Super Clone v5.0.04.0511 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Last Updated on Jan 08, 2024
App cloner to manage more than 2 accounts! Well support Android 10 🏆🏆🏆. It can run unlimited multiple accounts for WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Messenger, other social app and games . Support login with Google account in each app clone! Super Clone is stable 🚀 and 100% free.
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Jan 08, 2024
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Super Clone MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Download The Latest APK Version of Super Clone MOD APK. An Android Social App this MOD comes with VIP Unlocked Available download Yours Now.

Embark on a journey of multifaceted gaming with Super Clone, a revolutionary app that enables the simultaneous operation of multiple accounts. The infusion of diverse accounts elevates the gaming experience, injecting an extra dose of excitement and amusement.

Extend the scope of duplication beyond individual players to encompass entire groups. Forge an array of accounts to intensify your engagement and add an intriguing layer to your gameplay. Each cloned account not only represents a virtual counterpart but also transforms into a digital companion, fostering connectivity through the exchange of virtual gifts. The amalgamation of cloned accounts paves the way for a shared and enjoyable gaming venture.

For avid gamers seeking the pinnacle of immersive gameplay, Super Clone stands out as the quintessential application. It opens up the possibility of inviting a substantial number of friends to partake in gaming activities simultaneously, transforming the gaming landscape into a vibrant social experience.

This innovative application isn’t limited to gaming prowess; it serves as a catalyst for expanding social circles. By generating multiple accounts, an avenue emerges to invite an extensive network of friends to partake in synchronous gaming sessions.

In the realm of social media enthusiasts, the ubiquity of accounts is well-known. The direct correlation between the abundance of accounts and the broadening of one’s friend circle is apparent. Yet, the challenge lies in orchestrating concurrent interactions with the entire friend spectrum—a predicament conveniently addressed by Super Clone.

Here’s the solution: Super Clone, an application designed to effortlessly replicate the presence of friends. Simply download the application, initiate the process by setting a secure password, and unlock the gateway to duplicate your social circle. Personalization options abound, including the ability to modify account names through password-protected channels. With Super Clone, the prospect of assembling all your friends simultaneously becomes not just a possibility but a seamless reality.

Feature of Super Clone MOD APK

Supports WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

In the quest to duplicate numerous profiles on platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Line, WeChat, Snapchat, Clash, Telegram, Discord, and more, Super Clone emerges as the optimal solution. Should your desire involve the replication of multiple accounts across Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Line, WeChat, Snapchat, Clash, Telegram, Discord, and similar platforms, Super Clone stands as the ultimate tool for your undertaking.

Customize your clones with differenlabelsel and icon

The Super Clone MOD APK application presents an array of customization features for your replicated entities. It allows you to tailor labels and icons individually for each account, offering a diverse range of options for personalization. Additionally, you have the flexibility to activate or deactivate the locking mechanism for each specific account.

To ensure the security of your privacy, Super Clone MOD APK introduces the capability to toggle the privacy locker on or off for each distinct account.

Fast switch between accounts used recently

In the vast expanse of applications, a plethora exists for duplicating multiple accounts. Yet, Super Clone stands unparalleled as the exclusive application capable of maintaining all configurations online in parallel. This signifies that every account can be accessed concurrently while the user actively engages with any of them.

Empowered with the agility to seamlessly and proficiently toggle between accounts, Super Clone emerges as the optimal approach to sustaining connectivity across numerous accounts. Effortlessly transitioning between your accounts is accomplished with a single click. The ‘Quick Switch’ feature expedites this process, allowing for swift transitions between diverse accounts.

For inquiries about this application, kindly direct your questions to [email protected]

Can manage notification of each clone

The Super Clone application empowers you to finely manage notifications for each clone individually. Activating notifications for each clone ensures that you receive alerts specific to each one. Moreover, you have the flexibility to define the notification type for every individual clone.

Upon downloading the Super Clone app, you are presented with an opportunity to tailor your phone settings according to your preferences. This includes the customization of your notifications.

For instance, you have control over the nature of notifications you wish to receive. You can stipulate the precise time and date for the occurrence of notifications. Additionally, the option to deactivate the notification feature for each clone is at your disposal.

If you’ve enabled notifications for each clone, you will be promptly notified whenever a new clone is generated. Accessing the notifications for your clones can be conveniently done by opening the Super Clone app.

Each clone boasts its notifications. You have the liberty to peruse the notifications of your clones or opt to disable notifications for any specific clone. Furthermore, you retain the ability to set the notification type for each clone.

Privacy Locker to hide and protect your cloned account

Super Clone extends a remarkable opportunity for safeguarding your privacy. This application empowers you to conceal and secure your cloned accounts by implementing a robust locking mechanism. The provision of a private locker allows you to fortify your cloned accounts, ensuring the protection of your confidential information.

The Privacy Locker, an intrinsic feature of Super Clone, serves as a bulwark to shield your clone account from unauthorized access. This functionality acts as a deterrent, preventing others from infiltrating your private data, encompassing details such as username, password, nickname, email address, phone number, profile picture, group memberships, and more.

Super Clone stands as your ally in fortifying your account and preserving your identity, thereby contributing to the overall security of your digital presence.

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Perfect Support Android 13 !!!
Support connect with Google Account!
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Compatible for Google Play Service with Clash of Clans, Clash Royal and other games

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