Tankr.io v8.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Last Updated on Mar 06, 2024
Tankr.io is an all new tank shooting and surviving game. The goal of this game is to defeat all of your competitors on the map and fight to the last one. Then you’ll survive and win! Battle against the cunning enemies now!
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Mar 06, 2024
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Tankr.io MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Tankr.io MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Tankr.io emerges as an exhilarating foray into the realm of action role-playing games, a brainchild of PlayFreeGames. This game stands out as a gratis multiplayer battlefield, inviting participants to engage in vehicular combat.

Enthusiasts are presented with two modalities of play: the arena or the competitive ranking sphere. Its mechanics bear a resemblance to Clash of Clans, offering arsenals of both tanks and terrestrial vehicles, each endowed with distinctive attributes. Victory is seized through the annihilation of adversaries.

The arena is divided into tripartite classifications: standard, adept, and paramount adept. Within the standard division, combatants clash. Obliteration of foes is the primary objective. The adept level pits equal in combat prowess against one another, crowning the dominant as the victor. The paramount adept level escalates the challenge, drawing combatants globally into the fray.

A hierarchical accolade system punctuates this game. Combat unfolds in sequential battles, with victors amassing experience points. Accumulation of sufficient experience catapults participants to the apex of the leaderboard.

In the domain of Tankr.io, each participant wields a customizable tank, replete with varying statistics. Upgrades and personalizations flourish within the garage, enabling an arsenal of skills, along with the acquisition of novel armaments and gear.

Tankr.io distinguishes itself with its real-time combat capability, allowing ingress at any juncture from any locale. The immediacy of battle progression ensures seamless interaction among combatants.

The game’s reach spans over ten nations, embracing Korea, Russia, the United States, Japan, Australia, Turkey, India, Thailand, Brazil, and Spain, assembling a legion of over 100,000 simultaneous players. Accessibility spans devices from computers to mobile phones and tablets, ensuring a broad battlefield for all participants.

Features of Tankr.io MOD APK

Real-time online battles with up to 8 players

Tankr.io unfolds a global arena, accommodating up to eight contenders in a single match, thereby enabling you to cross swords with adversaries spanning the entire globe. Engage in combat, striving for supremacy in these confrontations.

With each advancement within the game’s framework, the battlefield becomes increasingly crowded, elevating the challenge as you face a growing number of opponents.

Further progression unveils the opportunity to acquire an arsenal of new tanks and armaments. The essence of the game transcends the mere elimination of competitors; it revolves around securing victory in the strife.

Multiple maps and game modes

Tankr.io, a complimentary game, presents an array of maps and game modes for players to engage in. Each participant battles across these maps aiming for victory, with the experience enriching as more players enter the fray. Available on Google Play, Tankr.io is an arcade shooter that captivates with its gameplay.

Your adventure commences in the urban landscape, where survival hinges on your ability to outshoot adversaries scattered throughout the map. The ultimate aim lies in overcoming all rivals, battling until you are the sole survivor.

A variety of tanks, weapons, and accessories

Tankr.io provides a diverse selection of tanks, armaments, and accouterments, allowing for the personalization of your combat vehicle. Each tank is distinct, boasting specific traits and functionalities.

For instance, the M1 Abrams tank pioneers the contemporary tank blueprint, offering superior firepower. Conversely, the Tiger tank stands out as the inaugural model to feature a camouflage pattern, blending artistry with warfare. Beyond tanks, the game permits the utilization of an assortment of weapons to vanquish your adversaries.

Realistic physics and 3D graphics

Tankr.io emerges as an engaging and novel game where you assume the role of a tank, tasked with the obliteration of all foes within the map. Failure results in demise, culminating in the game’s termination.

Moreover, this game is distinguished by its stunning 3D graphics, immersing you in a simulation that feels akin to maneuvering an actual tank, albeit within a virtual environment. The graphics boast remarkable detail, ensuring that you’ll revel in the three-dimensional visual experience offered by this game.


Tankr.io is a dynamic action-packed game where you can team up with friends to triumph over AI adversaries. In this exciting game, you pilot tanks across diverse battlegrounds with the mission to annihilate the enemy’s tanks.

The game is designed with lifelike physics and striking 3D visuals, making tank control and targeting the opposition’s tanks intuitive. Throughout your journey, you’ll access a plethora of tanks, weaponry, and additional gear.

Enhancing your tank, accruing points, and advancing in levels are all part of the game’s progression. Your prowess and strategy enable you to challenge and defeat the enemy tanks.

Tankr.io also offers the ability to form or join teams, inviting friends to collaborate. You have the option to gather your allies in a single room for collective gameplay. Additionally, the game supports in-game chatting, allowing you to communicate with your teammates while engaged in battle.

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