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Last Updated on Jan 08, 2024
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Jan 08, 2024
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pixie MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Pixiv stands as an artistic haven, a social nexus expressly committed to the dissemination of the illustrative craft. Boasting a colossal congregation exceeding 100 million, it has ascended to pinnacles of popularity. With its distinctive features and meticulously crafted design, this social tapestry is a purposeful ode to the requisites of artists. Here, users unfurl their artistic prowess by sketching out manga, animé, and visual narratives, all while partaking in spirited contests.

The act of sharing one’s creative opus and engaging in congenial contests resonates as a commendable practice. The act of sharing artistic endeavors with friends emerges as a fruitful avenue for soliciting insightful feedback. Pixiv, as a platform, unfurls an expansive panorama for users to articulate their creative selves, offering a plethora of features that serve as a crucible for users to explore the depths of their imaginative reservoirs.

Pixiv metamorphoses into a digital amphitheater, a communal platform where individuals proffer their artistic offerings to a global audience. It is an inspiration hub where ideas traverse borders, manifesting from a simple sketch to avant-garde masterpieces, allowing users to seamlessly share their oeuvres without monetary constraints.

The Pixiv application serves as an artistic tapestry, offering a diverse spectrum of content for aficionados to revel in.

Features of Pixie MOD APK

Likes, Collections, and recommended works are now combined under the “Like!” tab

A new addition graces the main menu of Pixiv, introducing the “Like!” tab, a dedicated space where users can effortlessly rate and bookmark their preferred artworks. This enhancement ensures a streamlined access point for users to curate their beloved pieces. The inclusion of this tab extends beyond personal enjoyment; users can now discern the artistic preferences of their friends by exploring the most popular works within their social circle.

In tandem with this, Pixiv has unveiled the “Collection” feature as a prominent entry in the main menu. This novel functionality empowers users to assemble curated compilations of their favorite artworks. The fruits of their curation labor manifest on the home page, where the list of collections stands as a testament to each user’s discerning taste and artistic inclinations.

Further enriching the user experience, Pixiv introduces the “Recommended” section in the main menu. Here, users can delve into a selection of works handpicked by the system itself, employing a sophisticated algorithm that tailors recommendations based on individual likes. This personalized curation ensures that users are continually exposed to artworks aligned with their evolving tastes and preferences.

You can now view recommendations and collections by clicking on the tab

Pixiv, Japan’s premier social app for artists seeking recognition, has now extended its reach to Android devices, unveiling a host of features to enhance the user experience. The Pixiv app on Android introduces tabs such as “Ranking,” “Collection,” and “Recommended,” serving as gateways to a plethora of artistic brilliance.

Under the “Ranking” tab, users can immerse themselves in the crème de la crème of artworks, featuring the highest-rated masterpieces and those personally recommended by fellow users. Meanwhile, the “Collection” tab showcases a curated selection of the most popular works, complemented by user recommendations, creating a dynamic tapestry of artistic expression. To further personalize the experience, the “Recommended” tab offers a blend of popular artworks and handpicked suggestions tailored to individual likes.

Pixiv’s transformation into a mobile-friendly version ensures seamless enjoyment of the platform on Android devices. The introduction of intuitive tabs on the right side of the screen grants users swift access to recommendations and collections. This mobile adaptation prioritizes ease of navigation, allowing users to bookmark their preferred artworks effortlessly, thereby compiling a personal favorites collection and receiving tailored recommendations based on their artistic predilections.

Navigating through the rich tapestry of artworks is simplified with the introduction of a slider, enabling users to effortlessly browse through work pages with a lateral motion. The home page receives a thoughtful redesign, enhancing user-friendliness and facilitating the discovery of desired artworks. Pixiv on Android emerges not just as an app but as a curated gallery of artistic marvels, inviting users to explore, bookmark, and revel in the vibrant world of creative expression.

“Collection” is the new title for bookmarks

Embarking on a journey to enhance your user experience, we’ve implemented a transformative change in the way your bookmarks are showcased. Bid farewell to the conventional method of displaying every individual bookmark; we’ve ushered in a visually enriched presentation that aligns with our vision for the future, promising more relevant and captivating collections.

This innovative approach entails a shift from showcasing all your bookmarks to a more curated display, highlighting only those marked as “collections.” This strategic change aims to streamline your viewing experience, ensuring that the bookmarks you encounter are not just a catalog but a collection of personally curated gems.

To seamlessly navigate this refined feature, venture into the Settings menu, traverse through Preferences, and delve into the Bookmarks section. There, an option awaits – “Show bookmarks in the collection.” Activate this option to embrace the future of bookmark presentation, where your visual display is curated to unveil the most resonant and captivating collections tailored to your preferences.

This strategic evolution not only redefines how you interact with your bookmarks but serves as a glimpse into the progressive direction we’re steering toward. Embrace the change, tailor your viewing experience, and revel in a more refined and visually engaging collection of bookmarks that truly align with your artistic sensibilities.

Search by keywords, tags, and artists

Amidst a profound reconstruction, Pixiv now showcases an elevated exploration tool, ushering users into a more streamlined and effective journey through the expansive realm of artistic expression. The overhauled exploration instrument empowers users to plunge into a repository of creations using diverse parameters such as nomenclature, descriptors, or markers, cultivating a more personalized and instinctive exploration encounter.

The outcomes of exploration unfurl on the left side of the interface, laying out for users a comprehensive array of artistic pieces that correspond with their specified standards. Concurrently, on the right flank, a meticulously curated assortment of suggested artworks furnishes users with serendipitous revelations that surpass their primary exploration criteria, injecting an element of delightful wanderlust into the artistic expedition.

Acknowledging the significance of personalization, users now wield the authority to arrange exploration findings based on nomenclature, descriptors, or markers. This attribute heightens user autonomy, permitting a bespoke investigation into artworks that harmonize with individual inclinations and curiosities.

Pixiv’s dedication to user-centric architecture is evident in these enhancements, presenting a dynamic and user-friendly interface that metamorphoses the exploration and revelation process into an uninterrupted and visually captivating journey. Navigate the artistic panorama with precision, unveil concealed treasures, and relish in the refined exploration capabilities that Pixiv now proudly introduces to its users.

Pin works to your profile

Pixiv introduces a freshly designed interface that facilitates the seamless pinning of artwork to your profile. This intuitive action adds the chosen work to your profile, transforming it into a curated space that reflects your artistic preferences. The streamlined process ensures that your profile becomes a personalized canvas, adorned with the masterpieces that resonate with you.

The visual journey extends to your home page, where the works you’ve pinned take center stage. A harmonious blend of your curated favorites unfolds, creating an immersive experience for both you and those who explore your profile. Each pinned work contributes to the narrative of your artistic taste, making your home page a dynamic reflection of your creative journey.

Navigating this curated haven is made even more accessible with the introduction of the “Pinned” tab on your home page. By simply clicking on this tab, you gain instant access to a gallery showcasing all the works you’ve personally chosen to pin. This organizational feature not only enhances ease of navigation but also elevates your home page into a personalized exhibition space, where your selected artworks shine.

Pixiv’s commitment to user-centric design shines through in this update, where the interplay of a redesigned interface and innovative features ensures a seamless integration of user preferences into the artistic voyage. Explore, pin, and curate your artistic journey effortlessly with Pixiv’s enhanced interface.

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What's new

In order to continue making the app available to our users, the following required updates have been made.
The updates include temporary alterations, which will be field tested to help us make further improvements.
・Specific text areas on work details pages and profile pages will not be displayed if they contain a URL
・Certain illustrations and manga will no longer be displayed

* These updates have already been applied to all previous versions.

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