Criminal Case Save the World v2.41 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Jan 04, 2024
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Jan 04, 2024
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Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Energy/free Examine Available download Yours Now.

Unleashing the Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK, an intricate detective venture awaits where you delve into crime scenes, decipher puzzles, and unearth elusive clues. This immersive gaming experience offers a pivotal choice between the cerebral detective mode and the vigilant police officer mode.

Embark on the detective mode, where you meticulously scrutinize crime scenes, unravel perplexing puzzles, and extract vital clues. Direct interaction with the victim further amplifies your investigative prowess. On the flip side, the police officer mode thrusts you into the fray against criminal elements.

While autonomy in investigating crime scenes and unraveling clues exist, the game strategically restricts plunging too profoundly without the indispensable aid of the victim. Within the detective mode, engaging in dialogue with the victim unveils crucial cues and evidence indispensable for unraveling the case. Opting to rescue the victim dynamically transforms the gameplay into the action-packed police officer mode.

The police officer mode morphs into a combative battleground, featuring an arsenal selection encompassing a pistol, baton, and taser. These formidable weapons become instrumental in effecting the apprehension of criminals.

Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK epitomizes a detective odyssey centered around crime scene exploration and case resolution. Players are empowered to navigate crime scenes, decode criminal conundrums, and apprehend wrongdoers.

Players traverse crime scenes, meticulously solving crimes and ensnaring criminals. Select from five distinct characters – Detective Nick, Detective Sarah, Detective Jack, Detective Sara, and Detective Alex.

Exercise agency by adopting your unique character or experiment with the diverse personalities provided. Choose between solo crime scene investigations or leveraging the support of three distinct detectives.

Diverse case resolutions unfold through varied methodologies: interrogating suspects, meticulous crime scene examination, and a relentless search for elusive clues.

Features of Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK

Travel the globe to solve the most challenging cases

Embark on a global odyssey and unveil the most exhilarating locales to apprehend perpetrators. Scrutinize crime scenes for subtle hints, summon the suspects for interrogation, and scrutinize the evidence meticulously to apprehend the perpetrators. Are you prepared to showcase your acumen as a detective?

The Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK presents a distinctive amalgamation of enigma and dynamism. Traverse the expanse of the Earth and uncover some of the most riveting settings to apprehend those responsible for heinous acts.

Experience a thrilling hidden-object puzzle adventure

Take a deep dive into the captivating world of Criminal Cases. A gripping hidden-object puzzle adventure game with an engaging story is Save the World MOD APK. Take part in an elite police team’s global journey while helping to solve several puzzling murder cases.

Embark on an odyssey through crime scenes, pursuing elusive clues, engaging in in-depth interrogations of suspects, and meticulously scrutinizing the evidence to apprehend the elusive wrongdoers. Are you ready to showcase your expertise in unraveling mysteries?

Uncover the mysteries behind a series of murder

Reveal the transgressions, amass substantiating evidence, and subject witnesses to intensive questioning to unveil the enigma surrounding crime scenes. Capture visual records of the evidence through photography and dispatch them to the law enforcement agency.

Additionally, scrutinize the evidence meticulously and unearth concealed items using the in-game camera functionality.

Discover the details of each crime scene

Unearth the intricacies of every crime locale, extracting clues from an extensive array of settings such as hotels, eateries, bars, residences, and beyond.

Trail the breadcrumbs of evidence, engage in interviews with witnesses, and assemble the mosaic of each case. Prepare to champion justice and apprehend the wrongdoers!

Within the realm of Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK, players are granted the opportunity to scrutinize crime scenes across the globe, delving into the specifics of each enigma. Your mission involves deducing the identity of the perpetrator by meticulously dissecting the crime scene.

To accomplish this, your task is to locate pivotal items surreptitiously placed within the room and draw comparisons with those discovered in the suspect’s dwelling. An exhaustive analysis of the crime scene is imperative to amass a comprehensive understanding of all available information.


Criminal Case Save the World MOD APK introduces a novel Hidden Object gaming experience, immersing players in the familiar yet thrilling scenario of crime resolution. The game unfolds across 5 distinct episodes, each housing a unique case accompanied by a different detective persona.

Engage in a quest to uncover the traces left by malefactors, where your ultimate objective is case resolution. Assemble evidence and conduct interviews with witnesses to unmask the perpetrator.

Navigate each scene with diligence, unveiling concealed clues such as keys, documents, weapons, and more, utilizing the Detective Toolbar as your indispensable aid. Employ the mouse for efficient item searches.

Gather a spectrum of evidence, ranging from fingerprints and DNA samples to traces of blood. Leverage these findings to construct a comprehensive profile of the wrongdoer, augmenting the depth of your investigation.

In the expansive realm of Criminal Case Save the World, extend your exploration to the suspect’s abode or workplace, encountering unique challenges with each case. Whether unlocking safes, scouring residences, or apprehending suspects, your adept detective skills will be put to the test.

Exercise the freedom to choose between male and female detective avatars, culminating each case with the opportunity to capture an incriminating photograph of the apprehended criminal.

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