Tears of Themis MOD APK 2.9.3 (Dumb Enemy)

Last Updated on Jul 09, 2023
What seemed to be independent cases slowly begins to link together and form a larger picture.
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Jul 09, 2023
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Tears of Themis MOD APK (Dumb Enemy)

Download The Latest APK Version of Tears of Themis MOD APK. An Android Simulation Game this MOD comes with Dumb Enemy Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Tears of Themis MOD APK is a simulation game. The title of the game is The Greek Myth of Persephone. This game is a kind of simulation game.

The player takes the role of a goddess. You will live in ancient Greece. The player will do many things. You will fight monsters, save people, make decisions, and much more.

Tears of Themis is not a game with a simple plot. You need to read the story and understand the background. It is not easy to be a god.

The game is very realistic. The player is required to collect items, make choices, and take action. You need to learn many things about the Greek gods and goddesses.

You can choose your own path. You can choose to follow the traditional path or the alternative path. You can also choose to go back to the beginning of the game.

Tears of Themis has a good system, which allows the player to choose his or her own path. The player can also find much interesting information about the history of ancient Greece.

Tears of Themis MOD APK is a new simulation game. It is an action role-playing game. The player takes the role of a brave hero who must fight monsters and a princess who will save the world.

Tears of Themis is a new and interesting simulation game. This is a game where the player will experience a new story.

Players will have to fight monsters and demons in the game. At the same time, you will have to deal with the princess. You have to complete quests and go through several levels. You will also have to complete a quest to save the world.

The princess will also have to complete her mission. In the end, the player will have to defeat the monsters. If the player wants to play the game, the player should not miss this game.

In Tears of Themis MOD APK Players can choose between three different heroes. Players can choose between a male, a female, and a child. The different heroes have their own skills and strengths. Each hero has a unique ability.

Features of Tears of Themis MOD APK

Full 3D graphics with stunning visual effects

Tears of Themis MOD APK offers an immersive gaming experience with full 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.

This is an action-adventure game with a unique storyline, interesting characters, and a beautiful setting. As you travel through the world, you’ll encounter various puzzles and enemies that will put you to the test.

Tears of Themis is a visual feast that combines high-quality 3D graphics with a unique storyline and gripping gameplay.

With its compelling storyline and original story mode, Tears of Themis provides a refreshing change of pace from other puzzle games.

A large number of weapons to choose from

In Tears of Themis MOD APK, The player has many weapons to choose from. They are a spear, swords, bows, slingshots, etc. These weapons will help the player defeat the monsters.

The player also has a shield. If the player is hit by the monsters, then he will lose his health. The player can also use a potion to recover health.

You can also buy a house for protection from the monsters. The game will continue until you reach the end.

Multiple levels and missions

You will see lots of levels and missions. Each mission is very interesting. You will see that the game is full of action. You will play a lot of battles.

The gameplay is very addictive of Tears of Themis MOD APK. The player will be able to play all the levels. You will also be able to complete each mission.

The gameplay is very interesting. You will be able to play all the levels. You will be able to complete each mission.

Over 50 achievements to achieve

Tears of Themis MOD APK has over 50 achievements to achieve. You can unlock these achievements by playing the game. It is an excellent game to play.

There are over 50 achievements to achieve in this game. These achievements are divided into 3 categories: Skills, Events, and Puzzles. In addition to these achievements, the player can also unlock special items.


Tears of themis MOD APK is a story about the future, about the world that will come to pass if we don’t do anything to stop it.

It is a game about the future of humanity, where the world is divided into two factions: Good and Evil.

You play as a member of the Good side, where your goal is to spread the message of peace and love throughout the world.

Your mission is to save the world from the evils that plague it. You can go around the world, interact with people, and spread the word of peace and hope.

Each decision you make will have a direct impact on the course of history. Your actions will determine whether or not your country will fall to the evil forces and become a dictatorship, or whether you will unite your country and become a democracy.

In addition to your decisions, the world itself will react to your actions.

As you go around the world, you will see the effects of your choices. In addition to the changes in your country, you will also see changes in the world.

With Tears of Themis You will have to choose whether you want to save the world or destroy it. This is a story of the future. Will you change the course of history?

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What's new

"To My Beloved" Anniversary Event Available Now!
S-Chip ×2,810, Tears of Themis - Limited ×38, Tears of Themis - Committed ×72, 10 free draws, and more!

1.New Fieldwork - Advanced Case Feature;
2.New Review Selection Feature;
3.New Invitation Random Display Feature;
4.New Item Bulk Usage Feature;
5.New Starred Mail Feature;
6.New Playable Video Feature During Resource Download;
7.New Archive - Puzzle Category

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