Criminal Case Paris v2.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Criminal Case Paris MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Criminal Case Paris MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Star/Energy/Money Available download Yours Now.

Embarking on a captivating journey through the enchanting streets of Paris, Criminal Case Paris emerges as an intriguing adventure game meticulously fashioned by the adept hands of NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.

Debuting in the gaming arena in September 2012, this digital escapade introduces players to the central figure, Simon Lavery, an acclaimed detective endowed with youthful prowess and a fervent passion for deciphering criminal puzzles. Simon, a proficient police officer, shares an enduring camaraderie with Renée, his partner, as they collaborate to unravel the intricacies of criminal cases.

The narrative unfolds under the cloak of night in Paris, setting the stage for two pivotal crimes. The initial tragedy transpires with the demise of Lise, a young woman discovered lifeless in her apartment, adorned with stab wounds and a tableau of violence.

Simultaneously, another tale of terror unfolds within a nearby hotel, where a young woman meets a gruesome end within the sanctuary of her home. A blood-stained knife near her lifeless form serves as a chilling testament to the unfolding tragedy.

Criminal Case Paris beckons players to traverse diverse locales within the city, each holding clues and potential suspects. A meticulously crafted map acts as a guide, illuminating the precise locations of crime scenes and potential perpetrators.

Navigating through the heart of each crime scene, players employ an arsenal of investigative tools, featuring a fingerprint scanner, flashlight, mobile phone, and computer. These instruments serve as conduits for uncovering fingerprints, scrutinizing images, and extracting vital information essential to assembling the intricate puzzle of each case.

Amidst the gameplay, a tapestry of diverse engagements unfolds, ranging from the meticulous exploration for elusive hints to the intellectual challenge of deciphering intricate enigmas. Triumph in these pursuits rewards participants with experiential increments, propelling them further into the convoluted narrative of Criminal Case Paris.

Beyond its surface allure, the game unfurls as a methodical repository of knowledge, providing participants with invaluable insights to fortify their unwavering quest for truth. Dynamic animations and poignant auditory embellishments augment the immersive encounter, weaving a compelling storyline that ensnares participants, enticing them to submerge themselves in the simulated expanse.

In the intricate choreography between ingenuity and narration, Criminal Case Paris stands as a guiding light, beckoning participants not merely to engage but to immerse themselves in a realm where every minutia and clue crafts a vibrant tableau of suspense and fascination. The game extends an offer to delve into the multifaceted aspects of crime resolution, vowing an absorbing ordeal that surpasses the confines of the digital domain.

Features of Criminal Case Paris MOD APK

Multiple endings based on your choices

Influencing the outcomes of your journey lies in the diverse web woven by your decisions and actions throughout the immersive gameplay. Furthermore, your adept performance might unlock supplementary conclusions, providing an entirely novel dimension to your gaming encounter.

Embarking on Criminal Case Paris unveils an array of intricate cases demanding investigation, each harboring a myriad of conclusions contingent upon the intricacies of your selections. Your strategic choices etch their mark on your case dossier, compelling you to navigate the game with meticulous care, judiciously plotting every move to sculpt the narrative unfolding before you.

Enjoy detailed graphics and a charming storyline

Immersed within the realm of Criminal Case Paris, one is greeted by a captivating narrative seamlessly interwoven with exquisite visuals. The artistry displayed in the graphics is nothing short of remarkable, conjuring a lifelike ambiance that envelops the player. The unfolding scenes not only captivate the eyes but also evoke a profound sense of realism as if the digital world mirrors tangible existence.

The storyline unfolds as a gripping tale of a criminal case, inviting players to unravel its intricacies. The Parisian law enforcement takes center stage, conducting a meticulous investigation that immerses players in the heart of the unfolding drama. Step by step, the player is drawn into the challenge of solving the case, with both the narrative and visuals contributing to an enriching and truly enjoyable gaming experience.

Unlock bonus levels and collect hidden objects as you progress

Introducing Criminal Case Paris, a novel and distinctive addition to the repertoire crafted by the ingenious minds behind the Criminal Case series.

Transported to the enchanting backdrop of Paris, this game mirrors its predecessor in the tapestry of its narrative, the essence of gameplay, and the atmospheric allure it exudes. However, a unique twist awaits as you step into the shoes of a police officer, embracing a different perspective on the unfolding drama.

Your mandate? To delve into the intricate fabric of the city of Paris, investigating and unraveling a series of perplexing murders. The game unfolds progressively, unveiling not only the primary storyline but also unlocking a cascade of bonus levels that enrich your gaming experience.

Journeying through the game, a temporal twist emerges, urging you to revisit the past by completing bonus levels from preceding games. To maximize your gaming immersion, a keen eye for concealed objects becomes imperative, unlocking hidden realms and adding layers of depth to your gameplay.


the enthralling journey of Criminal Case Paris, an immersive hidden object game where you delve into crime scenes, meticulously gathering clues, and apprehending suspects for interrogation.

Your mission unfolds as a delicate dance of matching objects and evidence found at the crime scenes to the potential suspects. The essence of solving a case lies in the meticulous arrangement of the right items in their rightful places, coupled with astute analysis of the evidence to unveil the true culprit.

Diverse crime scenes unfold, demanding the utilization of your intellect and detective prowess to navigate the intricate puzzles and unveil the identity of the perpetrator. Your primary tools in this pursuit are the magnifying glass and the camera.

A mere click on an item within the scene summons the magnifying glass to the lower-left corner, enabling you to zoom in and scrutinize the details closely. The camera, stationed in the upper left corner, allows you to capture a visual record of the item, adding a layer of documentation to your investigative arsenal.

As the narrative of Criminal Case Paris unfolds, your journey will be adorned with an expanding array of items and clues, each propelling you forward in your relentless pursuit of solving the enigmatic cases that await.

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