X Cleaner for Android v1.5.36.0073 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Last Updated on Feb 08, 2024
Looking for an Android powerclean solution with a touch of device care to achieve that speed boost? Considering a sweeping app for a thorough junk removal? Thinking of a data eraser, which could also act as a ram cleaner and speed booster for Android at the same time? Lost in big bulky solutions from Eset, Avast or Norton? Then welcome to one-stop junk file cleaner, X-Cleaner.
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Feb 07, 2024
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X Cleaner for Android MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of X Cleaner for Android MOD APK. An Android Tools App this MOD comes with Pro Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

X Cleaner is an essential application designed to optimize and declutter your Android device. It specializes in the elimination of superfluous junk files cluttering your system. This utility provides insights into the storage allocation of your device, enabling the identification and disposal of unnecessary files. Its user-friendly interface ensures swift and visible outcomes, enhancing device performance.

Moreover, X Cleaner facilitates the creation of a customized cleaning regimen, allowing for automated device maintenance at optimal intervals. This feature ensures your phone remains in pristine condition, safeguarding against potential security risks.

Renowned for its utility and necessity, X Cleaner has become an indispensable tool for Android users. It offers a straightforward solution for identifying and eradicating unwanted junk files, thereby liberating valuable storage space. This capability is particularly advantageous for users requiring immediate storage management.

For those with rooted devices, X Cleaner expands its utility by offering management options for the root file system, allowing for deeper customization and optimization of the Android ecosystem. This feature also aids in maximizing internal memory space, with the added benefit of installing any desired application without restrictions. Remarkably, this powerful tool is available at no cost, providing users with unfettered access to enhance and personalize their device experience.

Feature of X Cleaner for Android MOD APK

Clear and concise instructions;

X-Cleaner is crafted with an emphasis on user-friendliness and straightforward navigation, boasting clear, succinct directions for ease of use. Its design prioritizes efficiency and minimal resource consumption, ensuring it doesn’t overburden your phone’s operational capacities.

Accompanying the app is a lucid and comprehensive user manual, along with detailed guidelines to facilitate a smooth introduction for first-time users, ensuring you embark on the right foot.

Moreover, X-Cleaner enhances its utility with features like a one-touch scan and a streamlined clean action bar, simplifying the process of identifying and addressing areas requiring cleanup. This intuitive design guarantees that you can easily manage your device’s cleanliness, regardless of your location.

An innovative aspect of X-Cleaner is its utilization of your device’s camera to detect any physical smudges or debris on your phone screen, blending digital maintenance with physical cleanliness for a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Optimizes your device’s memory.

X-Cleaner is engineered to streamline your device’s memory by purging it of redundant and temporary files. This application empowers users with the ability to selectively pinpoint the files and folders they wish to declutter, ensuring a safe removal process.

Additionally, the app offers the flexibility to tailor a cleanup process that best suits your needs, allowing for a bespoke optimization experience.

Touted as the most efficient method to enhance your device’s performance and prolong its battery life, X-Cleaner plays a crucial role in optimizing your phone’s memory. It adeptly eliminates unnecessary files, along with cache and cache data, thereby freeing up valuable space and resources.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the app boasts a straightforward interface and occupies minimal storage space, making it an unobtrusive yet powerful tool for maintaining your device’s health.

No ads, no third-party permissions, no permissions whatsoever.

The X-Cleaner application is designed with the user in mind, featuring an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interface tailored specifically for mobile phones. If your goal is to tidy up your smartphone, downloading X-Cleaner allows you to commence the cleanup process instantly. Remarkably, the app is completely free of in-app purchases, eliminating the need for additional expenditures or subscriptions to unlock its full potential. Furthermore, the app is devoid of advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted and privacy-conscious experience without the risk of third-party data access.

Embodying the essence of simplicity, X-Cleaner operates on a straightforward, one-tap mechanism, alleviating concerns over excessive permissions or third-party interference.

At the heart of X-Cleaner lies a commitment to simplicity and enhancing the user experience. Our dedication to user satisfaction is evident in our decision to eschew intrusive ads, unnecessary permissions, and forced payments. Our primary aim is to deliver joy and satisfaction to our users through a clean, efficient, and hassle-free service.

Clean your device from spam, unwanted apps, and apps that you no longer use;

Our X-Cleaner application is adept at purging your device of the detritus that accumulates over time, offering a swift and efficient means to expunge spam, superfluous applications, and other digital refuse. It enables the elimination of apps that have fallen out of favor or use, alongside the capacity to cleanse your device’s storage by discarding redundant files and folders.

This exceptional tool for phone sanitation facilitates a streamlined process to dispose of undesirable applications, thereby maintaining your device’s cleanliness and ensuring an uncluttered smartphone environment.

X-Cleaner grants the convenience of excising unused applications, including games, utility apps, and other non-essential software. The feature to eliminate unwanted apps en masse is particularly beneficial, offering a significant reduction in both the time and effort required for digital housekeeping.

Clean all types of accounts (Google, Facebook, iCloud, etc.)

X-Cleaner stands out as the premier solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your phone. Its user-friendly interface ensures that regardless of your needs—be it app deletion, storage cleanup, contact management, WhatsApp message clearing, or system tidying—X-Cleaner is equipped to handle it effortlessly.

This comprehensive tool extends its capabilities to encompass the cleaning of various accounts, including Google, Facebook, iCloud, and more. Furthermore, X-Cleaner delves into the realm of messaging apps, offering specialized features to declutter your WhatsApp account by removing chat histories, photos, videos, and voice messages, thus ensuring a streamlined and organized digital space.

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