Voice Announcer v1.0.6 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Last Updated on Mar 04, 2024
Very easy to know who is calling you without having to look at you phone. Voice Announcer will shout or read the caller name & or number of the caller.
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Mar 04, 2024
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Voice Announcer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Download The Latest Version of Voice Announcer MOD APK. An Android  Communication App comes with Premium Unlocked MOD Available to download.

Venerated is a vocal cognition application that eloquently vocalizes your uttered expressions. This uncomplicated tool facilitates seamless interpersonal exchange, enabling calls, text transmissions, and audio memos. Gratis for acquisition and operation, Voice Announcer boasts a global user base numbering in the millions. Esteemed as the preeminent vocal cognition utility, it offers unparalleled ease of communication.

Employing the phone interface, one can effortlessly initiate calls, dispatch messages, and record spoken memos. Its ubiquity is evidenced by its widespread adoption among users worldwide. This straightforward tool streamlines interpersonal communication, ensuring effortless interaction with others.

 Feature of Voice Announcer MOD APK

Announcements can be configured to play in the background.

This innovative notification application orchestrates auditory notifications surreptitiously, allowing users to seamlessly continue their activities. With this application, you possess the capability to customize notifications and enact them at your discretion. Consequently, you can indulge in your preferred melodies while navigating the roads, for instance, without necessitating a glance at your device.

The auditory notifications are prompted by an array of occurrences, encompassing low battery levels, network connectivity alterations, incoming calls, SMS/MMS messages, and application notifications.

These auditory alerts are dispatched to all devices linked to the user’s account and can be tailored to operate clandestinely or muted.

Should you desire to absorb the auditory alert sans the obligation to access the application directly, you retain the option to engage in the background playback feature.

Announcements can be customized to play a sound file or a custom message.

This cutting-edge voice announcement application serves as the quintessential solution for vocalizing phone calls, messages, and notifications. It empowers users to personalize both the auditory tone and content for each distinct event.

The app’s paramount feature lies in its extensive customization capabilities. Users can designate the specific audio file and timing for each announcement, ensuring timely dissemination of crucial messages.

Leverage the integrated audio player to access locally stored audio files or to playback personal recordings. The user interface boasts an intuitive design, facilitating effortless navigation. Simply designate the event type (call, message, or notification), then adjust the notification tone, message content, and volume to your preference.

It can read all kinds of notifications like low battery, full charge, etc

This Android application is designed to deliver voice notifications, allowing users to identify incoming calls and messages without glancing at their devices. It offers comprehensive notification reading capabilities, including alerts for low battery levels and full charge status.

This app proves exceedingly practical and advantageous. It facilitates caller identification and notification comprehension, eliminating the need for constant phone checks. Instead, users can rely on this app to provide spoken updates, thereby streamlining their communication experience.

You can share contacts with your friends via email or SMS.

This application serves as a reminder tool for identifying incoming calls. It offers the functionality to audibly announce the caller’s name, message content, and message sender’s name.

Additionally, users can access caller and message number details. Furthermore, they have the option to share caller contact information with friends via email or SMS.

Voice Announcer is an application that has been used by millions of users worldwide.

Voice Announcer is a widely utilized application with a global user base numbering in the millions. Its primary function is to audibly announce the caller’s name and/or their phone number. Moreover, it vocalizes the message sender’s name along with the text message content. Additionally, the app provides various other features such as vocal alerts for low battery status, full battery charge, and more.

Furthermore, Voice Announcer extends its capability to read diverse app notifications. This functionality is enabled through the utilization of the mobile device’s microphone, which detects incoming sounds. Upon detection, the application promptly announces pertinent details including the caller’s name, the message sender’s name, and the application responsible for generating the notification.

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