This War of Mine MOD APK 1.6.2 (Paid Unlocked)

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This War of Mine MOD APK (Paid Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of This War of Mine MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Paid Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Description of This War of Mine MOD APK

It is War of Mine MOD APK (Unlocked All) is an action game that comes from 11 bit studios , the publisher. It came out in the year 2014 for PC PC and has garnered a lot of attention from the gaming community.

The game has been created using the Android platform to be able to reach many more players. Even though the game takes place during war but this time, you do not have the role of an army soldier, but rather an ordinary civilian.

Each of these games has one feature in common that is a simulation of a catastrophic conflict. The game will demonstrate how much the war has impacted innocent civilians. They have to bear the burden of an unjust war being waged in their home country. In this game, you get the chance to experience life under extreme conditions, without help. Find a way to live with your own strength in case death of your loved ones will be waiting for you.

The story This War of Mine APK

In contrast to other war games, This War of Mine is a totally different story. The story unfolds as a series of reporters who interviewed people who stayed more than 1400 days during the battle for Sarajevo during in the 1990s Yugoslav Civil War. Create your own narrative Everything depends on the actions you take. The game’s development team is confirming that the game does not have a plot. They have just made context, all of the content in the game was designed through the play of the game.

Your objective is to help your team to survive this difficult situation. Every aspect of the game depend on your actions and are not tied to an established storyline like other games. The player must be able to endure for a set duration of time within the game. The ability to write a memoir is one of the most unique features. For instance, if you are in a group and there’s a person who has suffered a serious injury and doesn’t have sufficient bandages, antibiotics or other supplies … and within a few days, the survivors write a new account of the incident.


This world in This War of Mine that players will eventually amaze them with the color it brings. It’s a dark and dark place where conflicts are raging however you’re not a soldier that is fighting alongside your friends against the enemy, but civilians. However the region in which they reside has been destroyed, so they must find the essential items that will sustain them and survive each day in the game.

As previously mentioned the setting in the game is fully presented when everything is obscured by a black mist , which makes the player’s view entirely dark and makes them see the horrors of warfare. While playing you’ll be able to view the game from the perspective of a 2D perspective and look over the characters so that you can control them with precise precision. You will also notice circular buttons with various icons that resemble the action that the character does when they touch it.

Harsh survival factor

In the difficult survival conditions that is This War of Mine, you will need to gather items like food, medicines and other items scattered across the city. These supplies are essential to make production tools or the necessities of refugees.

In opposition to the attacks of refugees

Of of course. The war meant that medicine and food were limited, and you needed be able to estimate and apply it wisely to live. Apart from the shortage of essentials it is important to be aware and be aware of the assaults of refugees. Look for essentials in a city that is secluded and rob other people or even take items off from soldiers. There are many ways to acquire food and drink. In addition, the weather element also influences the lives of people in the group.

Graphics This War of Mine APK MOD

The War of Mine has hand-drawn illustrations that create a strong impression. The main strength of this style is that it makes the setting more real and close than ever before. Additionally, the main color scheme is white and black, that contrasts with the depressing and grime of a shabby world that has been ravaged by chaos. Following the war, useless bombs caused innocent people to suffer the consequences of their actions. There was nothing but dust or the black smoke …

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The world that the game depicts can be recreated with great success when players have an overview and a clear view of where the war was sweeping across. A peaceful city has been destroyed high-rises have been hit by numerous shootings, dead bodies laying in the streets … such as this is a dead town with no evidence of existence.


The player controls three characters within This War of Mine, and each one has distinct appearance and traits that can be observed through the pictures that appear on the right edge of your screen. Additionally the images indicate which character you’re playing, and allow you to transfer them to where you’d like to find the required items or create something. Additionally, a thrilling aspect of the game is the fact that it is divided into night and day.

The traits of night and day have distinct characteristics that you have to be aware of and vigilant about to be the most efficient way. In the first part of the day, you’ll mostly be making food, crafting and searching for objects within the home your characters live in at the start of the game since it’s massive and contains several rooms. At night it’s time to leave the base and find new items safely.

Gameplay OF This War of Mine MOD 

The War Of Mine Apk reddit is an survival game which is set in a nation that is ravaged by war. But the game is infused with an unexpected twist. Instead of giving players helmets and rifles to fight the enemies on the frontline The main character is a weak civilian trying to make it through the conflict as it continues to rage on.

The participant must lead a group of civilians, as shots and bombs fall over the head. The primary goal isn’t solely to ensure your safety but to also look after the other members in your group, and ensure that they survive too.


It is recommended that you stayed at home only at the beginning of the day to play This War of Mine because it is possible to be attacked from outside. When the screen is displayed and you open the map that has different places. Each location offers an advantage that can be seen in the location details. Therefore, you should consider specific locations to visit and take what you will need. The number of people in the group is usually one person. Prior to you leave, you’ll have to decide on another role in order for two people you want to remain.

When you’ve clicked to prepare, you’ll be taken to the location Continue to explore the area. Each region has a different size which you’ll be collecting. In the meantime following the process of collecting, at night your character will return and at the same time the sky will be lit up. It will be a continual life-span and keep the same level of survival through numerous nights. You’ll never be able to keep your eyes off the adventures which are presented to you.

Get The War of Mine MOD APK for Android. War of Mine MOD APK for Android

It is a great game. War of Mine is an excellent game that has been rated 9/10 by Pocket Gamer UK. The game isn’t “funny” however it’s worthwhile to play. War has left only blood and tears. This game allows you to explore the lives of the people within the context of war. This way, you are able to better understand human suffering and suffering.

The game has some basic configuration specifications that require the minimum RAM requirement is 1GB. The GPU may include Adreno 320, Tegra 3 or PowerVR SGX 544. It is possible to download the game by purchasing the game through Google Play. Google Play or you can play the game at no cost by clicking the link in the article.

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