Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past v2.41 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past MOD APK. An Android Adventure Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Star/Energy/Money Available download Yours Now.

In the realm of interactive narratives, the enigmatic enigma encapsulated within the Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past MOD APK beckons. An odyssey where you, the protagonist, assume the mantle of a discerning detective, bestowed with the formidable task of unraveling complex cases and ensnaring malefactors. Concurrently, this venture thrusts you into the exhilarating crucible of investigative prowess.

Embarking on your detective journey, the onus is upon you to unearth subtle clues and diligently trace the elusive tracks of the culprits. Your objective: to apprehend the perpetrator and substantiate your investigative mettle by assembling the mosaic of evidence, and constructing an incontrovertible case.

The intricacies of Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past MOD APK unfurl across ten enthralling chapters, each a tapestry of multifaceted clues. Each clue, a mosaic piece, compels your acumen to bridge connections, fashioning a comprehensive tableau that exposes the truth concealed within the shadows.

This game is no mere foray into simplicity; it demands more than perfunctory clue discovery. The discerning detective must weave these fragments together, synthesizing a coherent narrative that leads inexorably toward the veracious revelation.

The tapestry extends beyond the criminal denizens. As you navigate the labyrinthine narrative, an array of personas, each endowed with distinctive veracity and visage, crosses your path. Their veracity spans a spectrum, some paragons of candor, others harboring duplicity. Every encounter unfurls diverse personalities, a symphony of traits that culminate in varied information and disparate clues.

Analytical acumen becomes your ally as each discovered clue necessitates meticulous scrutiny. The plethora of clues exponentially heighten your likelihood of resolving the enigma concealed within the crime’s intricate tapestry.

Personalization is not neglected in this odyssey. Craft your detective persona with the prerogative to metamorphose appearances, gender, and nomenclature. Your avatar is a unique synthesis of choices, an identity crafted in consonance with your discerning taste.

Journeying through Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past MOD APK, your path converges with an expanding tapestry of individuals. Interactions become pivotal as dialogues unfold, proffering opportunities to solicit aid or glean insights for unraveling the conundrum at hand.

These individuals, a fount of clues, coalesce to fortify your arsenal in the pursuit of justice. However, vigilance is paramount; a meticulous cataloging of every clue becomes the lodestar guiding your quest for truth in this intricate odyssey.

Features of Criminal Case Mysteries of the Past MOD APK

Discover the story behind the crimes and the characters involved in the case

In the enigma of Criminal Case Puzzles from the Historical Epoch MOD APK, you will find yourself entangled in unraveling numerous enigmas, each possessing its intricate narrative and distinctive personalities.

Embark on riveting escapades, delving into the saga surrounding these transgressions. Journey back to the 19th century and unveil the veritable chronicle behind this enthralling clandestine object pursuit game.

You shall trace the narrative beneath the criminal episodes and the personages entwined within the lawsuit. It becomes imperative to scrutinize crime scenes meticulously, summon suspects for interrogation, and scrutinize evidentiary elements with precision to apprehend the perpetrators.

Uncover hidden objects and follow clues to find out who committed the murders

Immersed within the enigmatic realm of Criminal Case Mysteries from a Bygone Era MOD APK, you find yourself engaged in a spellbinding quest, where unraveling diverse murder scenes and deciphering elusive clues become the essence of the game.

Transported back to the 19th century, you become an investigator compelled to unveil the cryptic narrative enveloping the savage demise of Mrs. Stanbury, her progeny, and her son-in-law. Employ your discerning investigative prowess to reveal concealed artifacts and pursue the intricate trails of evidence, all in the pursuit of unmasking the elusive culprits behind these heinous acts.

Unlock additional levels after completing the main story

Criminal Case Enigmas of Historical Chronicles MOD APK weaves an authentic narrative within an opulent setting, where each stage boasts a distinctive layout. As you progress through the principal storyline, unlocking supplementary levels becomes a tantalizing prospect.

Diversifying the gaming experience, an array of activities awaits your engagement. Beyond the realm of puzzle resolution, you can immerse yourself in entertaining mini-games, embark on quests to discover vital clues, unveil concealed objects, and traverse crime scenes.

To unravel the enigma concealed within the narrative and aid your pursuit of justice, an exploration of crime scenes becomes pivotal. Delve into the intricacies, striving to unearth the truth and expose the elusive perpetrator lurking behind the veil of mystery.

Choose from 3 difficulty settings to suit your playing style

Criminal Case Puzzles of Historical Chronicles MOD APK introduces a dynamic gaming experience by offering a trio of distinct difficulty tiers, granting players the autonomy to tailor the level of challenge according to their preferences. The flexibility to alter difficulty settings resides within the in-game configurations, enabling seamless adjustments at any juncture.

Indulge in the multifaceted allure of three difficulty choices, meticulously crafted to align with your gaming proclivities. Whether you traverse the realm as a novice or a seasoned investigator, abundant challenges await your discovery within this immersive gaming milieu. Additionally, relish the convenience of offline gameplay, providing an added incentive for those who prefer to navigate the mysteries at their own pace.


Commence your journey by procuring the game, initiating the download, and subsequently installing it on your device. Once accomplished, you’ll be greeted by the game’s primary menu. Positioned on the left flank is an inventory of available games.

Navigate to your chosen game and execute a click to set Criminal Case Puzzles of Historical Chronicles MOD APK into motion. Simultaneously, revel in the flexibility to partake in gameplay even as the download is underway.

On your handheld device, the game seamlessly downloads the APK file, akin to those sourced from the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, for tablets, establish a connection to your computer through a USB cable to facilitate the download process.

Upon your smartphone, relish gameplay directly from the home screen. Initiate play by tapping on the game icon, prompting you to sign in via your Google account or opt for Facebook authentication.

Once immersed in the gameplay, the home screen unfolds, presenting an array of essentials and pertinent information. Choose from four distinct modes—standard, free version, photo mode, or high definition—to tailor your gaming experience.

Criminal Case Puzzles of Historical Chronicles embarks with a concise introduction, accompanied by a roster of items awaiting discovery.

Your pursuit involves scouring for clues, unraveling puzzles, and amassing diverse objects, encompassing images, documents, letters, and more.

Objects manifest in various formats, including maps, images, and audio files, enriching the immersive experience.

Discover an eclectic array of items throughout the game, each necessitating identification and collection. Culminate your journey by locating the ultimate clue or resolving the concluding puzzle, bringing closure to Criminal Case Puzzles of Historical Chronicles.

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