X Cleaner v1.6.40.1ed0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 23, 2024
Looking for an Android powerclean solution with a touch of device care to achieve that speed boost? Considering a sweeping app for a thorough junk removal? Thinking of a data eraser, which could also act as a ram cleaner and speed booster for Android at the same time? Lost in big bulky solutions from Eset, Avast or Norton? Then welcome to one-stop device maintenance app, X-Cleaner.
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Sep 08, 2022
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X Cleaner MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of X Cleaner MOD APK. An Android Tools App comes with Pro Unlocked MOD Available to download.

In the realm of digital hygiene, behold a formidable tool, X Cleaner, a potent application crafted for the discerning wielder of smartphones, especially those ensnared in the labyrinth of social media. This ingenious app is meticulously engineered to purge your smartphone of superfluous data, ensuring a lean and efficient digital existence. Particularly tailored for the aficionados of social platforms, X Cleaner emerges as the harbinger of order, effortlessly decluttering the digital sprawl and rendering your device resplendent, akin to its maiden days.

Gone are the archaic days of manual phone cleansing; the zeitgeist of technological evolution bequeaths us the capability to automate the purgation process. X Cleaner, an embodiment of simplicity and expediency, offers a seamless experience, demanding minimal temporal investment for the culmination of its cleansing endeavors. Users revel in the facile navigation, gaining unprecedented insights into the labyrinthine details of their device’s digital tapestry. Post-cleansing, a salient notification heralds the reinvigoration of your phone, ready for renewed engagements.

Beholding X Cleaner for Android, an omnipotent custodian, endowed with the prowess to emancipate your phone from the shackles of digital detritus. This virtuoso application orchestrates a symphony of efficacy, expelling the vestiges of extraneous files and the app’s cache. The aftermath of this digital exorcism bestows a performance enhancement upon your device, elevating the user experience to a zenith of excellence. Witness the acceleration of your device’s operability, a testament to the finesse of X Cleaner, effortlessly navigable and universally compatible.

Features of X Cleaner MOD APK

Sweep and clean with one swipe

In the realm of technological guardianship, this application stands as a meticulous curator for the maintenance of your device. Its genesis revolves around a singular objective — aiding users in the meticulous preservation of their devices’ optimal condition.

Crafted with a contemporaneous and instinctive user interface, the application beckons simplicity to the forefront, making interaction an effortless endeavor.

Engage in the ‘Sweep’ maneuver, a gesture-driven symphony allowing the facile eradication of undesirable applications and files, swaying left or right. Furthermore, the ‘Boost’ functionality, readily accessible from the home screen, becomes a virtuoso, enhancing your device’s performance. Proficient in the optimization of RAM and sundry system resources, the app extends its prowess to cleanse the cache memory, fostering efficiency.

Remove all traces of your data with one tap

Beyond the formidable arsenal of a potent sweeping implement and an erudite data expunger, X-Cleaner reveals its multifaceted persona as a custodian of data storage. As a default protocol, the application undertakes the obliteration of all vestiges of your data universe — spanning files, directories, applications, and the like. A mere click empowers you to orchestrate the collective dismissal of files and folders, coupled with the cleansing of both app and system caches, epitomizing an encompassing approach to data hygiene.

Get rid of all unused space with a single click

In the realm of digital purification, X-Cleaner emerges as a robust cleansing virtuoso, facilitating the liberation of untapped expanses within your device with a singular click. Unshackling storage space becomes a seamless venture, achieved through the expunction of superfluous applications, files, images, melodies, cinematic wonders, and more.

Crucially, it merits attention that the efficacy of your device remains untouched by adverse consequences. The moment you engage the “Clean” button, all latent expanses undergo instantaneous obliteration, ensuring a performance continuum devoid of any encumbrances.

Back up your data and protect your privacy

Effortlessly transcribe your data to your computer’s repository through the conduit of Bluetooth, establishing a secure archive. In the eventuality of inadvertent data deletion, a facile restoration pathway beckons from the annals of the backup file. Moreover, instituting a barricade against unauthorized intruders is rendered uncomplicated, empowering you to easily fortify your phone’s security.

Should an application falter in its functionality, you hold the reins to facilely erase the cache and expunge the application, ensuring a streamlined user experience tailored to your preferences.

Block unwanted apps and secure your Android

Embedded within the app is a vigilant antivirus engine, serving as a stalwart guardian to fortify the sanctuary of your Android against the perils of malware infiltration. Averting the specter of data loss becomes a facile endeavor through the seamless file backup feature. The app extends its dominion further, granting you the authority to thwart undesired applications.

Augmenting the fortress around your Android is the option to invoke a lock screen, providing an additional stratum of security. Customize your defense by modifying the lock screen password or toggling the password protection, endowing you with precise control over your device’s fortifications.

Clear cache, block ads, and improve battery life

Efface the cache, stymie intrusive ads, enhance battery, and longevity, and conserve precious data – the repertoire of X Cleaner unfolds as a quintessential solution for phone optimization. Tailored with precision, this application emerges as the paramount avenue to not only declutter your device but also to amplify battery life and elevate performance to its zenith.

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