Tales of Dungeon MOD APK 2.34 (Unlimited Money)

Tales of Dungeon is a free action, adventure and RPG game with pixel art style. Complete and explore dungeons while wielding your swords, axes, spears, bows...
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Apr 18, 2023
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Tales of Dungeon MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Download The Latest APK Version of Tales of Dungeon MOD APK. An Android Action Game this MOD comes with Unlimited Money Available download Yours Now.

Tales of Dungeon MOD APK is a classic action game. It is a new version of the classic dungeon crawler, and it is a sequel to the original game.

It was published by the publisher Gameloft and released on Android and iOS platforms. The game takes place in the world of fantasy, where a group of adventurers is traveling to a legendary land called “Dungeon World”.

Along the way, they will meet different people and monsters and will discover many secrets.

Tales of Dungeon MOD APK features a full-fledged storyline with several episodes. You will be able to learn about the story in-depth and gradually gain experience.

Each episode of the game will have its own unique plot. The game’s story is filled with various interesting characters and exciting situations. All these things can be learned through dialogue, which makes the game more immersive.

There are five playable characters in the game. You will get to know them well through the game’s events and the story. You can choose any of them to play the game, depending on what kind of strategy you prefer.

They each have their own unique abilities. For example, the character “Alone” can be used to fight alone in the battle, while “Jester” is a good choice if you want to be funny in battle.

There are also many monsters and traps that will make the game more challenging. You need to be careful when exploring the dungeon and fighting with monsters.

It is not easy to win the game. The game features two modes of gameplay: Classic Mode and Adventure Mode.

Tales of Dungeon MOD APK features a variety of monsters and a variety of quests. Each quest will give you a different experience.

You can play with monsters with different characteristics, and you can have a lot of fun with different quests. Players who like action games can enjoy the game, but people who like role-playing games will also enjoy it.

Features of Tales of Dungeon MOD APK

Background of Tales of Dungeon 

Tales of Dungeon MOD APK is about the treasure hunter Luke. Together, you and your friend will explore the dungeons that were once under Megalopolis, the capital city. Megalopolis in Arcadia to search for precious artifacts and treasures.

The two were just looking for quality items that would allow them to grow into a formidable merchant in the realm of treasure hunts.

Who would have thought that the further you venture deep into the dungeons, tracing the footprints of the artifacts you find, you realize the route you’re taking is a path to hell, and the forces of darkness are slowly ascending and trying to sneak into the earth which is inhabited by human beings.

Thus, both money-hungry people now unwillingly become heroes to protect the future of humanity. The adventure begins as you and your companions are able to enter the first Dungeon.

Equipment, spells, and weapons

To be able to go deeper and endure for the duration of This Tales of Dungeon dungeon game it is essential to actively equip you and your companions with weapons.

Weapons that are melees like swords spears, axes, and shields can help you take on adversaries directly. With swift and fluid control, In Tales of Dungeon MOD APK, you will be able to destroy enemies that are larger than you in only a few strokes of the sword. If you have longer-range weapons such as bows and arrows, can shoot every target of your enemy.

Numerous Cards

In Tales of Dungeon MOD APK, there are more than 130 cards available to players to select in the game. But, the players will not be able to decide which cards are chosen as they are randomly handed out in turn. Every turn, players will receive a different set of cards that they can use to engage in a fight.


The gameplay is quite difficult for players to get comfortable with. At the beginning of the game, the player won’t receive any support from the creators to help them learn the game’s mechanics.

It’s not that difficult for the player to comprehend, and after a few games, the player will be able to comprehend.

In Tales of Dungeon MOD APK, The players will play with the Card Game style and play the classic turn-based strategy meaning that the monsters and players play a game of battling until they have mastered one of the two options chosen.

When it comes to your turn, you’ll receive six cards that have a variety of roles, but generally, the two primary functions are defense and attack.

The players can select between two options which are defensive and offensive or, should they wish to go both ways, they can select either defensive or offensive.

The player will be given an amount of MP and each card requires an individual amount of MP to utilize. Therefore, the player won’t be able to play all of the cards available.

The strategy aspect is a crucial factor and the player needs to be able to attack and defend effectively in order to win. If a player can master the game, he is likely to beat.

Every time a game is played, the player will be awarded a certain amount of HP. At the beginning of Tales of Dungeon, the amount will be set at 80HP for players fighting.

The players will not be able to gain HP if they cannot defeat the boss. When a player has reached a certain stage that the player has reached, they will be presented with three new cards that have new capabilities for the player to make use of.

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