate, and redefine files at your discretion. Facilitating seamless file management, you possess the capacity to initiate file uploads and orchestrate their arrangement. The application’s utility transcends mere manipulation, allowing you to embark on a quest for files with unparalleled ease and subsequently unveil their contents.

A testament to its intuitive design, the application ingeniously engenders a new folder dynamically upon each file upload, preemptively nullifying concerns over depleting storage on your mobile device. The adept incorporation of File Tools ensures an unwavering sense of file organization and retrieval, assuring you never lose your bearings amidst the digital expanse.

Upload files to your device

Unquestionably, this stands as the paramount instrument for the adept management of your files. Seamlessly orchestrating the organization of your digital repository, this application offers unparalleled ease in file administration. Its versatility is epitomized by the unfettered capacity to upload an extensive array of file types to your device.

Navigating through your diverse file collection becomes an intuitive experience, complemented by the facile creation of new folders for systematic file organization. Elevating its functionality, the application extends the option to append descriptive elements to your files and effortlessly alter their nomenclature.

This multifaceted tool transcends mere organizational prowess, granting you the privilege to not only open any file seamlessly but also to partake in the retrieval of files from the vast expanse of the internet. It stands as a testament to streamlined file management, seamlessly intertwining utility with a user-friendly interface.

Search for files

Harness the capabilities of this application to embark on a quest for your files. A proficient searcher, it meticulously sifts through the files nestled within the confines of your phone, ensuring effortless retrieval. The functionality extends beyond mere search prowess, offering you the seamless ability to craft folders within the application’s interface.

This adept feature acts as a preemptive measure, alleviating concerns about the dwindling space on your phone. Embrace the utility of this application, where finding your files becomes an intuitive journey, and the orchestration of folders is an artful curation of digital space.

Organize files

This application extends to you the autonomy to meticulously curate your files within folders. The process is intuitive, allowing you to seamlessly add files to these folders at your discretion. The dynamic nature of this tool enables you not only to move files within folders but also to expunge them from a designated folder.

Executing the movement of a file to another folder is effortlessly achieved through the straightforward action of dragging and dropping the file into the desired destination folder. This seamless orchestration of file organization provides you with a user-friendly experience, where the manipulation and arrangement of files become a fluid and intuitive endeavor.

Share files

Incorporating File Tools into your repertoire unlocks a myriad of collaborative possibilities. Communicate seamlessly by sharing files with friends and family through email or text messages, amplifying connectivity. The application’s innate FTP client empowers you to engage in the bidirectional transfer of files, allowing both uploads and downloads via FTP.

For those navigating a networked landscape with multiple devices and computers, the application extends its utility by facilitating the creation of a network connection. Elevating its functionality, File Tools enables you to synchronize files harmoniously across diverse devices, ensuring a seamless and interconnected digital experience.

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What's new

Version: 6.6.5:
• Fixed: Not able to set External Storage on few Android Phones. Now it will show you a list of available External Storage Volumes.

Version: 6.6.4
• Filemanager - Fixed: Folders are not opening sometimes.
• Filemanager - Fixed: Refresh files/folders when there is a change made by any tools.
• Renamer - Now you can preview the rule before adding the rule to list.
• Image Resizer - Now you can share Images from Gallery for resizing.
• Other Bug fixes and Improvements.

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