20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK 2.9 (All Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jun 06, 2023
Upgrade, Build and Survive! Defend hordes of vampires now!
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Jun 06, 2023
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20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK (All Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of 20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK. An Android Role Playing Game this MOD comes with All Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK is a role-playing game in which you can live a night in the world of monsters. You will fight against a lot of monsters to survive.

The monster will try to eat you and you have to fight to defend yourself. If you are not strong enough, you will die.

The game has a story that will make you feel uncomfortable. You will meet many characters that will help you to survive. The game is not just about fighting.

There are many other things that you can do. You will find many other features that will make you enjoy the game.

You will be required to fight a lot of monsters. The more you fight, the more money you will earn. You can buy items and weapons for you to use in your battle.

If you want to play the game, you must be ready to face the challenges. 20 Minutes Till Dawn is not easy to play. You should be prepared to fight to the end.

20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK is a game where players need to experience a different kind of role-playing. It is a survival RPG that will make you think and plan ahead.

The game takes place in the near future in a world where people are trying to survive. In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, the player is a part of the group of survivors, and you need to help them survive.

There are three factions in the game, and each faction is fighting for its own reasons. They have to work together to survive and protect their families. You can join either side, and you can choose what side you want to be on.

Each faction has its own set of missions and objectives. The player can choose which faction he wants to join. The game has a good story with many twists and turns, and the character is quite complex.

Players can play through the game solo or can play with friends. Each faction has a leader and a few other NPCs to guide you.

The game is set in a futuristic setting, so players will feel that they are in another world. 20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK will make you think and plan ahead.

Features of 20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK

Randomly generated maps, enemies and items

We are using a random number generator to generate a map every time you play. This means that no two maps are alike and no two runs of the game are the same. We use this to make the game more challenging and fun.

20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK use an algorithm to generate enemies and items. This means that every time you play, the enemies and items are different. This keeps the game fresh and makes it more fun to play.

Upgrade your weapon and armor

20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK offers you a huge amount of weapons and armor to upgrade and craft. From shotguns to machine guns, rocket launchers, and flame throwers, you can choose your favorite weapon from a large selection.

Moreover, you can craft your own weapons and armor by combining parts of your weapons and armor to create something new. As you level up, you can unlock more powerful and better-crafted weapons and armor.

Build your house to protect you from the undead

You’ll be able to build your home to defend yourself from the undead. The house can have multiple floors, windows, and doors. Each floor can have multiple rooms where you’ll be able to store weapons, potions, food, and other useful items.

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK, You can also craft and improve your own weapons and armor. You can also set traps to trap and kill the undead.

Play as a vampire, witch, werewolf, or warlock

Play as a vampire, witch, werewolf, or warlock and fight back against the legions of vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves and other creatures who want to destroy the human race!

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK You can choose to play as a vampire, witch, werewolf or warlock. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Be careful not to let them know about your secret identities, or you’ll be facing some serious consequences!


In 20 Minutes Till Dawn MOD APK, you start out as a vampire. The game consists of randomly generated levels, where you fight waves of enemies and try to reach the end of each level before the sun sets.

There are four weapons available, each with a different range and damage. A pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, and a flamethrower.

The game will start you out with three bullets, and you can earn more by shooting zombies. As you progress through the game, you will find upgrades for your weapons, and you can buy new weapons with your hard-earned cash.

Each level has a special weapon you can buy. These weapons can be used in any of the levels and will make the game easier or harder.

The game also features a system where you can get infected by the zombies and will become a zombie. Once you die, you will be sent back to the beginning of the level.

You can get back to the beginning by killing zombies. 20 Minutes Till Dawn is a fast-paced, action-packed, arcade-style game.

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What's new

1. New character: Dasher
2. New items
3. Sign-up system added
4. Achievement rewards added

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